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  • Ep. 37: Work With Everybody and Never Give Up

    1 MAY. 2024 · On this very special episode of the show Jesse Deubel sits down to have a candid conversation with his good friend and mentor, Kent Salazar. Kent worked for 20 years as a director of environmental health for the City of Albuquerque. He was appointed by NM Governor Johnson to the Western Governors Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission to develop regulations to improve visibility in Class 1 wildlife areas; and Governor Richardson to serve on the NM Climate Change Task Force and develop transportation CO reduction programs. In 2009, he was appointed by NM Senator Jeff Bingaman to serve on the U.S. Senate's Outdoor Resources Review Group. Starting in 2009, he served a three year term as a New Mexico State Game Commissioner being appointed by NM Governor Bill Richardson. In 2011, he was appointed by President Barack Obama to Chair the Valles Caldera National Trust Board which he helped transition to a National Park and Preserve. This is a very condensed version of Kent's biography. His conservation accomplishments are too extensive to list. He is a wealth of knowledge and a true inspiration. Enjoy the listen!   For more info: https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 6m 37s
  • Ep. 36: Dollars and Sense

    1 ABR. 2024 · The Arizona State Game Commission recently passed a rule to eliminate the practice of auctioning off select tags for big game species as a tool to raise money for conservation. Many people are concerned the reduction in conservation dollars will have a negative impact on wildlife in the state. Some advocates commend the commission in Arizona for their ongoing commitment to adhering to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and respecting wildlife as a public trust resource. In this episode, Jesse Deubel talks with Michael Cravens of the Arizona Wildlife Federation to discuss the nuances surrounding this recent rule change. They also talk about ongoing efforts in the Arizona state legislature to take public lands from public hands. Jesse and Michael compare and contrast the conservation issues in their respective, neighboring states. This is a great conversation between two friends and colleagues who work tirelessly to overcome the challenges that threaten the future of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation on public lands. Enjoy the listen!   For more info: https://www.azwildlife.org/ https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 16m 23s
  • Ep. 35: Elk Bros

    1 MAR. 2024 · If one wants to learn to play the guitar, a quick search on Google will likely reveal a variety of instructors in your state willing to provide lessons. If you have a guitar, and maybe even if you don't, the process of beginning to learn how to pick the strings is relatively easy. A quick internet search, a couple phone calls and a few dollars later, one will likely be receiving professional coaching on how to produce music on that instrument. Overcoming the barriers to entry when it comes to hunting, and especially Western hunting is far more challenging. Generally speaking, it takes many hard-earned seasons of trial and error for one to become proficient in the art and science of hunting elk. One way to reduce your learning curve and expedite your path to success in the field is to hire a professional coach. When it comes to coaching elk hunters no one is more qualified than Joe Giglia of Elk Bros. Coach Giglia has taken 37 elk in 40 years on public land. In this episode Joe sits down to talk with Jesse Deubel at the New Mexico Outdoor Adventure Hunting and Fishing Show. This conversation is packed full of useful information and will leave you dreaming of hearing bugling bulls this fall. If you want to maximize your chances of connecting with one of those bulls and invest in truly becoming a master of your craft, give Coach Giglia a call. Enjoy the Listen! https://elkbros.com/
    1h 2m 19s
  • Ep. 34: Hole in the Wall Getaway

    1 FEB. 2024 · Join Big Addison and Jesse Deubel as they discuss the history and magnificence of Columbus, NM and the vast public lands surrounding this quaint community. Today, most visitors to Columbus are there for a short stop while en route to Old Mexico. Situated just a few miles north of the port of entry to Palomas, MX visitors often stay on the US side of the border and walk over to Mexico for shopping, dining and reduced price medical care. The treasures of this region are plentiful and one of New Mexico's best kept secrets. A visit here wouldn't be complete without checking out Pancho Villa State Park. Jesse Deubel frequents the area because it offers some of the most exceptional quail hunting in the world. Complete with luxurious amenities and a welcoming attitude towards hunting dogs, the Hole in the Wall Getaway makes a perfect homebase for hunters. In addition to robust quail populations and a high concentration of javelina, the nearby Florida Mountains are home to gravity-defying persian ibex. The spectacular public lands around this region are rich with cultural sites and they deserve permanent protection. A National Monument designation would ensure that these areas remain pristine for future generations while simultaneously enhancing existing uses like hunting, hiking, regulated off-highway-vehicle adventures and cattle grazing. For more information about the benefits a national monument would provide, please visit http://www.protectmimbrespeaks.org/ . Enjoy the Listen! For more info: https://holeinthewallgetaway.com/ https://palomasmexico.com/home.htm https://www.columbusnewmexico.com/home.htm https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 8m 7s
  • Ep. 33: Save The Marsh

    1 ENE. 2024 · "I'm only one person so I can't make a difference...said eight billion people." "A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit." Both of these quotes came up during this great conversation between Jesse Deubel, Matthew Monjaras, Justin Trussell and Anthony Lucero. This dynamic group discusses a variety of topics including waterfowl hunting, water management, habitat conservation and the importance of educational outreach. All four of these friends have shared time working in the conservation space and all four have enjoyed the fruits of their labor pursuing game together in the field. This episode includes a summary of the successes had by the New Mexico Wildlife Federation and Impact Outdoors in 2023. The group also forecasts the remainder of the hunting season and brainstorms about the challenges facing the conservation community in the year ahead. Happy New year and enjoy the listen! For more info: https://nmwildlife.org/ https://www.impactoutdoorsnm.com/
    1h 15m 53s
  • Ep. 32: Gearing up for Success

