Greek alphabet - Masquerade

Greek alphabet - Masquerade
9 de oct. de 2023 · 13m 24s

How many examples of Greek letters in pop culture can you think of? Join us alpha-quizzers to find out, but beware: This quiz is classified Omega 17. Sarah hosts trivia...

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How many examples of Greek letters in pop culture can you think of? Join us alpha-quizzers to find out, but beware: This quiz is classified Omega 17. Sarah hosts trivia nights as Paris Quiz Mistress and Fred Eyangoh is a stand-up comedian based in Paris. Music by Mad98 and production by Célia Brondeau. Do you want to support us? Tip jar here!

Hi, I'm Fred. And I'm Sarah, aka the Paris Quiz Mistress. We're two friends addicted to trivia, and we're watching rewatching Alias. But this is not an Alias podcast. Every episode, we play general knowledge trivia on a theme.

Five quiz questions for you to play along. And the tonic early 2000s by thrillers show starring Jennifer Garner doesn't really matter because this is not an Alias podcast.

Welcome back to not an alias. Podcast. Episode 18 masquerade. What a masquerade? It is.

Oh, wow. Definitely a lot of action after the recap episode. Are you ready in 60 seconds, if you can, while I jammed a signal, can you recap masquerade for us? Yes, please. All right, you're good to go.

So Sydney is doing some rock climbing, which is blatant queer baiting. And then the CIA always knew that Sydney's mom was alive, and then Jack is sad about it and drinks about it. Sydney goes to a masked ball in Vienna, and the guy that was in deep cover is dead. And then the other guy is her former lover. Wow.

She had former lovers. And they get the chip from the guy's throat, which was gross. And then they go to find a computer in deepest, darkest Russia, and Jack lies to the Psych. And then there's a cold chamber and a claw bit. I think that's about oh, and then they get it on Bow chicken.


It's your recap. You mentioned whatever you want. What do you think your quiz is about? No more alias. Is it about chips?

Chips and microchips. Chips and dip?

No, this time it's about fairly small element that I caught during the episode. Isn't it always? Yeah, I did microstate last time, which is, in a way, the biggest thing I've ever been taking inspiration from. So Sydney and Vaughn are talking, and Sydney's like, give me some information. And Vaughn says even I can't get information because the info is classified.

Something something I'm not sure if you're going to remember. No, I'm not. It's classified Omega 17. Oh, it is. You're right.

And it cannot have access. So I decided to do a Greek alphabet pop culture quiz. Fabulous. Very good. Question one which character, created by Stanley and Jack Kirby in 1962, owes his sometimes undesirable powers to a laboratory accident involving gamma rays?

Is it Spiderman? No, he was bitten by a spider. This specific person was doing a thing in the lab, and then gamma rays blasted him, and then they all have the same story. You know, I'm not a superhero person. Wait, so gamma is the there's not a Greek letter in the answer.


Undesirable powers. It's a character with a very specific.

The. Oh, is it the Green Lantern? It's green. But the Green Hornet. The Hulk.

Hey. My God. Why do you do this to Dr. Banner?

Bruce. Bruce Banner. Yes. Yes. See, that I knew that I could have done exactly.

Question two the name of this actress who won a Tony as well as an Oscar for her role in the Broadway adaptation, contains the name of a Greek letter that sounds like it's late in the alphabet. The Greek alphabet, but it's actually it's six letter. Very good. Okay, you're talking about Chicago and Catherine Zeta Jones. Exactly.

Thanks for complimenting the question as you go. Yep. That was good. No, that was good. Unlike the previous question, which was trash.

Question three which video recording format developed by Sony in 75 and somehow sold until 2016 was considered pretty much obsolete ten years after its release due to the market dominance of a competing format that became synonymous with a certain type of video recording. So I think the market dominant one would be like the VHS. Indeed. See, I was not in a sorority, and apparently if you're in Greek life, you need to learn the Greek alphabet, which would have been helpful, except then I would have had to have been in a sorority.

Is it Betamax? It is.

