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  • Changes to FFS Conversation Continues & the Future of Competitive Bass Fishing!

    20 JUN. 2024 · In the latest episode of Bass Cast Radio host, Brian Carter, Bass Geek & Thomas, explore various facets of the bass fishing world, from the technological limitations of current equipment to the evolving dynamics of professional angling. They discuss economic challenges post-2008 recession and critique the viability of Major League Fishing (MLF) and new championships (Unified Pros),the we  touch on their impact on boat prices and the rise of kayak fishing. The conversation heats up over a recent angler disqualification controversy, highlighting the need for transparency in tournament decisions. We rap up the show sharing updates on personal projects and reliance on Patreon funding. https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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  • Michael Catt: When it's just your time

    13 JUN. 2024 · On the latest episode of Bass Cast Radio, we sit down & talk with professional angler Michael Catt about life, Bass Fishing & what it is like putting in the hard work as a co-angler to become one of the best anglers on the water today. Then we dive into his biggest win ever at the 2024 Toyota Series event on the Potomac River. This is one angler that you need to be following & we're excited to bring him to you. https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink https://ontheline.beehiiv.com/subscribe
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  • Will Cheating ever end in Tournament Bass Fishing?

    6 JUN. 2024 · On the latest episode of Bass Cast Radio, host Brian Carter and Bass Geek chat with Thomas from Fishing The DMV and Bryan Hendricks from Ray Tucker's Outdoors. They talk about recent and past cheating in tournament bass fishing. The group discusses the idea of using metal detectors to stop cheating and how the modern app Tourney X can help. They also talk about what the punishments for cheating should be and why it's important to keep the sport honest. Lastly, they look at the future of tournament bass fishing and how to help the next generation of anglers. We hope you enjoy this episode; it was a great discussion with an awesome team. https://thebasscast.com/2024/05/28/moving-forward-building-trust-and-integrity-in-tournament-bass-fishing/ https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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  • Victory, Passion, and Techniques: Mike Corbishley's Fishing Journey

    23 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of Bass Cast Radio, host Brian Carter and Hank 'The Bass Geek' chat with Mike Corbishley about his NPFL win on Lake Hartwel and the prized trophy he received. Mike shares his journey from a childhood passion for fishing to a professional career with Navico and Lowrance ,reflecting on the dedication required for success. They discuss the nuances of tournament fishing, including strategy, location diversity, and the importance of adaptability and confidence. The trio also explores fishing techniques, gear preferences, and upcoming tournament strategies, wrapping up with a light-hearted exchange about a potential trade secret. https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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  • The Competitive Edge & Technological Advances in Bass Fishing with Tucker Smith

    16 MAY. 2024 · Join hosts Brian, BassGeek, as they talk to Bassmaster Open EQ angler Tucker Smith. In this exciting episode of Bass Cast Radio as they dive into the world of competitive bass fishing. Tucker shares his experiences in top tournaments like the Bassmaster Opens and Elite Series, discussing the challenges of competing against strong rookies and balancing multiple competitions. The trio explores the impact of technology on the sport, focusing on tools like forward-facing sonar and live-scoping transducers. They talk about the benefits, such as improved fish mapping, and the challenges, including increased pressure and changing fish behavior. Discover the latest trends, including the rise of young anglers using a mix of old and new techniques, and the role of professional fishing. Hear about the importance of adaptation and practice strategies in the ever-evolving fishing landscape. Tucker shares his excitement for the Bass Master Opens and exploring new waters. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this episode is packed with valuable insights to boost your fishing game. Tune in to Bass Cast Radio for tips, trends, and enthusiastic discussions from the pros! https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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  • Hooked on Success: Greg Hackney's Journey & The Future of Bass Fishing

    2 MAY. 2024 · https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink Welcome to a gripping new episode of Bass Cast Radio, where we dive deep into the competitive world of bass fishing with none other than the fishing legend, Greg Hackney! Greg shares the waves he's making in the sport and opens up about what drives him to keep casting his line in old and new waters. This episode isn't just about one man's journey. We're casting a wider net to explore the vibrant future of bass fishing, spotlighting the young talent making a splash and discussing how the sport is evolving with its growing appeal among diverse demographics. Join us as we tackle the importance of nurturing passion for fishing in the youth, ensuring the legacy of competitive angling shines brighter with each passing tournament. The conversation doesn't stop there. We dive into the mental game of bass fishing with us, where strategy meets instinct. Discover how back-to-back tournaments shape the psyche of competitors like Greg and learn why dual monitors might just be your new best friend for keeping an eye on the competition. Plus we get an insider's perspective on the hottest products in the fishing world, from the must-have gear to the latest innovations designed to give you an edge on the water. Whether you're a seasoned angler or new to competitive fishing, this episode of Bass Cast Radio with Greg Hackney is the perfect catch. Tune in for an inspirational journey through the currents of bass fishing, where passion, persistence, and the pursuit of victory create legends.
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  • Tackling the Latest in Bass Fishing: Insights and Trends with Alex Mei from Tackletour.com

