• Dealing With Abuse

    27 JUN. 2021 · Abuses exist in different manner and forms to all persons young and old , poor or rich. How ever big or small an abuse is, it has adverse effect on the person being abuse. Types discussed Physical Abuse Domestic violence Sexual abuse Emotional abuse Other types of abuses and how to deal with abuses in general will be discussed in the next episode. Kindly leave your reviews in the comment box. Remember, if you are a fan of Diy garments. And you are a guy. Please call this number for your men's garments at affordable price 0592296391
    22m 23s
  • Is He A Sperm Donor Or A Father

    20 JUN. 2021 · Fathers are male parents who have begotten a son and ...... Sperm Donors give out their sperms in fertility treatment centers so that other women can use it to get pregnant through artificial insemination. Well sperm donors know what they are about. Now , we are liking irresponsible woman fuckers to sperm donors as they both tend to neglect the child born. Listen to today's episode to find out those things who makes a man a father You will be amazed. Thanks to Solomon Afasu for featuring on today's episode.
    38m 58s
  • Excessive Conservativeness Of Africans .

    13 JUN. 2021 · Ghanaians and Africans have a long time been known to be conservative. They are quite allergic to accepting new things. They are stucked with traditional views and are always ready to oppose change of any kind Whether the thing in question will bring positive change into their lives or not, they don't really care. they don't just embrace it. Rather they call the few who have names like lazy The issue of sexual education and the use of modern technology is one that most people have conservative views about I believe it's high time we learned to embrace the easy and new ways of doing things for the betterment of our individual lives and that of generations to come. Special thanks to kuntey and Precious for helping with today's episode. Much love to you all . Please like , share and comment to let me know what you think about this episode
  • Kindness, Secrets And Lies

    6 JUN. 2021 · Have you ever been kind to anyone, what about keeping a secret?. Do you often tell lies to people. What ever be the case. Do you have reasons for those ?. Do you know when necessary to do those. Listen to this episode of ask whytt the podcast. As we dive into these three interesting social issues. Ra
    14m 59s
  • Are You A Friend? Or A Best Friend?. What Type Of Friend Are You.

    30 MAY. 2021 · “A best friend should be somebody who makes you want to be a better person,” Bonior said. “They make you feel inspired and you inspire each other to do better. Maybe they're living their life in such a way that you get motivation. So that means that you genuinely admire this person and they admire you. A best friend will always listen to you and provide advice that will help better your life. A friend will listen to you and that will be all. You will probably come across these ten different type of friends as you move through life. First Friend. A first friend is someone you've known for a long time. ... Fairweather Friend. A fair-weather friend is someone who's there for the good stuff. ... Fake Friend. Pretty self-explanatory. ... Fun Friend. A fun friend is probably more of an acquaintance. ... Fierce Friend. ... For Now Friend. ... Fickle Friend. ... Familiar Friend. •Forever friend. •Flaky friend.. please listen to the full episode to find out the type of friend you are or the type of friend you believe your friend is to you. Remember it is always important to have good friends around. #askwhytt #simplyawesome #annoying.
    14m 59s
  • My Momma Isn't A Witch

    9 MAY. 2021 · Mothers are those free manuals that God gave to us. Mothers can occupy the place of all persons but no one can occupy that special place of a mother v A mother's face is what a child see to have a feeling of belonging. What will you do of something told you that your mother was a witch.? Are you going to ignore her? Are you sending her to a prayer camp ? Listen to askwhytt the podcast to add up some knowledge to what you already have. The question is ,will a mother really harm her own child ?? Share your thoughts in the comment boy.d
    14m 59s
  • Hunger Strike. ( Does It Work On African Parents ? ).

    2 MAY. 2021 · That feeling that someone has really wronged you so you want them to pay but in an emotional way, that you starve yourself so that it imposes guilt in them. The question is , when the african child decides not to eat in orderwana for something to be done for him by his parents, does it work?. Do the african parent see hunger strike as a waste of time for the child? Do they not care because it doesn't affect them directly?. Or do they care ?. Listen to askwhytt the podcast as myself Richard whytt Oguah together with Manual aym and Ebenezer bring you another interesting episode. Please share to other people to listen. Thank you. Love to you all. Askwhytt.. Annoyingly Awesome👌
    14m 59s
  • How Badly Parents Curses Affects The Child.

    25 ABR. 2021 · It is true that some children are very stubborn and not at all easy to control. Yes these things happen. Some parents take to the pressure associated with dealing with those children and end up spitting out words which isn't pleasant to their words. They placed curses on them Some parents tell their children that they will never succeed in their life time. Please child, learn to obey your parents so that they don't get too upset to the point cursing you. Please parents, let's learn how to take heart when dealing with the child. More and amazing episodes of askwhytt the podcast awaits you. Please like , follow , comment and share.
    14m 59s
  • How Far Can A Gossip Go

    4 ABR. 2021 · Any person who spreads stories about you repeatedly is a gossip. while there are productive Gossips, there are those which is unreasonable and just understanding. Those are usually created by haters , spread by fools and accepted by ignorant . I whytt will always say what's on mind with no regrets. Shout out to Brah shexy and Rass kuntey.
  • Episode 15 - Ask Whytt The Podcast

    20 ENE. 2021 · Having fun
    1m 36s

HOST: Richard Whytt Oguah Hear these words from my heart.Give every situation a chance to express its self so that yo may give yourself the chance to choose. Ask Whytt...

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Hear these words from my heart.Give every situation a chance to express its self so that yo may give yourself the chance to choose. Ask Whytt podcast tries to answer some of the question that comes our ways as we try to live
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