Well done. Yeah. VCRs, you had Betamax and VHS for about a second, but I think Betamax was too expensive and just not long enough in terms of recording, so it was just enough. There's a Betamax reference in what? Hot American summer.

And that's all about all I know. Question four. In 1956, in reaction to a series of product returns, an Italian clothing brand decided to print a certain letter on its socks in order to signify quality. The Greek name of this letter eventually became the brand name of which Italian. Sportswear company in 1958, Italian sportswear certain letter indicating quality.

They started stamping in on the socks. Boom, boom. And then they were like, oh, this letter is cool. Let's call it.

What would signify quality? I mean alpha. Is it Omega again? Watches. No, no, I give, uh, the letter.

Is K and the brand is oh, okay. Kappa. Yeah, Kappa. Italian brand. Again, had I been in a sorority?

Indeed. Question five the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet is spelled the same way, but not pronounced the same way as the nickname of which major American city? This nickname is also the title of a TV show created by Lena Waithe about life in a neighborhood on the south side of this city. Oh, is it Kai? Indeed.

And the city is Chicago. Chicago. Exactly. The shy TV show that's going on at the moment. Well done.

Lovely. And await. Yeah, obviously. Cool. And this was your GAPC greek alphabet pop culture quiz.

GAPC. And now let's close the trivia chapter and get ready for the ball. Put our masks on. Masquerade, go meet former lovers. Saucy, I almost wrote a quiz about skin because we got to see a lot of it.

So welcome. Berkeley guy aka switchblade guy aka Noah. Yeah, Noah Peter Berg. Kind of an Ethan Hawke lookalike. Yeah, very Ethan Hawke vibey.

Yeah, longer face, bow near face, but yeah, very much that vibe. Yeah. And no, I liked it because up until this point, sydney was a little bit of a Virgin Mary to be yeah, yeah. And no, it's cool. I'm like, oh, yeah, she's got a passionate side.

She recently removed her engagement. Mean hot to trot. I think my favorite part of this episode was they broke up because of a spam filter. Oh, my Lord. I think she said, I set it to filter.

And I was thinking, who doesn't? Who just lets the junk come through at the time? At the time, I guess it's like, you never know. Maybe it was so bad that it was also catching, like, good emails. I don't know.

But yeah, tragic, tragic technology just keeping them apart. And then he ran away because he was in love. And then they go and they parse through data and they're like, have you seen these schematics? Yeah, the music is like spy rom spy.

It is comedic. Not always intentionally, but yeah. We sad about dad being all about the booze. An alcoholic very quickly. I don't know if it's 03:00 P.m., but it looks like it's just like, afternoon.

But he's very I said, that not decent. But he's very classy in his booze too. Oh, yeah. Got some brown booze. Exactly.

He's wearing a suit. He knows how to do it. And a little bit of weird Sloan action. There's always a thing about Sloan feeling fatherly for.

And I do know and there's a little moment of because she's looking for a mom now where she tells him, please help me look for my mom. And I really thought for a second he would just be like, well, actually, I'm your mother. Strange. Take a sip of water. Exactly.

Evil water. But yeah, no, that doesn't happen. Yeah, pretty good episode. I mean, I really love the whole Noah thing. I liked how a -150 degrees room isolate, like insulated with a thin, thin layer of glass that you can just break if you kick it.

Yeah. Oh, also, when they were like, quick, go get the hard drive from the core. She was just like, Excuse me, let me Google something real quick. She just searched. She's like, Laura Presto.

M-O-T-H-E-R. Wait. There's nothing like that. Could it be in the database? Yeah, but she's taking the database anyway.

She can just search it later. Drama. Drama. Sarah Drama everywhere. She's very comfortable with the amount of time she has to escape from the security guards in this underground Russian bunker.

It just channels her current obsession with the subject of mama. Cool. Well, this season is building quite nicely. And by this season, I mean this season of our podcast. Obviously.

This is excellent. Well, I cannot wait to see what comes next for Noah and Sydney and all the peeps. Thank you, everybody. Have a great day. You know what?

Have a great day. Or night. Thanks for listening to not an Alias podca
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