Creator to Creators S6 Ep 11 DNT

Creator to Creators S6 Ep 11 DNT
23 de may. de 2024 · 34m 42s DNT is a man of mystery and says that he wants his fans to love the music, and not just the person putting out the material. On May 10,...

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DNT is a man of mystery and says that he wants his fans to love the music, and not just the
person putting out the material. On May 10, he is releasing his debut five song EP called My
Five Faces that features the new single “Girl,” that is complete with a catchy hook and an epic
bass line.  “The record is about the jealousy that I’ve been through, but it also has a double entendre with what the girl went through during the story of the break up i’m narrating, as the rest of the EP has,” he said. “The song sounds happy with the melody and everything, but it is also really sad.”The story in the song is about being jealous of the girl who is in another relationship after their
breakup, but it turns out she isn’t happy either because it’s just something meaningless. It is
something to just fill the void.The tune is one that is timeless, reminiscent of disco and new age funk, with a poppy, dancey groove. The intense, yet ethereal, beat complements perfectly with DNT’s vocals, telling the tough story of love and jealousy. DNT explained that almost everyone in his family plays music, and he has been playing keyboard and singing since he was a child. He has been working on this EP for eight months,and has been involved in co-producing it.  DNT wrote “Girl?” in July when the events he sings about just happened. He then got someone to put a beat under it, but then he scrapped everything and started fresh. He wrote the bass line that comes before the chorus, which is simple and also masterfully done to uptick the song’s vibe in what is more akin to an ‘80s beat. “This is the only track that was 100% all me,” DNT said. “My engineer helped me with the mix, but I totally composed it.”
The EP includes:
1. On Top - Takeover 
2. Parties I Eye-Rolled Rolling Ecstasy
3. Girls?
4. Mirage of Us
5. Beatrice & The Devil
Each song is associated with a different face, or feeling. “On Top - Takeover” has to do with sex
and is a remix of an unreleased song by The Weeknd. 
“Parties I Eye-Rolled Rolling Ecstasy” has to do with drugs, but it is a song he wrote when he
was sober originally titled “Mermaids Calling.” It talks about the life that he and his friends were
living. The meaning is about guys who go partying every night and their mothers are waiting on
the doorstep for them with a cross. She knows every time they go out partying, she isn’t sure if
he is coming back.“It’s about crazy night life, and actually I lost a person I knew like that right after I wrote it,” he said. “His name is hidden in the title” The fourth song on the album, “Mirage of Us” has the face of regret. This is a jazzy number, and DNT made the drums poppy but with an R&B vibe. The final song on the album, “Beatrice & The Devil” is about pain. It is actually two tracks
combined. This directly relates to Dante of the Divine Comedy, Beatrice is the girl Dante is
following through Hell till Paradise. The song is about himself trying to get this girl in love
through sex, but in reality all she wanted was for someone to make her feel loved and protected.
It transitions right into the Devil portion of the song, and is a rap section where the Devil takes
the lead in the artist.“Never let your feelings get you down,” DNT said. “I’ve been through some things, but you don’t have to let your feelings overtake you.” DNT, which has a multitude of meanings that include Dante (From Divine Comedy) and “Do not trust,” is brand new to the music industry. Inspired by The Weeknd, he feels that this anonymity helped him get to where he is as one of the top musicians around. Some of his other biggest inspirations include XXXTentacion and Travis Scott, and DNT also has a huge appreciation for Tame Impala’s music.
He is always working, and is already getting his next mixtape ready. DNT has the songs written
and plans to get started on recording right after the release of this EP.
“I have written five other albums so I am prepared,” he said. “I don’t like doing things just out of
nowhere. Everything has a meaning for me.”
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