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    S4 Episode 05 Brightburn

    9 FEB. 2022 · Its Superman if he was a psychopathic teenage murderer. If you want more than that, listen as we talk plot holes, alien birth certificates, and TikTok addiction. We reviewed 'Brighburn.'
    50m 9s
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    S4 Episode 4 Underwater

    17 ENE. 2022 · It had plot holes so large a Cthulhu could swim through them. Listen as we talk bad acting, bad engineering, and how badly this needed backstory. We reviewed the surprise monster movie, "Underwater."
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    S4 Episode 03 Geostorm

    9 ENE. 2022 · Bobby wanted more geostorming. Lisa wanted less government interference. And of course, Jordan wanted tech that actually made sense. We had so many questions about this film-Geostorm.
    53m 6s
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    S4 Episode 02 Colossal

    14 DIC. 2021 · We talk about getting pregnant with a car baby, Panda's getting away with murder, and 26-year-olds getting away with playing 15-year-olds. We also talked about the film, 'Colossal.'
    58m 15s
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    S4 Episode 01 The Lost Boys

    4 DIC. 2021 · One host was getting too old for this sh*t. But three of us said, bring on the bad. Put on your best chaps and shake out your blonde curly mullet for the season 4 preiere. We review 'The Lost Boys.'
    1h 20s
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    Season 3 Wrap Up

    23 NOV. 2021 · This season was everything you never want in films. Bad writing. Horrible acting. And plot holes you can drop all the hot men in. Listen as we crown the worst of the worst in the season 3 wrap up.
    31m 32s
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    S3 Episode 09 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

    16 NOV. 2021 · Thanks for not making us watch the first one Yashin. But the thanks stop there. Listen as we realize everything we loved in the 2000s was better left there. We reviewed 'Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me.'
    38m 43s
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    S3 Episode 08 Scream 3

    27 OCT. 2021 · Headshot. Hands. Tape. Hear who would make the right choice and who would immediately be killed by ghost face in our review of 'Scream 3.' Hint Yashin and Jordan don't stand a chance.
    52m 32s
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    S3 Episode 07 White Chicks

    19 OCT. 2021 · Is this still a cult classic? Didn't anyone notice that they grew a full foot in a summer? Did they really just say that word? This and other questions will be asked and answered when we review a film that should have stayed in the 2000s 'White Chicks.'
    55m 8s
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    S3 Episode 06 Power Rangers The Movie

    27 SEP. 2021 · Lisa won’t acknowledge the white power ranger. Chris won’t acknowledge the putty sized plot holes. Bobby and Yashin talk business strategies. And Jordan reminds us he actually did backflips in the 90s. Listen as we take it all the way back to a childhood mainstay ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.’
    56m 7s
Four friends talk bad film-it's the bad popcorn podcast. Join us as we discuss the films we loathe, and maybe end up secretly loving.

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