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Arroe Collins View From The Writing Instrument

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  • World Series Champion Steve Sax Introduces A Newer Way To Experience Babe And The Kids

    9 JUN. 2024 · Former World Series Champion Steve Sax is available to discuss his illustrious baseball career, as well as the foundation established in his son's memory. Tragically, on June 8, 2022, Steve's son, Captain John J. Sax, USMC, died in a training accident in the Southern California desert. In loving memory of his boundless passion for flying, Steve and his family established the Captain John J. Sax Family Foundation and to help fund the foundation and provide scholarships and grants to aspiring aviators, Steve has helped to create a limited-edition digital asset from an original painting Babe and The Kids by Opie Otterstad (NFT). You can see an example of the artwork for charity at: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/world-series-champ-steve-sax-digitizes-babe-ruth-art-raise-money-foundation-honor-late-marine-son A former major league baseball player and coach whose infamous career spanned a remarkable 14-years and symbolized excellence on and off the playing field, Steve is a five-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, Silver Slugger Award Winner, and two-time World Series Champion with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In addition to his celebrated sports career, Steve has left an impression on the entertainment landscape, making notable appearances on popular television programs such as Good Morning America, Howard Stern, Hannity's Great America, The Simpsons, Who's The Boss, Hollywood Squares and Late Night with David Letterman, among others. His thought-provoking article on personal responsibility and self-reliance, published in the Wall Street Journal, garnered recognition from several elites for its poignant reflections on character development in youth, including former President Bill Clinton. A published author, his book Shift serves as a beacon of motivation, offering actionable steps to transform mindsets and achieve success.
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  • Singer Songwriter Jackie Romero From Season 25 On NBC's The Voice

    9 JUN. 2024 · Jackie started her musical journey performing in church alongside her mom at age 10. In high school, she developed confidence by performing on stages around New York at wedding venues and at he Apollo Amateur night, where she was a semi-finalist. She also built her social media presence by singing covers, and, for the first time, received unsolicited comments about her weight. This led her to promote body positivity and self-love on her social media and in her music, finding inspiration from artists Lizzo and Adele. Jackie's debut single, "Pretty Girls," written by Debbie Gibson, touches upon negative thoughts of body image and comparison but, ultimately, being alright with who you are. Since graduation, Jackie has committed to pursuing her music career and was also accepted to Berklee College of Music, but deferred admission to audition for "The Voice."
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  • Country Music Hall Of Fame's Teddy Gentry From Alabama Part Of The Docu Series Roots So Deep

    8 JUN. 2024 · The upcoming 4-part docuseries ROOTS SO DEEP executive produced by Peter Horton ("New Amsterdam", "Grey's Anatomy") and directed by Award-Winning Filmmaker Peter Byck follows ten farm families across the Southeast United States, including Alabama band's own Teddy Gentry, as well as 20+ scientists to bring an extensive look at what could revolutionize modern day farming. With ROOTS SO DEEP, Byck sets off on a ten-million-dollar groundbreaking research project comparing Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing with conventional grazing. Ultimately, finding that AMP not only saves money for farmers and improves the health of their farms, but is also an effective climate solution. Directed by Peter ByckExecutive Produced by Peter Horton ("New Amsterdam", "Grey's Anatomy")A Groundbreaking Research Project 10 years in the making Featuring: 10 farm families across Southeast US20+ scientists from 7 universities, USDA and 3 private research firmsPeter Byck led a $10 million research project comparing Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing with conventional grazing focused on soil health & soil carbon storage, microbial/bug/bird biodiversity, water cycling and much more.
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  • Bee Whisperer Lance Davis From Earth XTV's The Killer Bee Catcher

    8 JUN. 2024 · Lance Davis and his team extract and relocate not only infestations of honeybees, but also swarms of tens of thousands of aggressive and dangerous Africanized “Killer Bees.” While Killer Bees are extremely dangerous in swarms, Africanized “Killer Bees” are actually a savior to our world. Bee populations are in peril on the planet. Killer Bees are more impervious to climate change and predators than regular honeybees, and they replicate as much as 17 times per year, versus regular honey bees which replicate 2-3 times per year. So, the Killer Bees pollinate our food supply at an enormously more powerful rate, which in turn feeds animals, birds, insects and people.
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  • The Daily Mess The Leap Of Faith

