• EP 14 Shifting Gears: Lauren Beaulieu's Rise in the Automotive Aftermarket

    14 MAY. 2024 · Lauren Beaulieu's automotive journey commenced at Saturn before transitioning into the aftermarket a few years later. Now serving as the Vice President of Marketing for Advance Auto Parts, she takes her influence in the industry seriously when it comes to helping others. She recently participated in the Worldpac STX Supplier Training Expo, where she addressed a topic close to her heart: education in the aftermarket. "One area I'm particularly passionate about is our portfolio of over 125 classes covering emerging topics like EVs and hybrid vehicles with ADAS dependencies. What's noteworthy is that these courses are facilitated by some of the finest instructors globally," Beaulieu stated. During her time at STX, Beaulieu observed the same kind of mentorship that initially inspired her entry into the industry. She underscores the invaluable nature of mentorship. "My initial mentor was Kelly McIntyre, who also led the fleet sales team at Saturn. Despite my youth and eagerness, Kelly invested in me wholeheartedly. She provided me with every opportunity, ensured my presence at the table regardless of who else was there, and guided me to learn from both my triumphs and setbacks. She afforded me the space to develop, challenging me with high expectations and allowing me to attempt tasks, rather than dictating exact instructions," Beaulieu reflected. Watch more episodes of Women at the Wheel https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/videos/women-at-the-wheel-video/.
    11m 20s
  • EP 13 Evolving with Digitalization – Schaeffler’s Anna Heinendirk

    27 FEB. 2024 · https://www.aftermarketnews.com/5-minutes-with-schaefflers-anna-heinendirk/ sits at a unique intersection of https://www.aftermarketnews.com/schaefflers-zink-to-serve-as-new-clepa-president/‘s business. As the company’s director of marketing strategy and business development, Heinendirk admits that her job description is a bit unusual, but what makes it unique is that she and her teams are able to tackle one of the company’s biggest challenges to date: digitalization. This not only includes the company’s processes but also in marketing and interacting with customers .“Here, digital is under the strategy team…and digitalization is basically everything in today’s business,” she explains. “So there’s this challenge to really define the scope [of digitalization] with my colleagues and peers and figure out what we can do to align our teams with our company’s digitalization challenges. It encompasses this whole aspect of change management…We can’t say ‘Oh, we’ve have closed this project now. Digitalization is implemented.’ It’s ongoing.” Evolving the company with the digitalization of our society is just one way Heinendirk is leading the charge around change. In this episode of https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/videos/women-at-the-wheel-video/, Heinendirk describes her career trajectory, her unique role, her biggest challenges and accomplishments and how she sees a cultural shift in the workplace from management to leadership. EPISODE OVERVIEW - How Heinendirk started in consulting to narrow down her career path (0:54); - Finding the automotive industry and moving to the U.S. from Germany (2:09); - Heinendirk’s role at Schaeffler USA (3:28); - The biggest challenge and opportunity she sees for the business (5:41); - Ways women can support each other in the workplace and Heinendirk’s advice for women in the aftermarket (9:23); - Heinendirk’s views on leadership and how bringing female voices into the boardroom can help spread diversity of thought (14:01). Watch more episodes of Women at the Wheel https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/videos/women-at-the-wheel-video/.
    18m 45s
  • EP 12 Ashlee Arnold: Creating Your Network in the Automotive Aftermarket

    1 FEB. 2024 · In this episode of Women at the Wheel, Ashlee Arnold, vice president of Arnold Oil Co. of Austin, delves into her memories of growing up in the family business, how she worked her way up and why her best advice for women in the industry is to get involved in the industry that has given her a place to thrive. EPISODE OVERVIEW - Ashlee’s earliest memories of growing up in the family business (0:48) - Why Ashlee didn’t go into the family business right after college (3:48) - How Ashlee and her brother, Jayson, rotated through every department at Arnold Oil to understand how it works (4:48) - Her responsibilities as vice president of Arnold Oil Co of Austin today (8:03) - What Ashlee says are the keys to working with family (9:09) - How getting involved and fostering her networks in the industry has helped Ashlee in her career (12:05) - The asset of female leadership in a company (17:44) - Ashlee’s best advice women in the automotive aftermarket (19:39) To watch more episodes of Women at the Wheel, click here: https://www.aftermarketnews.com/tag/women-at-the-wheel/
    22m 26s
  • Transtar's Anna Gluck: Speak Up to Get a Seat at the Table

