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A Bit From Within with Felicia Marti

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    Coping Once You've Hit Your Limit

    24 JUL. 2023 · We all know that feeling when we've just had to much. This is a major pattern in my life- this feeling like I get myself in so deep- doing too much, over-extending myself- and then trying to find my way out of it and towards healing. At this moment in my life- I feel those alarm bells going off that I've hit my limit, and yet the approach feel much different - and truly when I look back and compare I see that it's not like other times. I am learning- and I'm finding healthy ways to rebuild myself, treat myself with compassion, and honestly- not just survive, but to survive while also tending to myself. As you'll see from today's episode- I absolutely have nothing totally figured out, but the themes of surrender and simplicity are two that have been helpful recently that I'm happy to share a bit from within about in hopes these topics resonate with and inspire you too! Visit our patreon for yoga, meditation, and ad-free episodes of the show: Patreon.com/abitfromwithin
    37m 51s
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    Practice Changing Your Inner Beliefs

    30 JUN. 2023 · A little self awarness and mindfulness can truly go a long way! Today on the podcast I share a bit from within on being willing to practice, being willing to open your mind up and challenge your inner beliefs, and the process of making space to breathe, intend, and let go.
    31m 58s
  • When The Little Things Get You Down

    15 JUN. 2023 · Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes the little things DO get you down, even when you're trying to not sweat the small stuff. Of course we all know that it's never the little things that really add up to big things- but in the moment it sure can feel that way! Today I was definitely in one of those places- but I feel like working through from accepting it, understanding it, validating it for myself and then moving through it and shifting into gratitude- all that was able to happen during the podcast episode. It helped me- and I hope somehow this helps you too!
    34m 49s
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    Giving Yourself Space To Evolve

    6 JUN. 2023 · I've been thinking about space and permission and just what miracles these two works can perform in our lives. A few thoughts are here on today's podcast episode- a short and sweet one to bring you some encouragement today!
    12m 38s
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    Releasing Control When In Resistance

    30 MAY. 2023 · Keep you eyes up to the sky this week- we're approaching a Saturday full moon and oooo can you feel it in the air! Lately I've been feeling deep resistance- maybe it's astrological, maybe it's just personal- maybe it's the summer heat going on- the cause is never as important as what we're doing about it. For me, I'm practicing finding calm and surrender even when I'm in resistance. This doesn't look like sitting down in sukasana and meditating my way into peace. It's more like- noticing what's happening in my body, talking calmly about what is triggering me, naming it, and hardest of all- not running away from how uncomfortable it feels. All while that is happening practicing zooming out and realizing how is this in or out of alignment with with how I'd like my life to be? This is deep work- it's hard work- and it's work worth doing. Today on the podcast I'm sharing more about that this and all of the "new growth" I'm figuring out in my life as I move into a new era.
    37m 50s
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    Grieving Life's Changes

    23 MAY. 2023 · When doors open in our lives, usually just before or soon after another door closes. This is a process we're constantly moving through: things change. And even when it's good things, things you've been moving towards with intention, things you've prepared yourself for, things you're excited to manifest- it's still very natural to feel the pain and sadness that come with the things you had to say goodbye to make room for the new. Today we'll also briefly talk about the recent Taurus new moon, and the new sun season this month ahead with with the sun in gemini! Gemini self care is filled with laughter, communication, and learning- perfect for this final month of spring. Listen ad free on patreon: www.patreon.com/abitfromwithin and discuss more self care tools on www.abitfromwithin.com
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    Growing New Roots

    16 MAY. 2023 · Good morning! We're finally in our new house, dogs are playing out back, furniture is slowly finding it's place each room, and somehow I have managed to make it to this point- after what has been a rollercoaster of change and transition. In some ways I feel like I was scooped up out of the earth and dropped into new soil- now in charge of finding making new roots in the world I live in now. Many of us are facing this right now through the major change that has come our way recently. In this episode I'm sharing lots about what brought me to my new home, mercury retrograde stories, and all the learns so far from crossing over the finish line of getting into the house and all the new places I feel I need to go from here. In the astro check in we touch on Friday's 5/19 New Moon in Taurus, Jupiters transit into Taurus 5/16, and the upcoming Sun in Gemini season. New Lunar Guide to follow later this week. 💜
    44m 35s
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    Differences Between the Head and The Heart

    2 MAY. 2023 · There are major differences between your head and your heart because logically you can understand something and in your body still have feelings that don't match up with being understanding. This is something I've been thinking a lot about while still being in limbo in my life while moving- and something worth discussing prior to this week's big lunar eclipse. Full Moon Eclipses (lunar eclipses) are moments of amplified letting go- so expect big emotions this week, mini melt downs, and lots of mismatch between what your mind is thinking and what your heart/body are feeling. Try to accept this, be patient, gracious, and super kind to yourself. As you've heard here today some of the things I'm working on are the little things- drinking more water, slowing down, remembering to get out of work clothes, trying to get outside more even if it's rainy and gray. This is a temporary moment in time, and it will pass- in that we can trust.
    23m 40s
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    Endings and Beginnings

    25 ABR. 2023 · 7 days in a new city: 6 of which were cloudy including 3 where it rained all day, and 1 day of sunshine- but I'm finding my way through it. It's a change- and all this change and newness and living in the unknown had me thinking today a lot about beginnings and endings and how we know when one thing ends and a new thing begins. I've determined that as much as we'd like clear cut dates to help us compartmentalize the different parts of our lives- nothing is ever that clear cut. Our lives aren't easily put into chapters or episodes- instead they're a constantly bleeding into one another. That's real life. Listen in for more on endings and new beginnings, and a bit more about taurus self care for your month ahead during the astro check in.
    48m 3s
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    Roadtrip to a New Home

    18 ABR. 2023 · You're the first to hear the story behind the last week- packing up and saying goodbye to CO and the roadtrip across the country to my new home town. Whew- I am exhausted, but also so grateful. Enjoy this week's episode of the podcast and remember this week is eclipse week (thurs 4/20) so be sure to slow down, look, and listen, and see what themes you around what's unexpected and how you can let go you can find in your life.
    43m 22s

Join Felicia Marti as she shares a bit from within herself every week and how she's working through life, implementing tools for well being, and encouraging herself and everyone who's...

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Join Felicia Marti as she shares a bit from within herself every week and how she's working through life, implementing tools for well being, and encouraging herself and everyone who's listening to feel empowered and care for themselves.
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