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  • EP 78 Emergenetics

    10 MAY. 2024 · EP 78 Emergenetics In this episode of the All Things Good for You podcast, hosts Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen delve into the fascinating intersection of genetics, behavior, and personal development with the help of a special guest from Emergenetics International. They discuss the importance of understanding one's own patterns of thinking and behaving, which are shaped by both genetics and life experiences, and how this knowledge can lead to personal growth, better interpersonal relationships, and improved performance in various aspects of life.This informative and insightful episode encourages listeners to discover more about themselves, embrace personal development, and understand the rich tapestry of human behavior through the lens of Emergenetics. Links https://emergenetics.com/ Chapters 00:00 Unveiling Emergenetics: The Fusion of Nature and Nurture 00:27 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast 01:04 A Glimpse into Personal Lives and Adventures 02:12 Flexibility in Scheduling and Personal Insights 02:49 Exploring Personality Tests and Psychometric Assessments 03:56 Introducing Emergenetics: A Deep Dive with Expert Sharon Taylor 06:04 The Science and Application of Emergenetics 08:52 Understanding and Utilizing Your Emergenetics Profile 13:43 The Impact of Life Events and Substance Use on Your Profile 17:37 Emergenetics in Relationships and the Workplace 26:21 Closing Thoughts on Emotional Intelligence and Self-Assessment 28:47 Diving into Personality Profiles 29:56 Exploring Divergent and Convergent Profiles 32:58 Understanding the Impact of Profile Types in Professional Settings
    50m 54s
  • EP 77 Dr Simi - Inner Child

    16 ABR. 2024 · EP 77 Dr Simi - Inner Child Unlocking Healing Through Inner Child Work: A Deep Dive with Dr. Simi Ahuja Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen, dive deep into the world of health, wellness, and personal development with their guest, Dr. Simi Ahuja. This episode focuses on the concept of Inner Child Work, exploring emotional triggers and physical symptoms as pathways to healing. Dr. Ahuja shares her personal journey towards enlightenment and how Inner Child Work has not only transformed her life but has also been a cornerstone in her practice to help others heal physically and emotionally. The discussion includes practical steps for listeners to start their own journey of self-awareness and healing, emphasizing the importance of emotions as first responders and guides to the subconscious mind. LInks https://www.drsimisays.com/ Chapters 00:00 Unlocking Emotional Awareness: The Inner Child's Cry for Attention 00:37 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast 01:16 Sunday Reflections: A Time for Growth and Healing 02:21 Celebrating Milestones and Embracing New Experiences 03:22 The Power of Tai Chi: Physical and Inner Work Integration 06:20 Exploring the Layers of Self with Dr. Simi Ahuja 07:38 Journey to Enlightenment: Dr. Simi's Personal Awakening 17:58 The Inner Child Work: Healing and Understanding 19:11 Reincarnation and the Path to Healing 24:16 A Personal Story of Trauma and Healing 29:03 Exploring Emotional Healing and Inner Child Work 30:42 The Emotional Storage Shed: A Gateway to the Subconscious 31:44 Identifying and Healing Childhood Emotions 32:32 The Continuous Journey of Self-Realization 35:53 Physical Health and Inner Child Healing 40:29 Practical Steps to Begin Inner Child Healing 52:30 Concluding Thoughts on Inner Child Work
    57m 21s
  • EP 76 Qi Gong-Tai Chi