    28 DIC. 2023 · As executive vice president of human resources at https://www.aftermarketnews.com/transtar-acquires-arch-auto-parts/ you would never know that at one time in her career, https://www.aftermarketnews.com/transtar-industries-names-anna-gluck-human-resources-vp/dealt with imposter syndrome. She finally found a name for it about 15 years ago at a conference. During that time, she had been working with a mentor on her boardroom confidence, and when she finally gave herself permission to speak up and let her voice be heard, her shift in mindset allowed her to capitalize on the value she brought as a leader, which has enabled her to assume various leadership positions and inspire others. In this episode of Women at the Wheel, Anna digs into her career, the mindset changes she has made to hone her confidence and speak up and how she feels female leadership can be an asset to any aftermarket company. confi EPISODE OVERVIEW - 0:39: Anna's career trajectory, mentors that have shaped her professional journey and how she was recruited to Transtar; - 4:20: Dividing her responsibilities between company strategy and people and how she has navigated being the only woman on Transtar's executive board; - 7:46: The moment that shifted her mindset from imposter syndrome to using her leadership skills to inspire others; - 11:28: What Transtar has done to better recruit and retain employees; - 15:37: The tools Transtar has adopted to showcase its employees' accomplishments and be more productive; - 19:00: How Anna and her team generate new ideas to be on the cutting-edge of HR practices; - 19:40: Anna's advice for women and aftermarket companies about how women can be an asset to leadership teams. Hear more episodes of Women at the Wheel here: https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/podcasts/women-at-the-wheel-podcast/
    22m 29s
  • Valvoline's Kellye Wicker: Be Visible and Market Yourself

    27 NOV. 2023 · Kellye Wicker is one of those people who never sought out the automotive aftermarket; rather, the automotive aftermarket found her (literally) after she spent much of her career building her diverse skillset while finding success in unapologetically being herself-- and being true to herself-- in the process. "Never feel like you have to change who you are for a title or a role," Wicker told us reflecting on her decades-long career in sales and marketing. "As women, be visible... We should be proud of ourselves, our teams and what we're working on. We should tell people about it and not feel bad about communicating and marketing [our accomplishments]." After graduating with her MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Business, Wicker served as a senior manager and consultant for Accenture, helping one $1.6-billion company increase its bottom line by $7 million annually. She then turned to entrepreneurship and opened up a hot sauce business with her sister called Lillie's of Charleston, growing it exponentially. From there, she held executive marketing roles at an IT company and a medical company before https://www.aftermarketnews.com/valvoline-instant-oil-change-funds-fight-against-cancer/ found and recruited her on LinkedIn to lead its marketing team in North America. In this episode of https://www.aftermarketnews.com/tag/women-at-the-wheel/ get to know Kellye as she reflects on the various roles she has held and how she has built up her skillset to get where she is today. EPISODE OVERVIEW - Why Kellye went back to school to receive her MBA and what she enjoyed about consulting at Accenture (1:10) - How becoming COO of her family's business helped add to her skillset (3:21) - How Kellye set up Elekta's first supplier diversity program (7:08) - What attracted Kellye to the automotive aftermarket and Valvoline and how she has dealt with recent changes at the company (10:20) - Kellye's advice to other women navigating executive roles (14:33) - What Kellye feels a female perspective bring to the corporate world (18:25) - Ways Kellye feels automotive aftermarket companies can be more intentional about recruiting a diverse workforce (20:02) Watch more episodes of Women at the Wheelhttps://www.aftermarketnews.com/tag/women-at-the-wheel/.
    22m 7s
  • Dana's Beth Mooney: Stay Curious to Make Bold Career Moves

    18 OCT. 2023 · A healthy dose of curiosity about the world around her and new technologies has fueled https://www.aftermarketnews.com/danas-beth-mooney-featured-panelist-at-b2b-chicago-conference/'s career in the automotive aftermarket. Throughout her career, Beth has put in the work at some of the biggest automotive aftermarket companies, including Bendix, Sherwin Williams, Tenneco and Eaton. During her time at each, she focused on growing her skills, which she says helped elevate the marketing strategies at the companies she has served. Beth came to Dana Inc. in 2018 to head up the company's marketing, and during COVID, she and her team took on the management of the company's e-commerce platform as an extension of their marketing efforts. Today, Beth is the senior manager of marketing and e-commerce for Dana and continues to use the art and science of marketing to stay curious about Dana's customers and how they interact with the company. In this episode of https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/podcasts/women-at-the-wheel-podcast/ Beth shares: - What attracted her to learning German, majoring in marketing and playing the bassoon (1:05) - Her start in the collision space as an intern in college (3:08) - Her experience working in Germany and how that has shaped how she thinks about marketing to different customer segments (5:14) - How she has embraced the switch to digital marketing over her career (9:29) - How she took on e-commerce responsibilities and what she enjoys about managing this part of Dana's business (14:28) - Why she believes being bold and brining others along with you is the key to success (16:35) Watch more Women at the Wheel episodes https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/podcasts/women-at-the-wheel-podcast/.
    20m 40s
  • How Work Ethic and Authenticity Drive Success with Kim Nolan of BBB Industries

