• Monday night devotional-Union Football Team

    26 OCT. 2021 · Run to Win, written by Donald T Phillips is a great book on the coaching and leadership style of Vince Lombardi. This 10 minute devotion focuses on the last months then days of his life.
    11m 8s
  • Monday night Union College Football Team Devotional thoughts

    19 OCT. 2021 · On Monday nights the Bulldog Football Team normally gathers for a time of devotional encouragement, scripture and motivation as we each ponder our place in life and God’s Will for us and our talents. Matthew 6:33 is the spring board for this devotional.
    10m 20s
  • Monday’s 10 minute encouragement

    11 OCT. 2021 · Presently the Union College Football Team is being impacted by the effects of Covid19. Nothing that welcome but nevertheless something that we must face and work through. Normally our team gathers for Monday night for devotionals and given we are in quarantine, this is my personal efforts to encourage our teams, coaches, staff, fans and families at large to press on. Philippians 1: verses 2-3; 7; and verse 10 are examples of Paul’s words to the Christians at Philippi and mine to our team and student athletes everywhere.
    10m 23s
  • Faith is the answer - Matthew 15:10-28

    17 AGO. 2014 · Jesus was always trying to get folks to understand what faith was and how faith worked. So folks without much education on the subject got the meaning quickly. Others struggled to believe at all. This message is about the discovery of faith. Faith is also an amazing grace once we see it and understand it.
    28m 19s
  • Let's add water to our faith & step out!

    10 AGO. 2014 · Peter reacted when Jesus said don't be afraid it's me on the Sea of Galilee. His impulse was to join Jesus and he did. Because Peter exercised his faith is life would never be the same
  • Highest Point in Kentucky - Black Mt

    7 AGO. 2014 · Black Mountain is the highest point in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The unique point is located above Lynch. Ky in Harlan, Ky. Listen to Rev Will Zik and I talk about the experience on the Mt during the Church Ministry Summit 2014.
    10m 7s
  • Holy Spirit / Pass it on! Acts 1:1-11

    1 JUN. 2014 · Following the 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus the disciples were thinking the immediate kingdom to come. However Jesus had the disciples think about today and that the Holy Spirit was coming to be with them as an aid & guide.
    21m 38s
  • Saturday talk time w/Devin & Jacob

    1 JUN. 2014 · Saturday night conversation with Devin Tyler Masoner & Jacob Mckissack. It's a three state connection of Alabama, Tennessee & Kentucky. It's a media discussion!
    17m 44s
  • Kendall Noble Western Ky Univ Hazard, Ky

    30 ENE. 2014 · In the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky there is this special place that everyone knows as Hazard & Perry County. The name identifies the City of Hazard and Perry as the County in Kentucky. Kendall Noble grew-up in Hazard & Perry County attending high school at Perry Central where she was a stand-out athlete on the girls basketball team. She made a big transition in life from high school basketball to Women's Division I College Basketball in the NCAA by attending and playing basketball at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Ky. As a member of the starting five she is making a big impact on the floor as an athlete and off the floor as an academic student studying biology. She wants to be a medical doctor and I am convinced she will accomplish that goal too.
    5m 29s
  • Jon North "The Voice of Union Bulldogs"

    6 DIC. 2013 · We have all listened on the radio to play by play sports action being called/announced on the radio. The Union College Bulldogs in Barbourville, Kentucky have a voice....it is the voice of Jon North! Jon grew up in Leslie County, Kentucky and when given the chance to pursue his dream, he jumped at it. He has been the called the play by play action for the Barbourville High School Tigers and loved every minute of it. Listen to Jon talk about broadcasting, and his love for sports as we talk over lunch.
    10m 14s

"10 with Tim" is designed to be an encouraging 10 minutes out of your day. Unique conversations and interviews from Tim's travels and experiences in life. You will be inspired...

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"10 with Tim" is designed to be an encouraging 10 minutes out of your day. Unique conversations and interviews from Tim's travels and experiences in life. You will be inspired and reminded that you can make a difference. Sharing is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is always guaranteed to get someone thinking.
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