    9 ABR. 2024 · EP 76 Qi Gong-Tai Chi This episode from the All Things Good for You podcast features hosts Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen delving into the realms of Tai Chi, Qigong, and personal development with guest Marek of Eclectic Ground, an expert in martial arts and traditional Chinese practices. They discuss the importance of release, both physical and emotional, in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The conversation covers the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qigong, explores Marek's journey into these ancient practices, and offers insights into how these disciplines can be integrated into daily life for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Marek shares his experiences and the benefits of these practices in creating mindfulness, relaxation, and energy cultivation.  Links https://eclecticground.com/ https://eclecticground.com http://www.amysherice.com http://www.betterhumaninc.com Chapters 00:00 Unlocking the Power of Release: A Deep Dive into Mind and Body Wellness 00:23 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast: Meet Your Hosts 01:01 A Sunny Sunday Chat: Energy, Grounding, and the Simple Joys of Life 03:05 Introducing Marek: A Journey into Tai Chi, Qigong, and Martial Arts 04:47 Marek's Origin Story: From Slovakia to the World of Martial Arts 05:51 The Essence of Tai Chi and Qigong: Cultivating Energy and Presence 15:29 The Practice of Release: Transforming Energy in Daily Life 22:48 Exploring the Yin and Yang: Finding Balance and Harmony 27:17 Tai Chi Styles and Practices: A Guide to Mindful Movement 28:08 Exploring Tai Chi Styles and Training Intensity 28:33 The Rigorous Training Regime of Wudang Tai Chi 29:28 Releasing Tension: The Daoist Approach 29:53 Practical Exercises for Releasing Tension 32:03 Activating the Fascia for Energy Flow 34:54 The Power of Sound in Practice 38:50 Distinguishing Tai Chi from Qi Gong 38:59 The Healing Philosophy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong 42:49 Embracing the Flow: Energy, Healing, and Resistance 45:19 Personal Testimonies and the Benefits of Practice 48:00 Introduction to Wing Chun Kung Fu 51:39 Finding Your Path: Exploring Various Practices 55:19 Closing Thoughts and Resources
    56m 50s
  • EP 75 The Importance of Posture

    26 MAR. 2024 · EP 75 The Importance of Posture In this episode of the 'All Things Good for You' podcast, hosts AmySherice and Brian Bowen delve into the significance of posture, its impact on health, confidence, and connection to psychological states. They discuss power poses, ancient traditions, and modern practices to enhance energy, strength, and endurance. The dialogue includes practical tips for improving posture, the physiological benefits of adopting powerful stances, and how these practices can lead to a more energetic, empowered, and limitless life. See the links to these practices below. http://www.amysherice.comhttp://www.integrativehealthinc.com http://www.amycuddy.com https://www.youtube.com/@integrativehealthinc - Static Wall Femur Rotation - https://youtu.be/Nlk681Yjw-A?si=IDegx2pNFLuDK6uw  - Child's Pose - https://youtu.be/rY_sTQK8lwk?si=48qmVxPCOc4G5-TB  - Wall Quad Stretch - https://youtu.be/gG1RhTwWyMY?si=jEtz8HLTa6owWy-I  - Hip ups - https://youtu.be/nra38LEUpFI?si=TE4ruPDsyRpoy_li  - IT Band Stretch - https://youtu.be/GnLwEZbD5zY?si=l3CkKvSOWyARQ4eH  - Wall Triangle - https://youtu.be/EDYuSxnwHhE?si=Gc_c-lkNHpbgASi7 - Or Standing Windmills - https://youtu.be/lqILUrqvuYg?si=rP48r-8DGaMHIKXk - Standing Chest Openers Unilaterals - https://youtu.be/qdt_pj02PS8?si=GcQTrJr5Z9rE2kzN  - Standing Wall Glides - https://youtu.be/jna_KHO3XRA?si=hj5HxCIjRZtzcAqi  - Standing Wall Twists - https://youtu.be/qzZslwm_2XU?si=w69IcguLbJ5WGms1  - Upper Spinal Floor Twist - https://youtu.be/P1Joixwz_gw?si=occ51Hmiid4UOPVZ  Chapters: - 00:00 Unlocking Confidence with Power Poses and Energy Boosts - 00:26 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast - 01:03 Vacation Vibes and the Joy of a Snowy Forecast - 02:38 The Morning Rituals for a Good Start - 03:16 Diving Deep into the Importance of Good Posture - 05:17 Exploring the Human Movement System and Posture Laws - 15:07 The Impact of Posture on Physical and Mental Health - 22:15 Practical Tips for Improving Posture and Energy Efficiency - 27:37 Unlocking the Secrets of the Corpse Pose - 28:25 The Power of Posture on Digestion and Nervous System - 29:52 Grandma Was Right: The Importance of Sitting Up Straight - 31:20 Posture and Athletic Performance: The Tom Brady Example - 34:16 Embracing Power Poses to Transform Emotions - 42:16 Practical Exercises for Improving Posture - 45:30 Dance Your Way to Better Posture and Flexibility - 48:55 Closing Thoughts: Strong Posture, Strong Mind - 49:21 Podcast Outro and Appreciation
    51m 1s
  • EP 74 7 Primal Questions Part 3

