12 de dic. de 2015 · 1h 33m 37s
A friend to the show talks about being a Proud American and Muslim, and dishes on today's most famous caricature, Donald Trump.
James Dante Wood

James Dante Wood

hace 6 años

Hi. Adam Gedahn/Pearlman and I are almost the same guy. My anarchy-Islam crusade against the western military-industrial complex started June, 2015, with AnarchyForever.com, when they announced his death the prior January. I have launched millions of press-release blasts since then with incindiary manifestos, and am mentioned by the registered media with all my provocations, but not by name or URL. I am following you and "liking" your episodes, please follow me in return, listen to my episodes and add "likes" and call the show with a growing audience for obvious reasons, and ask others to do so. My most bombastic of daily fall-guy proclamations, guaranteed to go viral as I am proud to say I am near the top of the FBI's most watched list and will soon verify it, checks needed of the Freedom of Information Act database, will ramp up soon with the greatest of cascading crescendos where I have no fear of the consequences, but American authorities know I am their worst nightmare.The bogus "war on terror" is waged by the real terrorists, a horrifying make-you-a-scapegoat scam with trillions of dollars of stolen tax money. I am a religious pluralist, including being Muslim, and the Holy War has not even started yet against the Bushies, who will incriminate themselves soon enough... Check-out PandaBusters.com for a resistance-is-futile advertising, artificial intelligence explosion robots-that-reproduce platform, that is free, creates instant cash flow for webmasters and other computer/smart phone owners, and will put the rich who don't like competition practically out of business, as their hatred of the poor, the tax-payer (the rich don't pay taxes), and the Muslims they exploit and kill to get wealthier will be avenged by Allah's Holy Warriors, peaceful where we are concerned, but they will never be peaceful, leading to their imminent self-destruction...stay tuned.
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