• Revolutionizing Wellness- Frank Dunn's Holistic Gym Blueprint

    14 DIC. 2023 · Frank Dunn's Holistic Gym Blueprint revolutionizes the fitness industry by offering a comprehensive approach to well-being. Going beyond physical exercise, Dunn's vision integrates mindfulness, personalized coaching, and sustainable practices. With a focus on mental, emotional, and physical health, his gyms foster a sense of community while prioritizing environmental impact. This innovative blueprint represents a transformative journey towards holistic health and a sustainable lifestyle. For more details please subscribe our our YouTube channel and watch the video https://www.youtube.com/@fdunn5092
  • Frank Dunn's Unforgettable Thanksgiving Celebration with Joel Osteen

    5 DIC. 2023 · Frank Dunn had a remarkable Thanksgiving celebration with preacher Joel Osteen and his family. Surrounded by warmth and hospitality, Frank experienced heartfelt moments of gratitude, fellowship, and inspiration. From a bountiful feast to genuine connections, the day left an indelible mark on Frank's heart, reinforcing the power of faith and the beauty of togetherness.
  • Frank Dunn - Pioneering Digital Media in the Healthcare Industry, From Key Largo

    10 OCT. 2023 · Frank Dunn, a digital media executive based in Key Largo, Florida, has made a significant impact in the healthcare industry. With a background in digital media, Frank has harnessed technology and strategic expertise to drive innovation and improve patient care. His journey from the tranquil shores of Key Largo to the global healthcare stage showcases his commitment to bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. Through collaborations and initiatives, Frank has played a crucial role in integrating digital solutions into healthcare practices, benefiting not only Key Largo but the industry as a whole.
  • Frank Dunn - Health Entrepreneur and Digital Media Visionary

    18 SEP. 2023 · https://www.youtube.com/@FrankDunnFlorida: A healthcare entrepreneur and digital media visionary with two decades of experience in leveraging emerging technologies to transform the healthcare industry. Notable for launching over 25 technology products and achieving 900% growth at DMD, Frank's expertise encompasses programmatic media, addressable TV, and driving ROI. An award-winning digital media executive, Frank focuses on bridging the gap between healthcare and consumers through innovative solutions. Contact him at 212-258-0729 for insightful data and ad tech conversations.
  • Frank Dunn - A Visionary Digital Media Executive

    14 SEP. 2023 · https://soundcloud.com/frank-dunn-florida-usa is an accomplished digital media executive celebrated for his impressive track record in boosting sales and revenue, refining corporate strategies, and launching successful products. His expertise shines in the healthcare and medical device startup sector, where he has secured investments from prestigious entities like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Partners, and Reuters. Frank's collaborative spirit extends to partnerships with Fortune 50 marketing executives, resulting in innovative mobile apps, websites, and video platforms that push the boundaries of digital media. Frank Dunn is a true industry luminary, consistently driving success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Frank Dunn Florida - A Trailblazing Digital Media Executive Shaping the Future of Healthcare

    6 SEP. 2023 · https://about.me/frankdunnflorida is an award-winning digital media executive renowned for his extraordinary track record of driving sales and revenue growth. He possesses a unique talent for refining corporate strategies and successfully launching products. His impactful contributions extend to pioneering startups in the healthcare and medical device sector, securing substantial investments from prestigious investors like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Partners, and Reuters. Additionally, Frank has collaborated with Fortune 50 marketing executives to create cutting-edge mobile apps, websites, and video platforms, leaving an indelible mark on the digital media landscape. His unwavering commitment to excellence continues to shape the future of healthcare and technology.
  • Frank Dunn Key Largo - Legal Consultant

    25 ENE. 2022 · I am a qualified paralegal with varied practical experience in law. I provide legal advice and support to individuals and businesses with the objective of providing access to justice at a reasonable cost. I am an experienced civil and commercial litigator who prides myself in my practical legal research, advising, and general client care (interpersonal) skills. The majority of my work involves drafting bespoke service agreements, website policies, and other contracts for start-ups and SME businesses. As a company director and keen entrepeneur I have a strong passion for assisting businesses in their corporate development and growth by utilising my legal knowledge.
  • Frank Dunn - International Attorney Key Largo, Florida

    19 ENE. 2022 · I am Frank Dunn from Key Largo, Florida. I am International lawyer, licensed in two countries and ready to help you with your international transactions by providing uncomplicated legal solutions. I have a solid international legal experience, having worked in Brazil, USA and Chile, by providing legal advice to companies incorporated under the laws of Australia, Portugal, USA, China and Brazil. Not only I'm capable of providing tailored legal advice regarding Brazilian and New York Law (USA), I'm also qualified to advise you on matters regarding public or private international law.
  • Frank Dunn Florida - Working in Healthcare Industries

    16 OCT. 2021 · Frank Dunn Florida works in the healthcare and health device industries to achieve better outcomes for customers and enterprise clients. For over twenty years, he has focused on delivering results for his employers, which have included three tech start-ups. While working at DMDconnects, he was able to achieve over 900 percent growth. He is highly skilled in SaaS/DaaS marketing techniques as well as 5G, AVOD, AR, AI, OTT, voice, and other technologies. To date, he has helped to launch twenty-five new products, while assisting in tripling the sales force and client teams. Frank Dunn works with real-world patient data, which allows him to improve revenue and patient outcomes.
  • Frank Dunn Florida - Start-ups in Tech Industry

    8 OCT. 2021 · Working with new start-ups in the tech industry is a passion of Frank Dunn Florida. He has over two decades of experience helping to develop new talent while managing the marketing and sales needs of his employer. As the co-founder and VP of Medsite, he was able to build an extensive community of physicians online.
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Frank Dunn as an award-winning digital media executive has worked on a number of new start-ups in the healthcare and medical device sector.
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