    18 MAR. 2024 · EP 74 7 Primal Questions Part 3 This podcast episode delves into the concept of the seven primal questions that are foundational to our behaviors, relationships, and personal development. Hosts Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen engage in a comprehensive discussion around understanding and addressing these primal questions, which range from 'Am I safe?' to 'Do I have purpose?'. They explore the significance of bringing our fears and doubts into the light, understanding our shadow sides, and how these primal questions influence our actions and relationships. Moreover, they discuss the notion of 'kid logic' and how our primal questions can impact adult behaviors, touching upon the importance of self-reflection, acknowledging our scrambles, and fostering healthy relationships through an understanding of these questions. Chapters 00:00 Opening clip: Embracing Our Shadow Sides 00:24 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast 01:01 Blizzard Adventures and the Joy of Snow Days 02:16 Exploring the Emotional Lives of Dogs 03:47 Diving Deep into the Seven Primal Questions 11:31 The Power of Understanding 'Am I Wanted?' 23:42 Navigating Success and the Quest for Achievement 29:37 Unlocking Self-Sufficiency and Leadership 30:34 The Joy and Challenges of Coaching 32:44 Exploring the Question: Am I Good Enough? 35:04 Navigating the Impact of Childhood on Self-Perception 46:30 The Power of Purpose: Do I Have a Purpose?
    1h 12s
  • EP 73 7 Primal Questions Part2

    10 MAR. 2024 · Ep 73 7 Primal Questions Part 2 In this episode of the 'All Things Good for You' podcast, hosts Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen explore the concept of the seven primal questions that shape our underlying motivations in life. They discuss how these questions manifest in our relationships, careers, and personal growth, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and answering them for a fulfilling life. The discussion covers the significance of understanding one's primal question to navigate life with awareness, avoid unhealthy behavior patterns, and achieve personal empowerment. Throughout, they provide insights into how identifying and addressing these fundamental questions can lead to improved health, wellness, and personal development. The episode also highlights the importance of self-leadership and taking control of one's life to feel enthusiastic, empowered, and limitless every day. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to the Seven Primal Questions 00:38 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast 01:16 Morning Banter and Coffee Talk 02:01 Recap of the Primal Questions Series 02:51 Deep Dive into the Seven Primal Questions 04:56 Understanding Your Primal Question 05:20 The Power of Self Investigation and Exploration 06:30 The Scramble and Its Impact 15:37 Primal Questions and Their Impact on Relationships 16:01 The Role of Primal Questions in Personal Growth 17:19 Understanding the Primal Truth 23:12 Exploring the 'Am I Safe?' Primal Question 28:15 Understanding Hypervigilance and Control 28:30 The Impact of Avoidance 28:39 Exploring the 'Am I Safe?' Question 30:38 The 'Am I Secure?' Question and Financial Stability 33:51 The Influence of Historical Events on Security 39:08 The 'Am I Loved?' Question and Emotional Connection 44:24 The Impact of Love on Personal Growth 51:49 The Importance of Speaking Up for Your Own Needs 52:56 Preview of the Next Questions 53:10 Conclusion and Call to Action
    54m 29s
  • EP 72 7 Primal Questions Part 1

