Creator to Creators S6 Ep 8 Alejandro Lema

Creator to Creators S6 Ep 8 Alejandro Lema
21 de may. de 2024 · 34m 53s With “Seduce You,” Alejandro Lema, whose previous work has attracted millions of streams, begins a “new era,” a more focused and professional phase of his career....

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With “Seduce You,” Alejandro Lema, whose previous work has attracted millions of
streams, begins a “new era,” a more focused and professional phase of his career.
The track, releasing May 10, matches the title. The music is slow, highly sensual, the
tone and vocals dreamy, the theme overtly but not pornographically sexual.
The lyrics leave no doubt about the subject. “Seduce You is a very sexy, fierce, sensual record that is expressing the act of sex and the gentleness and vulnerability that comes with it,” he said.
From the chorus, Alejandro’s voice up in the clouds: You know I’d be
Gentle with your body (body) Until you get used to me, Seducing you “It’s pretty straightforward,” he said. “There’s no little entendres or anything.” From the first verse, his voice back on earth in the borderland between baritone and tenor: We’ll do it on the floor, until we’re sore We’ve gone until we’re sore, but I want more “‘Seduce You’ started off with me simply wanting to make something with pitched vocals as the chorus. I knew I wanted the lyrics to be very seductive because, with the beat being so simple, I wanted the lyrics to stand out.” He describes the feeling he wants as “all in the moment.” Alejandro is deliberate about the “new era” of a career that began on TikTok and other
social media when he was in his very early teens, 13 or 14. That is where his millions of
streams and his fan base come from. He began formally releasing music on all
platforms in 2021, when he was 18. He didn’t really know what he was doing or how to do it.
“It was new to me. I didn’t really know the right way to go about everything. I was just a
kid in my room making music,” he said. The music he put out between then and this year is highly charged, fast-paced, thelyrics explicit. Alejandro plays, experiments — grows — with the vocals and production. For all his talk about not knowing what he was doing, listening to his songs makes it
clear why they got all those streams. For “Seduce You,” he wanted a slower pace, a slower mood, a rawer feel. “When I was creating the song, it felt like it needed to be raw, like parts where I’m not
singing exactly on time, parts where my voice will rasp and strain slightly to add more
emotion.” In the end, he said, “It felt like the perfect mix, distorted and messy, but also very clean
with the production.”“Obviously, I had dreams and aspirations of making a big impact in music, but in terms of a full package kind of thing — my appearance, my vocal ability, my production, I feel
like ‘Seduce You’ is a more polished, improved version of my sound.”
He wrote, composed, produced, engineered and performed the entire song. He calls his genre “dark R&B” and alternative pop. One reason is that the label applies to the artists who inspire him. The mix he likes and describes also includes rock, R&B and mainstream pop. His list of inspirations begins with The Weeknd, “early The Weeknd, like 2012 to 2015
The Weeknd.” That was the main reason why I started making music, like I said, as a kid in my room. Then, over time, I got inspiration from, like, The Neighbourhood or the Arctic Monkeys.”
They have something, he says, “that just draws me to them.” Next for him is a debut EP, five to six songs, by the end of the year or early next year. Seduce You,” the latest step in the evolution of his sound, is “just the start of that.” “I look at my earlier stuff as me trying to find my sound. I don’t think I’ll ever necessarily find’ my sound, but I’m getting closer.” He aspires to a greatness that is his, where he gets “as big as I can get, get my music out to as many people as I can, and become that star that I always dreamed of when I was a kid, while still remaining human without losing my self.”
In a discussion of mainstream pop, alternative pop, R&B, rock, he says his music is not
all one or the other, or even, perhaps, anything that hasn’t been done somehow at some
time or other. “But it’s something fresh. I want my music to have that something that draws other
people in, and where they will hear me and be like ‘Okay. That’s an Alejandro Lema
song.’” In this way, too, “Seduce You” is a “start.” Start with Alejandro Lema by connecting on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.
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