Creator to Creators S6 Ep 13 Alyssa Rose Hunt

Creator to Creators S6 Ep 13 Alyssa Rose Hunt
25 de may. de 2024 · 25m 39s https://instagram// https://tiktok// Snapchat:  Facebook:  YouTube: Soulful singer Alyssa Rose Hunt invites you to groove to her latest single, “Vibe with You.” The energetic track off...

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Soulful singer Alyssa Rose Hunt invites you to groove to her latest single, “Vibe with You.” The
energetic track off her recent album is accompanied by an upbeat music video and energy that
welcomes all to the party.
Telling stories is more than entertainment for Alyssa Rose—it’s a way of life. “I started writing
when I was struggling with my mental health, around 2017 to 2019. In 2020, I started writing
music as a way to express my thoughts on paper—get it all out.”
During this challenging period in Hunt’s life, she sought guidance from the universe, leading her
on her current journey in music. “It was a spiritual awakening,” shares Alyssa Rose. “Magnetic
Muse is the twin flame journey I’m on, based on the Chinese philosophic theory of yin and
yang, masculine and feminine energy.”Beyond the music, Alyssa Rose Hunt is an actress, dancer, choreographer, director, writer,painter, model, and photographer from Onatrio, Canada. Since 2019, the artist has releasedfour albums, seven singles, and eight independently produced music videos. A few months ago,in March 2024, Hunt released her fourth album, the two-part EP dubbed “Magnetic Muse.”“Vibe with You” is a featured single off Magnetic Muse Chapter 2. “It’s a very upbeat, catchysong. My mom said to me, ‘You gotta write pop, and I want to dance to it.’ I’m usually more soulful, but I said, ‘Ok, let’s write something upbeat so my mom can enjoy it,’” explains the
singer. The core of the song is about having a positive, fun experience. “It’s about being with
the person that rests your mind and you feel at peace with,” she elaborates.
Alyssa Rose highlights the major role of the drums in her single. “I really wanted to emphasize
the drum solo because you don’t usually hear a drum solo—it’s usually saxophone and guitar
that get solos—but the drums are the underdog yet they’re the main structure of the song.”
The single’s drummer, Sam Ruttan, is a talented musician with a background in jazz, which he
brings to the table. “‘Vibe with you’ is pop, but he adds a jazz feel.”The music video accompanying the single was inspired by a sweater her mother used to wear often when she was a kid. Based on her sweater, Alyssa Rose created the set and story for the music video.This album is about self-discovery for Alyssa Rose, as well as her twin flame journey. According
to the artist, “I want to go within and figure out who I am as an individual—the yin and yang
and finding that balance within myself. It’s important for everyone to find out who they are and
their morals in life. Especially when it comes to love—you need to love yourself before you love
anyone else. Discovering who you are and what you believe in is the first step.”
Creating music is a collaborative effort for Alyssa Rose. “Usually, I tend to feel a certain energy
when it comes to the music itself. I’ll come up with the melody and lyrics for the energy I want
to portray. Once I have the lyrics, I’ll ask my producer (Fresco Rhodes) and band (Sam Ruttan,
Dan Espina) to create the energy I’m trying to go for. They bring their own vision to the table.Then we work together to collaborate in a way that flows really nice once mixed.”
Feedback for the single has been largely uplifting. “People say ‘Vibe with You’ is a classic. Out of
the album, it’s a fun, radio-friendly song that makes them feel good. I like that kind of
feedback—that it makes you feel good and you resonate with it,” shares Alyssa Rose.
Make sure to stay connected to Alyssa Rose Hunt on all platforms for new music, videos, and
social posts.
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