    4 MAR. 2024 · EP 72 Primal Questions Part 1 Explore the Seven Primal Questions in Wellness, Relationships, and Personal Development with Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen. Discuss the seven primal questions believed to profoundly affect an individual's behaviors, emotions, and choices on the All Things Good for You podcast.  Exploring themes such as childhood experiences, personal fulfillment, and emotional needs, they dig deep into understanding the role these queries play in personal development and wellness. The pair also highlight the potential for these primal questions to offer insights into relationship dynamics and personal challenges. The episode teases an in-depth exploration of each question in a future installment. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to the Seven Primal Questions 00:23 Meet the Hosts: Amy and Brian 01:02 Morning Coffee Chit-Chat 01:57 Diving into the Seven Primal Questions 02:45 Amy's Journey as a Primal Question Coach 04:58 Understanding the Primal Questions 06:06 The Impact of Primal Questions on Relationships 08:33 Primal Questions and Childhood Experiences 09:34 Primal Questions: A Gift or a Wound? 15:03 Primal Questions in Parenting 19:56 Primal Questions and Personal Growth 26:14 The Dangers of Perfectionism 27:05 The Struggles of Being a Workaholic 27:53 The Consequences of Overworking 30:43 The Seven Primal Questions 31:30 Understanding Your Primal Question 32:52 Discovering Your Primal Question 33:40 The Power of Your Primal Question 36:12 The Impact of Your Primal Question 38:47 The Journey to Answering Your Primal Question 40:57 The Importance of Answering Your Primal Question 42:42 Conclusion: The Power of Knowing Your Primal Question
    45m 57s
  • EP 71 TCM Part 4

    24 FEB. 2024 · EP 71 TCM Part 4Understanding Our Energy Meridians and Wellness In this episode Amy and Brian continue the discussion of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a deep conversation about the importance of understanding human energy meridians and their role in overall wellness. They discuss how each energy meridian has various associations in our lives and the effects they could have on our health, both physically and emotionally. They talk about the liver meridian's relation to creativity, the lung and large intestine to value, and the kidney bladder to purpose, among other things. They also highlight the necessity of balance and flow in these meridians to prevent stagnation, which could lead to health issues. They encourage integrating different wellness approaches for a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to Creativity and the Liver Meridian 00:28 Understanding the Gallbladder's Role in Creativity 00:36 The Consequences of Ignoring Your Creative Side 00:58 The Importance of Expressing Creativity 01:42 The Connection Between Creativity and Business 02:00 Feeling Lost and the Liver Meridian 02:10 Introduction to the All Things Good for You Podcast 02:48 Morning Routines and Artistic Expression 03:14 The Importance of Starting Your Day Right 05:23 Understanding the Connection Between Health and Wellness 05:56 The Impact of Energetic Blocks on Health 07:27 The Importance of Paying Attention to Warning Signs 09:25 The Impact of Overthinking on Health 10:22 Understanding the Spleen Chi Deficiency 14:53 Understanding the Connection Between Grief and Health 20:49 The Importance of Being Proactive in Health 23:46 Understanding Meridian Lines and Body Systems 25:12 The Influence of External and Internal Factors on Meridians 25:45 The Importance of the Kidney Meridian 27:40 The Impact of Purpose on Health and Longevity 28:57 Exploring Other Meridians: Heart, Small Intestine, Spleen, Stomach, Lung, and Large Intestine 29:35 The Role of Joy and Passion in the Fire Element 32:35 The Spleen and Stomach: Nurturing and Nourishing 35:45 The Lung and Large Intestine: Value and Letting Go 39:46 The Impact of External Information on Our Energy 44:03 The Seven Primal Questions: A Preview 44:32 Conclusion and Invitation to Share
    45m 48s
  • EP 70 TCM Part 3 - ATGFY

