Huberman Scandal

Huberman Scandal
28 de mar. de 2024 · 8m 15s

Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist, popular podcaster, and influential health guru based at Stanford University, has recently been embroiled in a controversy surrounding his personal life. A scathing report by...

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Andrew Huberman, a renowned neuroscientist, popular podcaster, and influential health guru based at Stanford University, has recently been embroiled in a controversy surrounding his personal life. A scathing report by New York magazine has shed light on allegations of womanizing and sexually irresponsible behavior, including claims that he dated five women simultaneously and may have even transmitted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) to one of them.
Huberman, who boasts an impressive following of six million on Instagram and 5.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Huberman Lab, is well-known for his macho attitude and self-improvement videos tailored to a male audience. He is considered one of the leading 'bro science' influencers, a category of science-themed social media content aimed at men. However, the recent revelations about his personal life have cast a shadow over his public persona.
The New York magazine investigation features testimonies from five women who paint a disturbing picture of Huberman as a promiscuous 'serial dater' who subjected his romantic partners to aggressive outbursts, betrayal, and infidelity. The victims eventually discovered each other's existence and formed an unlikely friendship, confronting Huberman about his actions.
One of the most damning accounts comes from Huberman's former partner of five years, referred to as "Sarah" (not her real name). Sarah claims that Huberman had affairs with multiple women, sometimes even arranging dates with different women on the same day. She also alleges that he made derogatory comments about her, including likening dating her to "bobbing for apples in feces," an accusation that Huberman has denied.
According to Sarah, she caught Huberman cheating on her with five other women and allegedly contracted human papillomavirus (HPV), a cancer-causing STI, as a result of his infidelity. "I experienced his rage," Sarah told New York magazine, describing Huberman's behavior as "two to three days of yelling in a row" and claiming that he would continue his verbal abuse late into the night and sometimes start again in the early hours of the morning.
Huberman, 48, an associate professor of neurology and ophthalmology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, rose to prominence due to his obsession with optimizing one's health. He became involved with Sarah after the pair began messaging on Instagram in February 2018, before his rise to fame. As their relationship progressed, Sarah claims that Huberman became "obsessed" with her past, particularly the two children she had from a previous relationship.
In 2021, Sarah tested positive for a high-risk form of HPV, which is most commonly contracted through sexual activity and is linked to 99 percent of cervical cancers. Despite getting tested regularly for ten years, Sarah says she had never tested positive for the STI before her relationship with Huberman.
The web of deception unraveled further when, in 2022, Sarah discovered romantic texts on Huberman's phone from a woman named Eve (not her real name), an actress. Like Sarah, Eve was also under the impression that Huberman was not seeing anyone else, and the pair had engaged in unprotected sex. However, Eve became suspicious after noticing Sarah liking and commenting on her Instagram posts. The two women spoke over the phone and realized they had both been deceived by Huberman.
The investigation revealed that there were other women involved, including Mary from Texas, whom Huberman had been seeing for years, and Alex from New York, who had also been having sex with him without realizing he had a girlfriend. The women formed a group chat and corroborated the extent of Huberman's deceitful behavior using time-stamped text messages.
The messages revealed a disturbing pattern of Huberman's infidelity and manipulation. On one occasion, while Sarah was in Berkeley, Huberman had flown Mary from Texas to LA to stay with him. While Mary was there, he left her to look after his dog, Costello, while he drove to a coffee shop to meet Eve and discuss their relationship. He later texted Mary, who was waiting for him, claiming that his phone had died. That same day, he sent Eve a message saying, "Thank you … For being so next, next, level gorgeous and sexy," and later texted Sarah, "Sleep well beautiful."
The irony of Huberman's actions was highlighted during a November 2021 episode of his podcast entitled "How Humans Select & Keep Romantic Partners in Short & Long Term." In the episode, Huberman discussed similarities in mate preferences with evolutionary psychologist David Buss. Huberman asked Buss about how men and women leverage deception versus truth-telling in mate choice selection, to which Buss replied, "Effective tactics for men are often displaying cues to long-term interest… men tend to exaggerate the depths of their feelings for a woman."
When the topic of infidelity in committed relationships came up, Huberman chuckled and said, "I'm guessing it does happen." Buss responded, "Men who have affairs tend to have affairs with a larger number of affair partners. And so... then by definition can't be long-lasting. You can't have the long-term affairs with six different partners." Huberman's reply was telling: "Yeah, unless he's, um, juggling multiple, uh, phone accounts or something of that sort."
According to one of the women involved, Huberman allegedly explained that he was not a sex addict, but rather a love addict. Ironically, Huberman himself has previously stated that "addiction is a progressive narrowing of the things that bring you pleasure."
In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for Huberman told New York magazine that he did not become exclusive with Sarah until late 2021 and denied Sarah's account of their fights, stating, "Dr. Huberman is very much in control of his emotions." The spokesperson declined to comment further when contacted by
The revelations about Andrew Huberman's personal life have sent shockwaves through his large and devoted fan base. Many are grappling with the stark contrast between his public image as a health and self-improvement guru and the allegations of manipulative and sexually irresponsible behavior in his private life.
The women involved in the investigation have shown remarkable courage in coming forward with their stories, shedding light on the devastating impact of Huberman's actions on their lives. Their accounts serve as a reminder that even those in positions of influence and authority are capable of causing harm and betraying trust.
As the fallout from the New York magazine investigation continues, questions are being raised about the responsibility of public figures like Huberman, who have built their careers on offering advice and guidance to others. Many are calling for greater accountability and transparency from influencers, particularly those who claim expertise in fields related to health and well-being.
The allegations against Huberman also highlight the need for more open and honest conversations about consent, sexual health, and the importance of treating romantic partners with respect and integrity. In a society where 'bro culture' and toxic masculinity are still pervasive, it is crucial that we challenge the notion that manipulative and sexually irresponsible behavior is acceptable or excusable.
As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Huberman will address the allegations and what impact they will have on his career and reputation. However, one thing is clear: the women who have come forward have shown immense bravery in sharing their experiences and holding Huberman accountable for his actions.
Their stories serve as a powerful reminder that no one, regardless of their fame or influence, is above the basic principles of honesty, respect, and consent in relationships. It is our collective responsibility to create a society where such behavior is not tolerated and where those who have been harmed are supported and believed.
As we reflect on the revelations about Andrew Huberman's personal life, let us also recommit ourselves to building a world where all people, regardless of gender, are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Only by working together can we hope to create a future where stories like these are a thing of the past. Thanks for listening to Quiet Please. Remember to like and share wherever you get your podcasts.
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