• 81. Lead to Trouble

    4 AGO. 2022 · This is an important issue for hunters and shooters that is only going to become more prominent throughout our lifetime. Lead is toxic, and has been banned in many industrial applications. Lead is still used in the majority of ammunition, but we are seeing increasing bans on lead hunting ammunition. Is this an attack on gun rights and hunting and fishing opportunities? Or is this a chance for hunters to help the environment? I am torn on the issue. I discuss all this and more. I want to know your thoughts on this controversial issue - send me an email at adventureonechannel@gmail.com
    46m 10s
  • 80. Ballistic Basics - Three Types of Ballistics

    31 JUL. 2022 · Continuing on the Ballistics Basics series (Check out episode 72 on Twist Rate if you want to start from the beginning), Pliny describes the differences between internal, external, and terminal ballistics. Every projectile in flight has three major periods of ballistics that can be analyzed, and different features or properties are emphasized based on the desired outcome. Too many hunters and shooters gloss over the science and the "but why", as they learn about shooting.
    18m 36s
  • 79. The Dog Days of Summer

    23 JUL. 2022 · Daniel and Pliny fry up a pile of catfish and enjoy some bourbon while reminiscing on recent hot weather fishing trips and discussing upcoming hunting and fishing plans. If you want to see the videos of the recent fishing trips, make sure to check out the Adventure One Youtube channel!
    1h 6m 48s
  • 78. Adaptive Reloading

    10 JUL. 2022 · In this episode, Pliny discusses some of the difficulties of reloading when components are in high demand and hard to find. With a little bit of creativity and flexibility (As long as you are still being safe and conservative) you can use some unusual combinations to still achieve the results you are wanting. Pliny got started loading 9mm practice ammunition, but quickly ran out of small pistol primers. When some small MAGNUM pistol primers started showing up in retail stores, Pliny was able to use them by reducing the powder charge to create a safe working load. DO NOT ever duplicate someone's recipe without "working up" and conservative testing. Always be safe and conservative when reloading, especially when using unusual combinations that are not recommended in any reloading manual.
    33m 53s
  • 77. Macgyver Fishin'

    9 JUN. 2022 · Daniel and Pliny went out on an impromptu fishing trip, and ending having to fix a trolling motor, outboard motor, and have a lot of issues with tangled lines. Despite all the struggle, they still caught a channel cat on a jugline, cooked up a great meal, and had a good day.
    37m 52s
  • 76. The Bowverhaul

    9 MAY. 2022 · The offseason is the perfect time to tweak and tune and practice with your hunting bow. I started off just wanting to put on a pair of fresh strings, then after talking to the guys at a local proshop and chasing some compatibility concerns, I ended up changing a lot more. This felt a lot like the kids' book "if you give a mouse a cookie". One change led to many more; I ended up swapping my strings, arrows, quiver, stabilizer, and rest. I used half of my sight from last year and "frankensteined" it to another sight body to have a sight that is both a beefy multi-pin and a mover when needed. Hopefully you can make some tweaks to your bow and get out and start practicing before the season starts to draw close.
    46m 53s
  • 75. Socks for Hiking and Hunting

    29 MAR. 2022 · First, forgive me if this sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. This was a Zoom meeting that captured the webcam audio instead of the audio from the nice mic. In planning a hike, Jared was asking me a few questions about boots and sock. We took the conversation online, because I imagine a few of you have had issues with blistered feet as well. Hopefully this helps!
    30m 55s
  • 74. Between the Field and The Moral High Ground

    4 MAR. 2022 · In this episode, Pliny reacts to a negative comment about a hunt, and about how the Adventure One crew is unethical or just a bunch of pretenders. It is easy to be a Monday Morning quarterback and review things in hindsight, but the position of claiming the moral high ground and disparaging others is ofter not realistic, nor helpful to hunters who are actually in the field getting it done. This is the first time I have ever recorded an episode about a negative comment. I generally try to stay positive, but there absolutely is some stuff in here worth discussing.
    39m 16s
  • 73. Real Talk About Hunting

    27 FEB. 2022 · Pliny and Daniel get a little rowdy and remove some of the filters when talking about what hunting (or direct meat acquisition in general) means to each of them, and how there are many different levels of interaction and meaningfulness. We also discuss the place for and temptation of cheap gear, when high-quality equipment can serve you much better in the long run. Of course, this discussion meanders through jokes, memories, and examples from deer hunts, hog hunts, and chasing Nilgai antelope on public land.
    1h 41m 10s
  • 72. Ballistic Basics - Twist Rate

    24 FEB. 2022 · I am kicking off a new mini-series called "Ballistic Basics" where I explain concepts, measurements, and important practices or theories related to shooting. Most of these concepts will have an emphasis or practical application in long-range rifle shooting, hunting, or reloading, but most will also apply to shooting a variety of weapons and disciplines. In this first "Ballistic Basics" episode, I am discussing twist rate: what the term measure, what it measures, why it is important, some historical examples, and even how to measure the twist rate of your own gun. Enjoy!
    33m 19s

Stories for adventurers—hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, and travel, as well as gear, tips, and laughs along the way. Fueled by the Adventure One Youtube channel and adventureone.tv. Stay safe, be...

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Stories for adventurers—hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, and travel, as well as gear, tips, and laughs along the way. Fueled by the Adventure One Youtube channel and adventureone.tv. Stay safe, be free, and never stop seeking adventure!
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