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At the Table with God Talk

  • Walking in the Miracle Power of God Now - Introduction

    4 FEB. 2024 · Today you discover Miracles are God’s declaration He is active in your world, revealing His character and carrying out His purposes through you. The profound truth of Christ’s indwelling presence is not merely a comforting thought but a source of the miraculous (Colossians 1:27). In deed, you very existence as a believer is a miracle, sanctified by God’s definition of righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21). Miracles aren’t simply grand displays of power; they’re manifestations of God empowering you with His inherent ability to do as He divinely persuades you in every scene of life. Every act of kindness, each step of obedience you take prompted by His divine persuasion, is a testament to God’s active glory in your life to do God’s works through you (John 14:12-13, 1 John 4:17). As co-heirs with Christ, God intended for you to share in His divine nature through good works. This miraculous path of service isn’t about human effort, but rather yielding to the power of God working within you (Ephesians 2:10). Never underestimate God’s mighty power to work in you to achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outperform them all, because His miraculous power continually energizes you. (Ephesians 3:20)
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  • Grace Giving - Abraham’s Basis of Biblical Tithing

    24 DIC. 2023 · Today, we will look at the fundamental ideas of grace giving and biblical tithing by faith. The patriarch Abraham is the originator of this notion of divine giving. He offered a voluntary tithe to Melchizedek as an act of worship and acknowledgement of God's supremacy. 14:20 (Genesis) Giving that arises from a sincere response to God's providential providence, rather than out of necessity. (See 2 Corinthians 9:7) Grace giving emphasizes the multifaceted nature of giving, the discussion delves beyond monetary contributions and stretches to include the whole spectrum of God’s — talents, resources, and even the fruits of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) With a focus on the essence of a cheerful giver, listeners are urged to reflect on the intentionality of their giving. Just as Abraham knew his blessings were unmerited graces from God, so too should contemporary givers discern the heart behind their offerings. This biblical practice is not a static rule to be mechanically followed but an act of faith, a dynamic participation in God's kingdom work. (Hebrews 11:1)
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  • Thanking God for His Sovereignty Unleashes Blessings In Your Life

    25 NOV. 2023 · Welcome to another inspiring episode of our Podcast, where we delve into the beautiful depths of God's sovereign love and guidance in our lives. The Holy Spirit takes us on a journey of realization and understanding of how God is meticulously carving the paths we tread and how we can appreciate His unwavering presence in every situation. Today's episode is a faith-building study in which we lean onto the comforting truths of scripture to acknowledge and be thankful for God's sovereign plans, even in the face of adversity. With true humility and profound thanksgiving, we turn to the scriptures for reassurance, particularly the words of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Delving further, we stand upon the premise of Proverbs 19:21, "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it's the Lord's purpose that prevails." These scriptures, along with many others, bolster our understanding and faith in God's overruling sovereignty, as we say a heartfelt 'Thank You' to God for His divine orchestrations and unending love. Buckle up for an enlightening discussion as we continue to grow and glow in His perfect grace.
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  • Living in the Power of the Resurrection

    4 AGO. 2023 · This episode of At the Table with God Talk focuses on living in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and how it transforms your life. God invites you to embrace His power to make a difference in your life and experience immeasurable peace. The power of the resurrection is the presence of the Holy Spirit empowering your life (Romans 8:9) Listen, life can be challenging and full of difficulties, but the power of Christ's resurrection infuses in you the ability to conquer every struggle, keep you courageously persistent, and overcome any obstacle (Philippians 4:13). Christ lives in you (Galatians 2:20), and His resurrection power serves as a demonstration of this great strength as it works through you! (1 Thessalonians 1:19) Now Christ is living his life in you through the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit being released in you! (Romans 8:4)
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  • The Resurrection Power of Jesus Unleashes Blessings in Your Life

    8 MAY. 2023 · When you are born of the Holy Spirit, you are filled with the Resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead. (John 3:5-7) You were co-resurrected with him, so you can walk in the newness of your new life, full of God's glory. (Romans 5:10). You are now permanently engrafted into Christ, having experienced His resurrection and the new resurrection life it provides. (Romans 6:4; 2 Corinthians 5:17) Christ's Resurrection Power is a present-day reality that every believer can access (Ephesians 1:19-20). God's Resurrection Spirit dwells within you (Romans 8:11). You, who were once separated from God due to sin (Romans 3:23), were reconciled to Him through Christ's death and resurrection. You are now holy, faultless, and above reproach in His eyes. (Colossians 1:19-22) God desires you to recognize and comprehend the overflowing power of Christ's resurrection at work in you (Philippians 3:10). The power of the resurrection is the Spirit of Christ empowering your life by living His life through you. (Romans 8:9-10) Jesus does more than give you life; He is life so you can share His triumph over sin, death, and the enemy. (1 John 5:11–12).
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  • Jesus Christ Resurrection Power Proves His Love For You