    1 DIC. 2023 · Description: There are numerous barriers to entry for new hunters and those returning to the activity after a long absence. Recruiting a good mentor can help shorten the learning curve. Access to knowledge provided by a mentor can provide guidance regarding when, where and how to pursue our quarry. It's also important to be equipped with the right gear when entering the field, especially in remote, backcountry hunting situations. In this episode Jesse Deubel talks with Sam and Natasha Wallick as they unpack the process they recently followed to get ready for their very first mountain hunting experience in search of elk in Northern New Mexico. The conversation includes valuable insights regarding the differences in access and availability to gear for women versus men. While countless clothing brands make high quality outdoor clothing for men, options for attire specifically designed for hard-charging female hunters can be much more difficult to find. From clothing selections to choosing the right firearm, ammunition, backpacks and optics, this discussion covers a lot. There were a lot of firsts for Sam and Natasha on this hunt including seeing their very first elk and camping in the backcountry for the first time. It takes a bit of courage and an adventurous spirit to take the plunge and dive into the magnificent world of western big game hunting. Huge thanks to these new recruits for sharing their fresh perspectives. Enjoy the listen! For more info: http://www.proishunting.com/ http://www.mysteryranch.com/Packs/Outdoor/Womens-Outdoor-Packs
    1h 37m 45s
  • Ep. 31: Students of the Elk Woods Pt. 2

    1 NOV. 2023 · In the last episode [episode 30] Jeremy Romero and Jesse Deubel covered the pre-hunt planning and preparation that ultimately contributed to confidence and success during the hunt. In this episode, the conversation turns to the series of events that occurred in the backcountry while pursuing the bull of a lifetime. The conversation continues on to discuss meat care, the pack-out and an array of other topics that will benefit any elk hunter. Combined, Jeremy and Jesse have roughly 50 years of experience chasing elk in the backcountry. Whether you are planning your first elk hunting trip or just fine-tuning skills you've spent decades learning, this discussion is for you. This is the exciting story about how a team of determined elk hunters worked together to convert the magnificent "Neanderbull" to a freezer full of delicious protein. Enjoy the Listen! For more info: https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 35m 13s
  • Ep. 30: Students of the Elk Woods Pt. 1

    1 OCT. 2023 · In spring of 2023 Jeremy Romero, Regional Connectivity Coordinator with the National Wildlife Federation received the news that he had drawn a coveted public land elk tag through New Mexico's big game public draw. Jeremy immediately went to work on building a plan so he could make the most of this tremendous opportunity. Hall of fame automobile racer Bobby Unser said, "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." With immense appreciation, Jesse Deubel, NMWF's Executive Director accepted an offer by Jeremy to accompany him on this hunt. There is A LOT to cover from how the pre-hunt planning and preparation contributed to confidence and success during the hunt. In this episode, Jeremy and Jesse discuss all of these details and continue on to discuss meat care, the pack-out and an array of other topics that will benefit any elk hunter. Combined, Jeremy and Jesse have roughly 50 years of experience chasing elk in the backcountry. Whether you are planning your first elk hunting trip or just fine-tuning skills you've spent decades learning, this discussion is for you. From meal planning to gear selection there is so much covered that this conversation is going to be Ahi Va's very first two-part episode. There is so much more that could be written about this, but stop reading and Enjoy the Listen! https://www.firstlite.com/ https://argalioutdoors.com/
    1h 19m 22s
  • Ep. 29: Impact Outdoors With Matthew Monjaras

    1 SEP. 2023 · In this episode Jesse Deubel interviews his good friend Matthew Monjaras about the tremendous work Matt is doing as the founder of Impact Outdoors. The mission of Impact Outdoors is to impact communities through education, conservation, and meaningful outdoor opportunities. Their team achieves this mission through strong relationships, community involvement, dedicated volunteers, and a strong passion for the outdoors. Jesse has had the privilege of participating in outings with Impact Outdoors focused on youth education and also on hunts designed to provide our nation's veterans with powerful and transformative outdoor experiences. You'll be amazed as you listen to Matt describe how Impact Outdoors supports individuals who refuse to allow obstacles to prevent them from enjoying hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. Enjoy the Listen! For more info: https://www.impactoutdoorsnm.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ImpactOutdoors.NM https://www.instagram.com/impactoutdoors.nm/ https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 16m 25s
  • Ep. 28: A BIG Win for People and Wildlife

    1 AGO. 2023 · In the summer of 2022 the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish successfully acquired nearly 55,000 acres of previously private land and added it to the Marquez Wildlife Management Area. This public land expansion has already proven to provide significant benefits to wildlife and to New Mexico's human residents. This property was purchased by a willing buyer from a willing seller. In this episode, Jesse Deubel speaks with Jon Graham about Jon's recent hunting experience on the newly expanded Marquez Wildlife Management Area. Jon is a New Mexican resident currently serving in the United States Air Force and stationed in Missouri. Last April, as the lucky recipient of a Marquez WMA turkey tag, Jon didn't hesitate to drive the thirteen hours back to this magnificent landscape to pursue a Merriam's gobbler. This episode is full of hunting stories, recounted memories, thoughts on conservation, appreciation for public lands and so much more. Enjoy the listen! https://nmwildlife.org/
    1h 10m 16s

Since 1914, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation has been protecting our state’s wildlife, habitat and public lands for all to enjoy. Now the federation is kicking off a new chapter,...

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Since 1914, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation has been protecting our state’s wildlife, habitat and public lands for all to enjoy. Now the federation is kicking off a new chapter, launching the Ahi Va Podcast to present information to inform and inspire New Mexicans to conserve our resources for future generations. Stay connected to learn about important issues and ways to take action.
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