    12 FEB. 2024 · EP 70 TCM Part 3 Welcome to the 'All Things Good for You' podcast where Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen continue their enlightening exploration on the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, honing on the understanding of the body's meridian lines. They discuss how these energy paths connect in the body, the significance of yin and yang systems in health, and how different elements are associated with specific meridians. They also shed light on the importance of diagnosing and treating the root cause of health concerns rather than just alleviating symptoms. It's a deep-dive into powerful metaphors and the symbolism unique to each individual that can stimulate changes in the subconscious mind for better health and wellness. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast 01:13 Understanding Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine 03:01 Impact of Environment on Energy and Focus 04:54 The Role of Metaphors in Traditional Chinese Medicine 05:45 Exploring the Body's Meridian Lines 06:50 Understanding the Connection between Yin and Yang 14:33 The Importance of Prevention in Health 21:15 The Evolution of Acupuncture 24:44 The Importance of Consistency in Health and Wellness 26:12 Understanding the Meridian Lines in Chinese Medicine 28:40 The Interplay of Systems in Chinese Medicine 30:52 The Role of Diagnosis and Differentiation in Chinese Medicine 36:43 The Power of Active and Passive Therapy 39:00 The Impact of Overthinking and Overworrying on Health 42:27 The Value of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    44m 40s
  • EP 69 TCM Part 2

    30 ENE. 2024 · EP 69 TCM Part 2 Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine: Yin and Yang, Five Elements, and More In this episode of the All Things Good for You podcast, hosts Amy Sherice and Brian Bowen continue their exploration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, discussing concepts like ongoing cycles, yin and yang, the five elements, and the eight principles. They emphasize the importance of achieving balance and flow in life, drawing parallels between natural phenomena and human health. Further discussion includes the implications of these concepts on emotional and physical well-being, as well as preventative practices for maintaining a harmonious state of health. This knowledge helps listeners better understand the depth of diagnostic methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the role of different elements in managing their health. Chapters 00:11 Introduction to the Concept of Constant Movement00:31 Welcome to the All Things Good for You Podcast01:08 Personal Stories and Experiences02:21 Continuation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Series02:49 Understanding the Complexity of Chinese Medicine03:16 Discussion on Yin and Yang Theory04:19 The Importance of Awareness and Understanding of Body04:50 The Holistic Approach of Chinese Medicine06:02 The Balance and Movement in Chinese Medicine06:34 The Impact of Energy and Environment on Us08:18 Discussion on Earth Element and Its Effects12:20 Introduction to Eight Principles in Chinese Medicine13:04 Understanding the Complexity of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine20:14 The Significance of Every Symptom in Chinese Medicine23:07 Understanding the Concept of Interior and Exterior Illness23:46 Exploring the Cold and Heat in Traditional Chinese Medicine23:59 The Intricacies of Young Deficiency and Blood Deficiency25:09 The Beauty of the 5 Element Theory25:37 The Principles and Vital Chat in Diagnosis26:45 Understanding the 5 Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal27:35 The Importance of Balance in the 5 Elements30:01 The Concept of Effortless Movement in the 5 Elements34:06 The Role of Emotions in the 5 Elements35:14 The Connection Between the Elements and the Organs37:38 The Importance of Balance and Movement in Life38:50 The Role of Emotions in Health and Wellness41:05 The Importance of Letting Go in Achieving Balance43:31 Understanding the 4 Levels and 6 Stages in Traditional Chinese Medicine47:53 Conclusion: The Interplay of Energy and Balance
    49m 50s

All Things Good for You - join Amy Christenson and Brian Bowen for chats over beverages where we explore tools and techniques from ancient traditions to modern science and all...

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All Things Good for You - join Amy Christenson and Brian Bowen for chats over beverages where we explore tools and techniques from ancient traditions to modern science and all things in between, to empower you to live well and take charge of your health !
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