Creator to Creators S6 Ep 9 Caz Kush

Creator to Creators S6 Ep 9 Caz Kush
22 de may. de 2024 · 30m 16s Artist Caz Kush welcomes listeners to have a good time with his recent single “Piñatas.” Released under his label, Never Not Going In Ent., “Piñatas” is a fresh hit...

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Artist Caz Kush welcomes listeners to have a good time with his recent single “Piñatas.”
Released under his label, Never Not Going In Ent., “Piñatas” is a fresh hit for all to enjoy.
“I just wanna catch people’s attention with Piñatas make peoples ears stand up then hit them
with something deep, Piñatas is just the tip of the iceberg, i have a series called car bars and
another that’s freestyles about the most random comments where every week I’m dropping
straight bars on all platforms that accept video playback. Tune in and check me out not only all
that I have so much unreleased music I’m working on putting out, with much more substance,
valuable lessons, ect just stay tuned. Much more coming”
“I make music for everyone, not just the club, It’s for people to listen to when they aren’t sure
about what to do or where to go next, it’s for the people who want to do better for themselves,
their people and just in general want to show people it doesn’t take all that to do what you
want to do, If you can think of it you can make it happen” shares Caz Kush of his art.
From age nine, the Indiana-based musician has been making music and exploring various art
forms. He is a multitalented artist responsible for his own writing, producing, engineering,
visuals, and covers--among other skills. “My Tag “Caz, You mixed this” signifies that every song
has its own unique engineering and feeling to it, nobody mixes/masters the same, when you
hear that “Caz You Mixed This” You will understand” Says Caz Kush, Caz Kush is also not afraid
to experiment. He can smoothly transition across genres to create unexpected sounds for all
“Never coming from a violent place or the street life was a plus for me because I’ve always
been the type to spread positivity through music and art. how to find yourself and just keep
your head up, let people be there for you, there’s people who truly don’t have that so if you do
be grateful and let them people help”
“The whole scene is popularizing guns and violence--things that shouldn’t be. Why not talk
about how to spread love, happiness, equality, spirituality?, I want people to know it don’t take
all this to do what you want to do. You don’t have to sell drugs. You don’t have to be involved
with the street life, Just be you, You can do what you want with music, art, ect.” Shares Caz
Caz Kush credits Tyler the Creator as a huge influence on his career. “He is himself, and that’s
what I like to be,” shares Caz. “I’m bringing something new and different that people might not
have seen before.”
The artist aims at spreading his message and showing people that “whatever you’re going
through, you can flip it into a positive, your mind is powerful, some use them powers for good
and some, well, don’t” Caz Kush wants to be the voice for people who might not have the
words in their head to express themselves. “I’m trying to change the world for real,” he adds.
“But I can’t do it alone--I need people with the same mindset, ones who are on the same wave”
“I’d rather help the world, a Grammy don’t mean you win”
When it comes to writing music, Caz Kush approaches new songs from a beats-first approach. “I
take the thoughts in my head and do everything except the beat,” shares the artist. “Piñatas”
originated from a beat on YouTube that caught the attention of Caz Kush. “I heard a beat called
‘Shake’ or something like that and I had to hit up the producer instantly to get the rights for it.
It was so vibey, bouncy, catchy. I knew it could be played anywhere and people could attach to
it. This is the kind of song you can play doing literally anything/make a dance to – people can
get into because of the vibe and energy.”
“The biggest thing for me is my children look up to me, along with other people like my family,
I’m sure some random people I don’t know yet but hope I get to meet do aswell. In knowing
that shows my direction within my artist expression, I want anyone who looks up to me to
understand the person I am is who I am, the person you are is who you should be, and the
person that’s next to you is exactly who they should be, we should all love and support each
other the same.
Love and celebrate your people, we all got things we are going through, be there for the person
next to you, and let them be there for you. Spread more love and peace around the universe
It helps way more then you may think”
We all go through different things and we all have different ways to cope with things, whatever
helps you express yourself, a message, helps your chest not be so heavy, don’t be scared to let
it out, there are most definitely people out there that could use it!
At the end of the day, Caz Kush wants listeners to know his music is for them. “Do what you
gotta do to make it in life--healing, growing, doing everything you need to do, I love you all and
wish you the very best in anything you do in life, make sure it’s amazing, I know it will be :)”
tells Caz Kush.
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