    30 AGO. 2023 · https://www.aftermarketnews.com/bbbs-kim-nolan-to-address-yang-under-40-virtual-event%ef%bf%bc/isn't afraid of grease or getting into the weeds on auto parts. She has worked on an assembly line putting together alternators, has been in charge of purchasing and tracking finances all while working under the guidance of her father, Robert McLaren, founder of Genco Auto Electric. As a girl, she remembers her dad starting the business out of their home basement in Setauket, New York, and as the business grew, so did she-- both literally and in her skillsets, which would serve her throughout her whole career in the automotive aftermarket. That staunch work ethic combined with her relationship-building skills and fearless advocacy and passion for the automotive aftermarket led Kim to be named to AftermarketNews' https://www.aftermarketnews.com/watw/kim-nolan/ as well as the https://www.bbbind.com/women-in-auto-care-2022 from Women in Auto Care. After she and her father sold the family business to BBB Industries in 2006, Kim has worked to become senior vice president of sales-- traditional market and NAPA Auto Parts. In this episode of the Women at the Wheel Podcast, hear from Kim as she describes fond memories of working with her father, the tough decision of selling the family business, what she loves about her role and BBB and so much more. EPISODE OVERVIEW - Kim's start in the automotive aftermarket and lessons she learned from working with her father (0:24) - How Kim has expanded her territory and learned the new product lines at BBB (4:19) - How Kim has confronted challenges being a woman in the industry and how it is changing (7:36) - The ways she balances work and life (10:00) - The tough decision behind selling her family's business and how she has adapted and thrived at BBB Industries, including building her team of sales professionals (11:12) - Kim's advice for women who want to advance their careers in the aftermarket (15:31) Watch more Women at the Wheel podcast episodes https://www.aftermarketnews.com/category/podcasts/women-at-the-wheel-podcast/.
    18m 21s
  • Women at the Wheel Podcast, Ep. 7: Advance Auto Parts’ Kerry Pryor

    22 MAY. 2023 · Kerry Pryor, senior marketing manager, TechNet Professional for Advanced Auto Parts, recently joined us for a chat in-studio during a recent trip to Northeast Ohio for very special event. In the nomination for Kerry Pryor, who is a 2022 Women at the Wheel honoree, her nominator described her as having been a “stabilizing force” for Tech-Net members during the turbulent years of the pandemic. Working behind-the-scenes to help advance the businesses of the more than 15,000 TechNet affiliated repair shops across the U.S., she says joining the aftermarket five years ago from a role in the fashion industry was the best decision she ever made. “ I love helping our independent shops. In my role, I feel like I'm able to be a true partner to our independent shops. I feel like I'm able to make a difference,” she said. “I'm also really energized by the depth and breadth of my role. I get to help solve problems with our internal sales team. I get to work with merchants across different product categories. TechNet Professional is a high visibility program for us, so I'm able to connect with our leaders, and then I'm also able to work directly with professional installers, professional customers, shop owners and then also the motorists. I like building the brand of TechNet, building awareness of car maintenance and why it's important to bring your car to a professional shop.” Pryor is not only passionate about causes critical to the aftermarket but to the greater community as well. Each year, Kerry leads TechNet’s annual Brakes for Breasts fundraiser campaign, which offers motorists the change to give or get a $40 rebate on brakes to support the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Last month Kerry joined us in-studio the day before going to Cleveland to present this year’s fundraiser check to the fund. Now in its fifth year, this year the program has raised more than $62,000 for breast cancer vaccine research. “It really is so much more than a campaign. Everyone knows someone who's been affected by breast cancer, and we just love turning TechNet Nation pink every single fall. It's our customers’ favorite promotion. People go crazy with the pink. We’ve raised over $60,000, over 200 million impressions across digital channels, over 8,000 rebates submitted. I’m just so grateful that Carquest Brakes for Breasts and TechNet have been such close partners over the past few years. We want to keep going and raise money for a great cause.” During the interview, Kerry also shared: 03:32 Her role at Advance and what she loves most about it 07:17 How Kerry approaches professional challenges 08:54 How to know when it’s time for a break 09:50 Proudest moments of her career so far 13:38 The importance of mentoring 19:46 What advice she’d give her younger self 20:20 What it was like growing up in her dad’s shop
    22m 8s
  • E 6: Highline Warren's Jessica Toliuszis

