• Around The Cracker Barrel - Kim Eisele President The Animal League of Green Valley (Aired 06/07/2024)

    7 JUN. 2024 · Joining Guy Atchley for this Week’s Around the Cracker Barrel,  the Animal League of Green Valley's president Kim Eisele. With the excess heat that we are experiencing now in Southern Arizona, what kind of precautions should we be taking and what should we be aware of in caring for our four-legged best friends? Kim reminds us of the dangers of leaving pets inside vehicles when out and about, also when taking the dog for a walk, the Asphalt becomes super-hot.  If during these hot summer months, a dog overheats – What is a tip on a safe way to cool them off?  Kim tells us about a recent study regarding larger dogs and how it has been a challenge to get them adopted. Kim tells us about the Website and how visitors could take a look at a dog or cat ready for adoption. Volunteers make us so much of The Animal League of Green Valley, there is a program during the summer giving school kids the opportunity to work with the animals.  Adult volunteers are also needed. The Website is https://www.talgv.org   The Telephone number is 520 625-3170 and is located at 1600 W Duval Mine Rd in Green Valley Pet Owners and Pet Lovers can check out the Around the Cracker Barrel Broadcast with Kim Eisele, from the Animal League of Green Valley, and host Guy Atchley.
    28m 5s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - Jewel Farra Owen/Madera Canyon Chapter - Daughters of the American Revolution (05/31/2024)

    31 MAY. 2024 · Joining Guy Atchley on this week's "Around the Cracker Barrel" is Jewel Farra Owen, the Constitution Week Committee Chair for the Madera Canyon Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Ms. Owen is sharing everything to know about the mission and purpose of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and its goal to celebrate the Constitution of the United States. She tells us about her Patriot, Conrad Wertz which she was part of the lineage from and how she learned about the organization.  The Lineage based service organization does a great deal of work in the community and can be found on the Web at https://maderacanyon.arizonadar.org
    30m 13s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - The Latest at La Posada (Aired 05/24/2024)

    24 MAY. 2024 · For this Weeks Around the Cracker Barrel, Host Guy Atchley Welcomes to the Show Steve Kolnacki Vice President of Health Services and Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Paul Loomans of La Posada Communities. We learn the Latest about La Posada, The Cutting-Edge, Nationally In-dependent, NonProfit Organization which Maximizes the well being of seniors, Based right here in Green Valley/Sahuarita. We learn of the opportunities for the General Public to find out more of La Posada Communities with various services such as the Farmers Market, Concerts or even a Red Cross Blood Drive! One exciting event is the Centenarian celebration on June 14th from 10-11:30. One way to participate and celebrate is to call 520-393-6800 for more info.  Education and Learning is also discussed with Continued Education and even a Scholarship Program for that.
    27m 43s
  • Around the Cracker Barrel with Dr Manuel Valenzuela, Superintendent of Sahuarita Unified School District (Posted 2024-5-17)

    17 MAY. 2024 · For this week's “Around the Cracker Barrel” Broadcast, Guy Atchley focuses on Education in Green Valley/Sahuarita.  With school in the process of wrapping up for another year, Dr Manuel Valenzuela is a special guest on the Show. Dr Valenzuela, Superintendent for the Sahuarita Unified School District speaks with Guy Atchley about some of the highlights of the school year and some of the great accomplishments that are noteworthy from Faculty and Student. We also learn about the new Digital School and why this direction was looked at for education.  With 10 schools in the Sahuarita Unified School District, close to 6300 students benefit from the coursework within public education. The Growth of the Town of Sahuarita is also touched upon and how that plays into Education. Dr Valenzuela also talks about the improvements to the facilities and how the generosity to many residents have helped with that.   Dr Valenzuela will also share some of the challenges that are currently facing public education and how the Sahuarita Unified School District is tackling them.  Listen in to Guy Atchley from the Campus of La Posada on this Weeks Around the Cracker Barrel. 
    29m 21s
  • The Fascinating History of Santa Cruz Valley (Posted 2024-5-10)