    8 JUN. 2024 · Words I never thought I'd write. My grandson is graduating from high school tomorrow. When your babies start having babies and the pictures you have stored away capture his race through life. I look at graduation as being not just a celebration of surviving twelve years in school but actually a leap of faith. Answering the question what if?
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  • Something Our Parents Would Say Episode Six Mind Your P's And Q's

    8 JUN. 2024 · Those old sayings. Who what where when and how? Some of those old sayings are not only ancient but still carry an impact today. One of them? Mind your P's and Q's...
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  • Pod Crashing Episode 318 Journalist Neil Straus And Former Russian Sex Spi Aliia Roza From To Die For

    7 JUN. 2024 · Pod Crashing episode 318 with Neil Strauss and Aliia Roza from the podcast To Die For Imagine you were a fly on the wall at a dinner between the mafia, the CIA, and the KGB. That's where this unprecedented podcast begins. Brought to you by the makers of the #1 podcast To Live and Die in LA, To Die For marks the first time a Russian-trained sex spy has told her story. All of it. Taught to seduce men for their secrets, and sometimes their lives, Aliia Roza was trained to believe that her body no longer belonged to her. It belonged to the State. She was meticulously trained to be the perfect weapon, able to seduce her "targets" into compromising situations that have ended careers-and sometimes lives. Hosted by Neil Strauss (Rolling Stone, The New York Times), To Die For brings listeners into the dangerous world of Russian sexpionage, where enemies of the State are not the only victims. So are the spies who are brainwashed and abused by the State.   Episodes here:   https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-to-die-for-157352863/   
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  • The Choice Trees Are Like Humans

    7 JUN. 2024 · Tree's are like humans in the way of not lasting forever and for that matter we don't care about what we hit below. Limbs are constantly being dropped. A tree tells its story inside the rings of the trunk and limbs. Unlike a tree so many feel no need to tell our story. Yet we lived...
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  • The Smartest Woman On Wall Street Patricia Chadwick Releases The Book Breaking Glass

    7 JUN. 2024 · In BREAKING GLASS: Tales from the Witch of Wall Street, Patricia Walsh Chadwick continues to tell the story of her bizarre upbringing that she began in her 2019 memoir, Little Sister. In this coming-of-age follow-up, she revisits her childhood through a different lens, offering insights into how the experiences of her early life shaped her character and helped her forge her path in business and finance.,From the tender age of six through her high school years, Patricia was raised in The Center, an isolated, rural community of 100 members, including 39 children, led by Leonard Feeney, an excommunicated Jesuit priest, and managed with an iron fist by his spiritual alter ego, Catherine Clarke. Together, they created a monastic environment that demanded obedience, silence, chastity, and detachment from family, achieved by separating parents from their children and forbidding members to read newspapers, watch television, listen to the radio, or communicate with outsiders. Patricia defied Sister Catherine’s mission to mold her into a compliant, submissive nun. At 17, in the middle of the turbulent 1960s, she was expelled from her home in Still River, Massachusetts, without a hint of how to survive, much less thrive, in an unfamiliar and frightening world. Yet thrive she did. In 1966, Patricia began her new life in secretarial school, where she excelled at typing and shorthand but struggled to navigate social cues and casual conversation. She set her sights on building a career in finance, a hard-charging field ruled by men.  From her first job as a receptionist at a Boston brokerage firm, to research analyst with a Philadelphia-based firm, to Wall Street as a portfolio manager, responsible for billions of dollars in assets.
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    The Lyrics From Billys Forest Chapter 285

    8 MAR. 2022 · I could spend hours studying the effects of water and wind. How a one time sheet of glass glamorously paints the portrait of fall colors then swiftly evolves into a series of ripples by a restless wind. It's as if Mother Nature has sent out a message of her portraits being for a limited time. As people we endlessly send out signals. Body language! What our body is performer may not be what it's physically projecting. What is seen from afar versus what is truly heard are two different shapes of communication. Body language to a receiver is solely based on assumption. Because your body is saying this doesn't mean that's the vocal message. I've learned to work with the wind. To mess up the calm and give those watching waves of new beginnings. I see myself in two different places, on Undercover Boss and on Tik Tok. Camera's are always watching. No step is taken without body language. What is your body saying to other people? The worse part about it is how it's not what others are reading.
I don't write to right. I write so that others might. You can know the word but not the author

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