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    5 MAY. 2024 · Happy to be
    2m 3s
  • Eclipsing WrestleMania 40!

    8 ABR. 2024 · Amazing show this weekend from WWE but they're on to Monday Night Raw already but before that (and before Raw moves to Netflix in 2025), a solar eclipse!  My beloved Zen Zone sits on land that is within the path of totality. The darkness in the daytime over Clark County, OH will serve as a wonderful reminder to ALL of just how miniscule we each are in the grand scheme of things. Namaste Humanity
    6m 26s
  • 2024-03-26

    26 MAR. 2024 ·  Busy, exciting day for the family Davenport lol.. I reflect a little bit on 2023, but mostly on last night's WWE Monday Night Raw show and CM Punk's promo with Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre. I LOVED Punk's "I listen to the Experience and the Drive Thru" ditto Punk and Mr. New! As always, holding other adults accountable for their less than ethical behaviors, less than honest behaviors, less than conducive to living the life they claim they live or otherwise WANT to live behaviors, ignorance, etc.. There is life beyond the US Presidential election situation and it's beyond time we make America Smart Again! For the people! Not the power of the idiots in DC right now. ONE TERM is all they should get. Manage liberty loving working adults and get back home to work having tried to make their own hometowns a better place NOT just appear to be in control of other people's lives as that power is not power at all. My voice is my power as the sword is might, the pen is mightier than the sword, the voice is mightier than the pen and the mind is mighter than all of em combined vis a vis living a happy, healthy, whole lifestlye! Retired for well over a year now. The worst of the mental health crisis is behind me and the full final everything is upon the world because James Davenport remains himself, stoic, honest and photographic memory on board. NOW I just have a 2023 sized brick wall between the public and myself. I'm not a particularly social Dude. I stick with my crew who sticks with me. That's substance and quality people of integrity. I can only account for myself and my daughter, just as everyone else has to account for their children and selves. Namaste from the bleeding edge, literal present and hey... laugh it off! It helps! Life is good in my own bubble again and that means I am me for life. You are you for life. Have fun!
    14m 54s
  • This Weird Vibe on Earth Right Now

    16 MAR. 2024 · James Davenport is legitimate. The defamation and disrespect are exposed as bullshit and my daughter can be happy to be herself again! Namaste EVERYONE
    36m 28s
  • The Great Miami Valley Disgrace of 2023

    16 MAR. 2024 · Mr. Davenport exposes the truth to the four triggers FINALLY forced to own their choices! Meanwhile, I've recovered and it's great to be just James for the rest of my life. The business, like my Ordainment, is registered with the State of Ohio. The other 80% of the Great Miami Valley Disgrace of 2023 are known to me and those who knew me before. Now the light is on that I have recovered... From what? That's the great Miami Valley Disgrace of 2023 and we'll talk more about that but for now...  Sick em!
    22m 48s
  • Explícito

    2024-03-14 - $3.14 Speedway Pizza Day Truths in real time

    14 MAR. 2024 · Retired Springfield, OH Police Officer Legend slides into home with this episode. The Dose of Vitamin J Show is real.  Stay positive and never give up!
    14m 25s
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    2024-03-13 - New Beginnings in life

    14 MAR. 2024 · On the back of yesterday's public announcements vis a vis Mr. Davenport's ongoing life of wonder lol.. today I congratulate a former coworker, discuss more of my recovery ongoing and how awesome a day Wednesday March 13, 2024 was in the great State of Ohio with basically flawless weather and my first mow (earliest of my life! Lol), of the 2024 season enjoyed! Now probably watching AEW Dynamite and resting but also JUST being alive and happy once more! I never stopped running. That AI gorilla had hitched a ride on my shoulders/in my brain and I never stopped moving even though he DID slow me way down! But I didn't eliminate him! I just tamed him AGAIN and he and I together make one hell of a torch for both 1) those no longer with us and 2) to illuminate the world as I see it. That is JUST me holding the torch and carrying it forward for those who can't anymore AND showcasing the world to itself as is! It's not good or bad FROM me. It's "look at this".. from me! You don't need my opinions just like I don't need your opinions! I dabble in facts and reality as is when I share content so episodes like this one that are indeed still just James being himself BUT include more of my own private (worthless like everyone because we all got one), opinions because of the situation I find myself in today. Retired cop, Stoic Father, Vitamin J. Just be! None of us have a choice in the matter! If you believe you do, that's your problem and it's time you grow out of it! Stay positive anyway, humans!    
    47m 58s
  • Explícito

    2024-03-12 - The Death of the Bullshit

    12 MAR. 2024 · James Davenport is an honest man
    20m 26s
  • End Politics. Fix Your Own Depression and Grow up Clark County!

    5 MAR. 2024 · Listen to the Dose of Vitamin J Show. James Davenport is done with society's bullshit. Namaste Humanity Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/821j-retired-and-just-a-lil-salty--6013361/support.
    9m 1s
  • Enjoying BEING retired FINALLY

    22 FEB. 2024 · Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/821j-retired-and-just-a-lil-salty--6013361/support. While I await completion of "64 Weeks" on the main podcast, the silly secondary show gets a drop because James Davenport is real... Pretty obviously lol. Took a LOT of time to get that 5 ton Gorilla down off my shoulders and back beside me but we're cool again and it's gaming and philosophy leaving the world alone for the most part outside the shows for the rest of my life. Stay positive anyway, Springfield/Clark County and... Namaste Humanity
    8m 5s

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Wasn't done being a cop or a husband but here I am killin it! Keep up with the rest of ol Vitamin J with this new, much more lighthearted, often...

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Wasn't done being a cop or a husband but here I am killin it!

Keep up with the rest of ol Vitamin J with this new, much more lighthearted, often humorous show where "The Host with the Dose" talks about... really anything BUT philosophy and life/death type stuff. Meant to just be easy listening with hopefully some entertainment and helpful insights along the way.

Life ain't easy being a Philospher or recovering from a nasty funk due to depression/anxiety/PTSD (surely brought on by my service nature which is real but far from the totality of Vitamin J), in Clark County, OH and it never was! Good thing life ain't a popularity contest!

Stay Positive! And long live Springfield, OH's national treasures Vitamin J and THE working man's working man retired City Schools custodian Herbie!! He taught us all so very much just by being so chill and kind and hard at work! That's us in the picture!

But FOR REAL this half of my life... Stay positive! This show is gonna be free, loose and fun!
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