Inaugural Episode: The Wildest Tales from the $ROOST Coop!

Inaugural Episode: The Wildest Tales from the $ROOST Coop!
19 de abr. de 2024 · 20m 6s

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural episode of the Daily $ROOST podcast, where we let you in on the $ROOST hatched plans and the wildest tales from the Coop,world...

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural episode of the Daily $ROOST podcast, where we let you in on the $ROOST hatched plans and the wildest tales from the Coop,world of crypto and blockchain. I'm your big ROOST CEO, chief cock officer and big blue cock ringmaster.

Today we're diving into a thrilling saga of the birth of the meme token, the biggest thing to hatch on Base Chain and possibly anywhere in crypto in 2024. It was not long ago that a group of renegade marketers, influencers, developers and crypto whales.

fueled by sheer audacity and a touch of madness came together to create the $ROOST on the Base Chain chain network. Their mission? To concoct a token that was outrageous, outlandish, big, bright and loud, and could it crow loudly each day. This would make the crypto world first take notice and then tremble with excitement as everyday dawns and pump the cock rings out across the entire crypto network. And lo and behold,

Our big great blue cock meme token $ROOST was born. Its name and meme spread like wildfire across the digital landscape, igniting a frenzy among crypto degens everywhere. It even hit mainstream art with people featuring the now world famous $ROOST. But this wasn't just any token. This was a force to be reckoned with, shattering records and leaving traditional investors in awe. But what set our meme token apart?

from the rest, you ask. It wasn't just the name or the concept. It was sheer defiance in the face of conviction. It was rallying a cry of community movement united in their quest for glory, gains and wealth. As the hype train barreled full steam ahead, so did the value, the transactions, the bridging. This was the effect of our meme token creation. It saw the heights unseen on Base Chain captivating the attention of crypto legends.

whales, moguls and Wall Street trader type wolves alike. And as the skeptics scoffed and the haters hated, we continued to trump. Growing stronger and stronger, fueled by awesome community, fully committed team with an unyielding belief in our vision and goal to hit one billion in 2024. And so as we look back on the birth of our Ruth token, we can't help but marvel at the spectacle we've created.
THe Big Roost (02:53.742)
from humble beginnings to stratospheric success. It's been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. And the best part, we're just getting started. Now that's a wrap for today's short episode of the Daily $ROOST podcast, folks. Thanks for tuning in. And remember, in the world of crypto, the only limit is your imagination. So keep dreaming big, keep pushing boundaries, keep pumping the cock, and all above, keep diamond handing the big
Blue Clock. If you like hearing the Daily $ROOST, jump into my comments, let me know and I'll bring your whole podcast series, Taking Us Roosters on a Journey to the Moon. Now guys, that's just the start. The series is outlined below. I will post it somewhere. We will have a series of up to 10 episodes and then we'll continue into the second series. Always welcome ideas, questions, concerns. We'll obviously answer those.
But this is a bit of fun and I think it'll be an exciting time and something a bit different. So good to hear your feedback on that. We'll get to some people up here and then we'll get this thing started. Good to see some new faces in here as well. Some people haven't seen before. I'm sure you've been in the crowd. Guys, it's good to get new people up here. So please request, you know, it don't care what you've got to say. Everything's important. You might have something that you can add to the ecosystem, add to, you know, what we're doing and idea.
um you know feedback whatever it is um please please let us know if you've been unmuted now guys
Brian, how are you doing? Oz, Derekin? Doing great, man. I love that. That was awesome. Community is 100 % behind you. You know, we've been doing spaces 24 -7. Community is just continually growing. So keep it up. We love everything you're doing. Thanks, mate. Appreciate it. And I'll see what you guys are doing out there. It's literally awesome. Every single day, sometimes two times a day, you know, on multiple different people's accounts.
THe Big Roost (04:59.95)
We want that to grow guys. If someone out there is keen on doing it, you know, you haven't had the confidence to do it, send me a DM, come up on here, let me know. And you know, we can get you into, you know, follow one of these, one of our spaces and we can push everyone to their, obviously, you know, can help build your brand, can help bring, which obviously in turn helps, you know, builds ours. So, you know, we don't need a, you know, hog the spotlight, obviously, you know, all the focus is on $ROOST and Base Chain but.
The community is really important. We're here to support you guys as much as you're here to support us. I think that's how we grow. Doing this is super important, but what you guys are doing is just as important, and I want to keep that going and grow that even more and put a bit more focus on that.
THe Big Roost (05:48.398)
Chris, how you going? Rude. Oz, Oz, I haven't seen you before. How you doing, mate?
THe Big Roost (05:56.174)
Guys, you just need to unmute yourself once you're allowed up.
THe Big Roost (06:06.926)
Yeah, I've never seen these guys. The eyes and the peaking. Yeah, I invited them, but they haven't said anything. They might be camera shy. That's right. How's it going? Yeah, good, mate. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. You know, another dip, another bye. That's it, mate. It just creates opportunity for others. You know, there's always going to be a dip. So, you know, it's...
And we obviously had a nice little run up about 48 hours ago. You know, people get impatient or whatever their thing is, they want to go get rugs somewhere else. That's fine. So we let them do that and we'll scoop up the good stuff because, you know, we're in it for the long haul. Guys, the people that are here now are really true believers. We've passed 25 ,000 holders, which is amazing. So congratulations to the community on that.
But I still think you have to small number compared to where we're going. For sure, for sure. Yeah, I mean, the motto is buy low, sell high. But with this one, guys, I think that just buying low and then holding the bag is definitely the way to go because this one's definitely going to hit one billion market cap. So we're going to see some huge gains here. So guys, just buy the dip. Just hold your bags. Appreciate that, mate. It's good to see you here.
Jump in more often, bro. It's good to hear your voice. Appreciate it.
We got a few other guys up here. I just parabolic dog down. Welcome. What's going on everybody? How's everybody doing? Crypt, how you doing? Good brother. Always good. Had to jump in seeing you guys were hosting a space. Always mate, always. I've seen you've been doing God's work out in the open space. Oh man, I'm so tired from the last few days. I took a break today and a bunch of the guys were messaging me like, Hey bro, are you okay? Where you been?
THe Big Roost (08:07.118)
I had the message of all right now. I'm like, man, I just took a little day off, took a break, spend some time with my girl. You know, that's good, mate. Now you got to do that. I was, I was feeling a bit exhausted yesterday to be honest. And I had a nice sleep and I'm feeling back. I do have a bit of a cold, so I apologize for that. But, uh, mate does catch up to you, but you know, 24 seven, we're, we're living the roof. So, you know, we can't hide for too long. Definitely got to rest that cock. You know, you got to rest it sometimes. Oh, you got to give that boy a break.
Oh, absolutely. Oh my God. Hi, Robo. Look how you doing? I'm doing good, brother. How you doing, Ruth? How you doing, community? Very well. Very well. Hey, I just really wanted to get up to say a Fudders are going to FUD. Your Bitcoin maximalists are going to be your Bitcoin maximalists. People who hoard the gold are going to hoard the gold and the silver.

Like, you know, that's why our big belief and the feedback we're getting from Coinbase and, you know, the Base Chain chain is that, you know, they're going to start to look heavily at memes because that's the fastest and easiest way for a chain to grow their user Base Chain and transactions and all that kind of stuff to bring in new blood, the new best big thing. So you're spot on from what you said there, mate. I couldn't be more on your side with that. And I'm a big believer of that we continue to put our best foot forward, keep working as a co-op and the big blue bird will become a piece of history.

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