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  • "Not a Chief People Pleaser" - What does a Chief People Officer do?

    12 DIC. 2022 · What’s the difference between People Operations and Human Resources? Why should we stop saying “resources” when we refer to people? And how do you create a unique employee experience for an international company? Anyone coming into an organization really is asking three things: •What is the culture of the organization? •How will they grow and develop within the company? and •How will they be rewarded and recognized for their great work? And these three questions are reflected in three pillars at the base of a company’s employee experience: 1.Culture 2.Growth & Opportunity 3.Reward & Recognition Sue Quackenbush from Dynatrace gives us an insight into the life of a Chief People Officer, answering those questions and more in today’s episode of Behind The Code.
    40m 9s
  • Being Agile - what does it actually mean?

    10 NOV. 2022 · Agile has become part of the everyday vocabulary in software development nowadays. But there is still a lot of mystery hidden behind the word. So let’s learn more about it! We invited Agile experts Andreas Mitter and Julia von Spreckelsen from BearingPoint to join us on the podcast and discuss with us what being Agile actually means, how they became Agile consultants, and what's in store for Agile in the future.
    34m 44s
  • Your employees are your customers: How to deliver a great employee experience

    8 SEP. 2022 · What can we learn from the hospitality industry to create a great workplace? Should companies treat their employees the same way as customers? And why should we stop talking about “new work”? Senior Director of R&D Lab Operations at Dynatrace. Veronika Leibetseder. shares how her experience working in the luxury hotel business inspired her to join the tech workforce and create the future workplace. Her motto? "Your employees are your customers." As much as you want to deliver a great customer experience, you should aim to do the same for your employees.
    38m 58s
  • How to grow new leaders with the shared leadership model

    29 JUN. 2022 · Today’s episode is about leadership and how to prepare yourself for moments when you might have to leave for a longer period of time. It could be due to family issues, maternity or paternity leave, going back to school, etc. In many cases, this can be a career killer. You need somebody to take over the responsibility, but you want to keep your leadership role and still have it for when you come back. At the same time, you want to give somebody else the opportunity to grow. Anita, VP of Delivery, and Thomas, Director of ACE, both work at Dynatrace and have spent the past couple of years sharing leadership in their team. In this podcast episode, we will learn from their experience of how they made it happen and what they’ve learned along the way.
    37m 21s
  • How to prevent burnout in tech

    15 JUN. 2022 · With companies needing constant growth to survive and societal pressures pushing people to deliver more and more, it’s becoming more and more common to hear that people are living under extremely high amounts of stress that are leading to burnout. Julia Simon, community member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is leading the burnout support group, shares her vulnerable story on how it felt to be burned out, how she got there, and how she successfully overcame it. Now, she's using her experience to help others. Watch Julia's talk at KubeCon 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpiXbfOTNYw Join the burnout support group: https://cloud-native.slack.com/archives/C02JR0MB4V8
    39m 28s
  • How to start a lab from scratch

    1 JUN. 2022 · What do you do when your company wants to open a new office location in a new city? What does it feel like to lead a lab with no employees? Where do you start to look for people to join your team? These and more questions will be answered by Christian Werding and Florian Dorfbauer, Lab Leads of the Dynatrace offices in Vienna and Graz (Austria). With more than a decade of experience leading people under their belt, they will share what they learned from their experience and how they managed to achieve even more growth than originally predicted.
    31m 22s
  • The human side of tech: intro to Behind The Code

    1 JUN. 2022 · Introducing: Behind The Code The podcast that looks at the human side of tech. Giulia and Alois are co-hosting this podcast to share stories of the behind the scenes in tech companies. Because there's a lot going on to make sure companies can produce great software. Listen to this intro episode to find out what you can expect from Behind The Code.
    5m 2s

Behind the Code is a podcast on the human side of tech: everything that happens behind the scenes and makes software development possible. Because tech is more than just code....

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Behind the Code is a podcast on the human side of tech: everything that happens behind the scenes and makes software development possible. Because tech is more than just code.

From product management to team building, from hiring to agile, from UX to open source, no stone will be left unturned. Join us for a cup of coffee to discuss and answer the big questions surrounding the business of software development.
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