    14 ABR. 2023 · Jesus is the resurrection and Eternal life (John 11:25) God reveals that Christ's death made a new and living way to restore you to Himself, (John 14:6) to present you as holy, flawless, and blameless in His presence. (Colossians 1:19-22) For the message of the cross is the power of God to you who are being saved. (1 Corinthians 1:18) Christ is the supreme manifestation of God’s power. God wants you to recognize and understand the outflowing power of Christ Jesus’ resurrection at work in you. (Philippians 3:10) So that you can continually know practically, through experience for yourself, what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His resurrection power in and for you who believe. (Ephesians 1:19) The power of the resurrection is the Spirit of Christ empowering your life (Romans 8:9) by living His life through you – you living in union as one because He lives in you, dispenses His life into you, and empowers you to live your new by the faith of the Son of God who loves me so much that he gave himself up for you! (Galatians 2:20)
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  • Jesus Blood Shed on The Cross Guarantees God Loves You

    6 ABR. 2023 · More than 700 years before Jesus died on the cross, the prophet Isaiah predicted the Passover sacrifice of Jesus. Isaiah describes Jesus' final hours as a man standing at the foot of the cross, writing His prophesy in the past tense. (Isaiah 53:1–12) There has never been any person in history who could potentially fulfill all of Isaiah's prophecies. Jesus' death on the cross ultimately fulfills the Lamb of God prophecy (John 1:29, Revelation 5:12, Hebrews 9:11-14) He was pierced and crushed; He endured your punishment to obtain peace, prosperity, wholeness, success, and well-being. And with the stripes that wounded Him, you find your healing and wholeness. (Isaiah 53:5, John 19:36-37, Revelations 1:7) Jesus became the sin sacrifice for you (Ephesians 5:2) and died as a criminal on the cross. (Luke 23:39) God placed your guilt on Him, Who never sinned, in order for you to be approved, acceptable, and in right relationship with God through your union with Christ. An amazing divine exchange took place at the cross. All of your sins were left behind, along with all of your guilt forever gone, and you walked away with all of God's righteousness. (2 Corinthians 5:21.)
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  • Jesus Christ Triumphal Entry Makes His Promises True to You

    1 ABR. 2023 · The Passion Week, commonly known as Holy Week, is an important event in Jesus Christ's life and work (Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-19). It is the final week of Jesus' earthly life before His death and resurrection (Matthew 26:1-2). Today, the timeline continues with Jesus' sovereign visit that transformed the life of a tax collector named Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). On Palm Sunday, Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem as the week progressed (Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-19). The crowds greeted Him as their king and messiah, showering Him with palm branches and cloaks (Matthew 21:8-9). This event fulfilled prophecy and established Jesus as the anticipated Messiah's kingship and authority (Zechariah 9:9).. This week's events illustrate Jesus' power and authority as the Messiah and Son of God, as well as his fulfillment of prophecy, which demonstrates our Savior's love, compassion, and might for you. (Isaiah 53:1–12; Zechariah 9:9; Psalm 118:25–26; Matthew 21:1–11; Mark 11:1–11; Luke 19:28–44; John 12:12–19; Matthew 21:12–17; Mark 11:15–19; Luke 19:45–48)
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  • Jesus is Your Passover Lamb Who Guarantees His Promises

    24 MAR. 2023 · God desires that you completely appreciate the Passover as His child (1 John 3:2) in the context of His atoning work through the Messiah. (Romans 3:25) When you realize that all Passover observances foreshadow the redemptive work the Messiah would eventually complete for you (1 Peter 1:20-21), you will appreciate your salvation even more. Jesus is the Lamb of God (John 1:29 and John 1:36), referring to Him as the perfect and ultimate sacrifice for sin. And God creates a direct link between this Passover lamb and Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7). John the Baptist, the prophet, recognized Jesus as "the Lamb of God" (John 1:29) When you say Jesus Christ, you are really saying Jesus the Messiah, who was slaughtered as the Passover Lamb for you. (1 Corinthians 5:7) The Gospel writers and Paul believed that a clear prophetic connection existed between the Messiah's death, burial, and resurrection and Jesus' eventual fulfillment of the Passover. (Isaiah 53:4-10)
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  • How God Anointed You to Minister in His Power

    25 FEB. 2023 · Today, the Spirit of God reveals how Jesus could do nothing of His Own initiative – powerless to act on His Own. (John 5:19) He spoke exactly as the Father had instructed Him to, and he merely carried out the deeds in the same manner as the Father to serve as an example for you. (John 5:30, John 8:28) Jesus' ministry demonstrates how God is fulfilling the destiny He has given you, joined to Jesus, through the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 3:13, Ephesians 2:10, Romans 8:4) By observing how the Father guides Jesus' life, you can learn how He fulfills your destiny and the good deeds He is performing through you to achieve it. Your new life is empowered by the Spirit of Christ, Who lives His life through you – for you live in union as ONE with Him. You are One with Him and He lives in you. (Romans 8:8, Galatians 2:20, John 14:20) Your new life is empowered by the faith of the Son of God who loves me so much that he gave himself for me, dispensing his life into your!!
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Welcome to FaithHope.Love's podcast where we bring you, "At the Table with God Talk" So get ready to join us "at the table," where we have encouraging talks of discovering...

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Welcome to FaithHope.Love's podcast where we bring you,
"At the Table with God Talk"
So get ready to join us "at the table," where we have encouraging talks of discovering the mysteries of Christ and how He Truly Loves you with your hosts Loretta and Lee.
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