    13 MAY. 2024 · We talk to Mary Chernosky and Amy Millet of the Santa Cruz Valley Historical Society.
  • Around the Cracker Barrel with Roger Naylor, Author of Awesome Arizona (Posted 2024-5-3)

    3 MAY. 2024 · We talk to Roger Naylor about his books and his travels around the Grand Canyon State.
    31m 7s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - La Posada Communities - The Latest! (Aired 04/26/2024)

    26 ABR. 2024 · For this Weeks Around the Cracker Barrel, Guy Atchley broadcasting from the Campus of La Posada at Posada Java will talk with Paul Loomans, SVP of La Posada Communities and Cindy Barbee La Posada Communities Marketing Manager about the Recent Taste of La Posada event. Cindy and Paul share thanks to the community for those that were able to come out and experience the event. Cindy reminds listeners that they are always welcome to set up a visit to the La Posada Community campus and take a tour. Cindy and Paul share some thoughts on making the move to La Posada and what could be involved in a move. Available to many in that move are Retirement Counselors, which can help in all the different options and considerations upon a move. Another popular spot on the La Posada Campus is the Vensel Treasure Shop where visitors can find great deals from Furniture to other household items. Learning can be fun for youth, The La Posada Communities Campus also is the location for the Los Niño’s del Valle Preschool, a great place to learn. A New Program is set to launch Holistic Therapies, which is an expanded program or Massage, Acupuncture, and other therapies for healthy living for those on or off the La Posada Campus.  Cindy also shares some info about La Posada at Pusch Ridge For More Info Visit https://laposadacommunities.org or call 520-648-8131
    29m 52s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - The Annual Taste of Tubac and the Tubac Rotary Club - Aired 04/19/2024

    19 ABR. 2024 · KGVY Radio's Guy Atchley will be joined by this Week's Around the Cracker Barrel focusing on the Tubac Rotary Club and The Annual Taste of Tubac scheduled for Sunday April 21st at the Beautiful Tubac Golf Resort and Spa.  Joining the show is Author Byron Thompson and Doctor Monte Mohr. 30 Restaurants will be participating in this Annual Event which brings 500 people to experience great food and The Tubac Golf Resort. Entertainment will be provided by the Local Hard Scrabble Bandn and many will enjoy the 21st Annual Event. Participating restaurants include Wisdom's, Nichols Cafe, Grill on the Green, Abrego Grill, The Grill at Quail Creek and many others. Money Raised will go to some great causes including Scholarships at Rio Rico High School and services for the Amado Youth Center. St Andrews Clinic will also benefit from money raised through this great event.  For More Information on the Tubac Rotary Club, please Visit https://tubacaz.com/members/listing/rotary-club-of-tubac/
    29m 45s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - The Community Food Bank Serving Our Community (Aired 04/05/2024)

    5 ABR. 2024 · Joining host Guy Atchley from The Campus of La Posada at Posada Java is Norma Cable and Monica Gonzalez from the Green Valley Community Food Bank.  We find out the many ways that the Community Food Bank serves our Neighbors in Need and how you could be a part of the solution in aiding people who are struggling with hunger.  Listen in for this Week's Edition of Around the Cracker Barrel with Host Guy Atchley and Special Guest Norma Cable and Monica Gonzalez. 
    29m 26s
  • Around The Cracker Barrel - Chris Erickson -Valley Assistance Service, For The Community

    29 MAR. 2024 · For this Weeks Around the Cracker Barrel, Host Guy Atchley sits down with Chris Erickson of Valley Assistance Services. From the Beatiful Campus of the La Posada at Posada Java, Chris discusses some of the many programs offered through Valley Assistance Service to the Community.  For more information on Valley Assistance Services, Find them on the Web https://valleyassistanceservices.org/
    29m 3s

Around The Cracker Barrel - Brought to You By La Posada at Green Valley - In this episode we hear about the Salvation Army of Green Valley's Kids Care Fair...

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Around The Cracker Barrel - Brought to You By La Posada at Green Valley - In this episode we hear about the Salvation Army of Green Valley's Kids Care Fair with Esther Corrales and Irene Coppola.
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