    25 ABR. 2024 · On the latest episode of Bass Cast Radio, hosts Brian and Bass Geek are joined by Alex Mei from https://Tackletour.com to delve into the exciting world of tackle. Join the expert Alex Mei as he discuss the latest trends, techniques, and equipment in the bass fishing industry. From swim baits to advanced materials in fishing rods, they leave no stone unturned as they explore the ins and outs of the tackle market. Tune in to gain valuable insights and stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of bass fishing. https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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  • The Outdoors is Free with Alvan Paliani

    18 ABR. 2024 · In the latest episode of Before the 1st Cast, Alvin and Brian discussed the challenges and excitement of creating diverse TV channels dedicated to fishing and hunting. Alvin shared his past struggles in getting a TV show and teased the upcoming launch of a faith-based fishing channel. Brian encouraged listeners to download the TAAO app to access their 12 individual channels and discussed plans for live event streaming. The conversation also touched on TAO Network sponsorship opportunities and the potential of software tools like Wave, Stream Yard, and Koangler for reaching a wider audience in the fishing community. Tune in to Bass Cast Radio &  Before the 1st Cast for more insights into the world of outdoor activities and engaging content delivery https://www.patreon.com/BassCastRadio
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  • Podcasting Journeys & Fishing Challenges: A Conversation with Brian, Thomas and the BassGeek

    11 ABR. 2024 · On the Bass Cast Radio episode, Thomas, Brian, and BassGeek discussed podcasting, fishing, and sports management. Thomas explained the growth of his BassGeek podcast, while Brian emphasized consistency in podcasting. The conversation covered the establishment of Thomas' fish stocking nonprofit, and critiqued Major League Fishing's (MLF) coverage and management. They also discussed the migration of many anglers to leagues like the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Fishing events, strategies, and the use of new technology in competitive fishing were explored. Lastly, they examined the effect of increased angling pressure on bass fishing patterns, emphasizing the need to adapt to evolving conditions & maybe some new state rules that could be coming in the years ahead. It's a jam-packed show.  https://www.patreon.com/BassCastRadio
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  • From Catfish to Bass: The Journey of Entrepreneur Scott Palmer in the Fishing Industry

    4 ABR. 2024 · In a lively discussion, Scott shared his journey into bass fishing, from growing up on a catfish farm to turning his hobby into a successful business. He founded BassTank, an electronics company, and established the BassTank Academy to share his knowledge. They discussed growth plans, sponsorships, and the success of their recent Expo. The impact of new fishing technologies and the enjoyment they find in being on the water were also highlighted. Scott's company and upcoming projects were discussed, along with the latest trends in fishing technology. https://thebasstank.com/ https://patreon.com/BassCastRadio?utm_medium=unknown&utm_source=join_link&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=copyLink
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Bass Cast Radio is a podcast that delves deep into the world of bass fishing, exploring various aspects of this exhilarating sport. Each episode offers a unique and insightful perspective...

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Bass Cast Radio is a podcast that delves deep into the world of bass fishing, exploring various aspects of this exhilarating sport. Each episode offers a unique and insightful perspective on topics such as the mental aspects of bass fishing, the competitive mindset required to succeed, the lives of professional anglers, and much more. With engaging discussions and expert interviews, Bass Cast Radio provides a comprehensive and entertaining experience for both seasoned anglers and newcomers to the sport.

One of the main focuses of Bass Cast Radio is tournament bass fishing itself. Each episode offers valuable tips, techniques, and strategies to help anglers improve their skills on the water. From discussions on the best lures and baits for different conditions to insights on finding and targeting bass in various habitats, the show provides practical and actionable advice for anglers of all levels. Whether you're a recreational weekend warrior or an aspiring tournament angler, Bass Cast Radio has something to offer to enhance your fishing experience.

Another key aspect of the podcast is its exploration of the mental sport of bass fishing. With episodes dedicated to the psychological aspects of the sport, Bass Cast Radio delves into the mindset required to consistently catch bass and perform well in tournaments. Topics such as focus, concentration, decision-making, and overcoming challenges are covered in depth, providing listeners with valuable insights into the mental game of bass fishing. The show explores the strategies and techniques used by professional anglers to stay mentally strong and maintain a competitive edge, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their mental game on the water.

In addition to discussing the mental aspects of bass fishing, Bass Cast Radio also features interviews with professional anglers. Listeners get an exclusive peek into the lives and experiences of these elite athletes, gaining valuable insights into what it takes to compete at the highest level. The interviews cover a wide range of topics, including the journey to becoming a professional angler, the challenges and sacrifices involved, as well as valuable tips and advice for aspiring anglers. These interviews not only offer inspiration but also provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise that listeners can apply to their own fishing pursuits.

In conclusion, Bass Cast Radio is a podcast that caters to the interests of bass fishing enthusiasts by providing a wealth of knowledge, insights, and entertainment. With its focus on bass fishing techniques, the mental aspects of the sport, interviews with professional anglers, and exploration of related topics, each episode offers a unique and valuable experience. Whether you're looking to improve your fishing skills, gain a competitive edge, or simply enjoy engaging discussions about the sport you love, Bass Cast Radio is the perfect podcast for bass fishing enthusiasts.
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