    19 ABR. 2023 · Jessica Toliuszis is VP Major Accounts for Highline Warren, where she’s worked for about two years. Prior to that she spent roughly a decade with manufacturer’s rep firm N.A. Williams, where she said she expected to say “forever.” However, when the opportunity arose to help Highline Aftermarket and Warren Distribution combine 100 years of experience in distribution and manufacturing, create a team from scratch and then build a business strategy around that, “that was pretty enticing to me. They made it pretty exciting,” she said. When talking about what she loves about her job at Highline Warren, Jessica describes her purpose as “responsible disrupting.” You can also see her influencing this same type of positive change in her role as the current chair of Women in Auto Care, which recently held its annual leadership conference in Palm Springs, California, with roughly 300 in attendance. She shares that regardless of what situation she’s in, she hopes to leave a positive impact on those around her by how she made them feel. “One of my very favorite quotes, and it's something that if you have come to a Women in Auto Care conference or if you've spent any time around me, you've probably heard me say, and it's what Maya Angelou wrote,” said Jessica. “She wrote that, “People will forget what you say and people will forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel.’” In the episode, Babcox Editors Amy Antenora and Nadine Battah join Jessica to talk about the following topics: 01:24 Jessica’s career path from jewelry and home décor to auto parts 03:25 Responsible disrupting and what it is exactly 04:10 Why women are hesitant to toot our own horns in the professional world 08:29 How to get involved with Women in Auto Care – in-person on online 09:23 Tips and tricks for being more confident in professional settings 11:37 How Jessica defines success 16:42 What she would be doing if she wasn’t a VP Major Accounts 20:21 The critical value of networking and human connection 23:16 Proudest career moments so far 24:43 Mentors and guides AMN, Counterman and Babcox Media are honored to introduce the fourth-annual class of Women at the Wheel honorees in just a few short weeks in May 2023. Each year since 2020, the May issue of AMN magazine has profiled female leaders from around the automotive aftermarket, showcasing the many accomplishments of these hard-working women, who often go unrecognized. To learn more about the program and all the AMN Women at the Wheel honorees, https://www.aftermarketnews.com/women-at-the-wheel/
    31m 52s
  • Ep. 5: Sensata's Jacki Lutz

    6 ENE. 2023 · Women at the Wheel celebrates women in the automotive aftermarket who are in revolutionary in their field — sparking change and driving results. Join us each month as we engage in illuminating and inspiring conversation with female leaders sharing their career journeys, best advice, most challenging moments and more. In this monthly podcast, Babcox Media editors Amy Antenora, Nadine Battah and Mary DellaValle sit down with some of today’s leading women professionals in the automotive aftermarket, who are pursuing their careers with passion and helping shape the future of our industry. In this month’s episode, AMN Editor Amy Antenora sits down with 2021 Women at the Wheel honoree, Jacki Lutz, global head of Communications, Training and E-Commerce, Aftermarket, Sensata Technologies. If you are an automotive aftermarket professional and you spend any amount of time at industry events or on LinkedIn, you’ve most likely seen Jacki speaking at an industry event or online posting a video encouraging you to act. This is in fact, her strong suit, and her mission – getting involved and inspiring others to do so as well. Her list of volunteer efforts is impressive. Jacki gives her time and has taken on leadership positions in such industry organizations as the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG), Women in Auto Care, the Automotive Communications Council, and others. When asked how she finds the time and the courage to join in, her thought process is down-to-earth. “It starts with raising your hand,” Lutz said. “If there is an effort that you find interesting and that speaks to you, you're going to add value. Everybody around that table adds value and you do deserve a seat at that table. … I think you'd be really surprised at how easily they will accept you. They always want people who are wanting to be passionate about what they're passionate about. And then, it's just about watching for a little while sitting back. … Watch how things are going, see where their biggest needs are, see where the weaknesses are, see what their challenges are and then, see if you have experience that you can lend, start speaking out that value. You have the value.” In the episode, Amy and Jacki chat about the following topics: 01:06 A brief history of her career, so far 02:58 How Jacki always has time to serve 05:46 How to find the right opportunities to pitch in 08:36 Getting by giving: The benefits of volunteering one’s time 09:41 Does work-life balance exist? 13:02 A little bit about life on a farm from someone who says she is NOT a farmer 14:17 How and why Jacki became a TIA certified instructor 16:02 Most memorable career advice AMN, Counterman and Babcox Media introduced the third-annual class of Women at the Wheel honorees in May 2022. Each year since 2020, https://digital.aftermarketnews.com/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&edid=3e85a476-ba7a-43d6-9f0c-69c68ee04bbf has profiled female leaders from around the automotive aftermarket, showcasing the many accomplishments of these hard-working women, who often go unrecognized. To learn more about the program and all the AMN Women at the Wheel honorees, https://www.aftermarketnews.com/women-at-the-wheel/
    18m 25s

Join us each month as we engage in illuminating and inspiring conversation with female leaders sharing their career journeys, best advice, most challenging moments and more. In this monthly podcast,...

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Join us each month as we engage in illuminating and inspiring conversation with female leaders sharing their career journeys, best advice, most challenging moments and more. In this monthly podcast, Babcox Media editors Amy Antenora, Nadine Battah and Mary DellaValle will sit down with some of today’s leading women professionals in the automotive aftermarket, who are pursuing their careers with passion and helping shape the future of our industry.
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