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Behind the Dreamers

  • Unveiling Cam F Awesome's Inspiring Path: From Bullying Victim to World Champion Boxer

    8 AGO. 2023 · Former Olympic heavyweight boxer, Cam F Awesome, joins Jennifer on Behind the Dreamers to discuss the power of the mind and self-leadership. Cam shares his inspiring journey from childhood bullying to becoming a multi-time national champion, emphasizing personal accountability and the importance of discipline. He opens up about being kicked off the Olympic team and how changing his mindset transformed his life. Cam encourages listeners to believe in themselves, and highlights the impact of embracing positivity in leadership. Learn from Cam's experiences to overcome failure and pursue your true calling. Key Points • Embracing failure as a learning opportunity • A bet that made Cam go vegan for 28 days sparked positive changes in his life. • Cam realized he needed to become his own biggest fan and embrace his awesomeness. • Being different and setting yourself apart from others is an essential part of success. • Finding your true calling may require taking a non-linear path and embracing unexpected opportunities. • The word "awesome" is a fun and bold word that Cam loves to use, bringing energy to his interactions. • Being in a positive mindset and seeking connections can help break out of negative thinking loops. Best Quotes 12:59 - 13:08 • "Most boxers won't wake up two hours before school and go running. They won't wake up two hours before work and go work out. I'm willing to do that." 17:21 - 17:26 • "I was humbled by life. And this is when everything changed for me." 20:01 - 20:04 • "No one's gonna care about your goals or your success more than you are." 24:24 - 24:35 • "What makes a unicorn special is it's by itself. You can't work this hard to be amongst the top and then be mad that there's not a lot of space up there." 25:34 - 25:43 • "It's the doing, the discipline, the activities that you need to do to get the outcome that you want. And doing that consistently. Being different. Set yourself apart." 36:48 - 36:56 • "I'm bringing genuine real energy, and when people see that, I don't care what they're doing, they stop and they turn on their energy." 41:48 - 41:54 • "There is a lot of condition we have to unprogram, you know, like deprogram, whatever you wanna say. Pull it out, extract it." To learn more about Cam visit https://camfawesome.com. These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • Living the Extraordinary: A Comedian's Journey

    2 AGO. 2023 · Join us on this episode of Behind the Dreamers as we chat with Ron Alexy, a multi-talented individual with a passion for comedy and a career in finance. Ron shares his challenges and rewards in balancing his creative pursuits with his professional life. He emphasizes the importance of finding the right balance, strategic thinking, and building trust with clients. Ron's journey teaches us about the significance of openness, determination, and pursuing what we love. Key Points • Ron's journey as a comedian and his inspiration from "Inside the Actor's Studio" • Balancing financial stability with pursuing artistic dreams • Finding the right balance between pushing boundaries and avoiding burnout • The importance of systems and strategic thinking in entrepreneurship • Navigating the challenges of combining creative pursuits with a financial career • Recognizing and embracing personal strengths • The importance of pursuing what brings you joy Best Quotes 03:13 - 03:15 • "I have the intellect to be a doctor or lawyer, but I'm a comedian." 24:36 - 24:42 • "And I thought, let me, I gotta learn from him, because he had written like 75 of them, and he had produced like 25 of them, right?" 25:44 - 26:01 • "Sometimes you don't catch a break or sometimes you don't get that part or whatever. Like, you know, I've been, you know, I've been up for a part where it was just like, this is a big part. You don't get it. And that's heartbreaking, but it's like, okay, I gotta get back out there and I gotta keep doing this thing." 27:40 - 27:44 • "Your strengths always find you, they find a way of showing up." 29:05 - 29:16 • "I think it's interesting that, you know, some of us recognize, like in your case, you recognize, Hey, I have a talent. I'm good at this. I enjoy doing this, and I'm gonna, I wanna pursue this." 29:38 - 29:46 • "For me, it keeps showing up. And if it doesn't show up, I make sure that it shows up again and I put myself around it." These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • Insights from an Army Lieutenant Turned Entrepreneur: Developing a Resilient Mindset

    25 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of Behind the Dreamers, host Jennifer Loehding interviews Nate Bailey, a former Army lieutenant, entrepreneur, coach, and author. Nate emphasizes the importance of living what you teach and shares how it can help business owners and entrepreneurs reach their highest potential. He discusses the power of developing a resilient mindset and pushing your limits through extreme challenges. Additionally, Nate draws parallels between athletes and everyday individuals, highlighting the significance of training and experience in performing at the highest level. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights on personal growth, mindset, and creating the life you desire. Key Points • Going through extreme events, whether physical or mental, helps develop a perspective of gratitude and resilience. • Choosing to face difficult situations head-on and pushing through builds confidence and self-belief. • Embracing discomfort leads to personal growth and a sense of fulfillment. • Authenticity is key in personal growth. Best Quotes 05:11 - 05:20 • "It really doesn't matter where anyone else is at because when you really get to know them and their story, you find out that you're way more similar than different." 09:29 - 09:37 • "If I invest in you, am I gonna have the same life as you? That's a hard thing for some people probably to hear, but that's the reality." 22:24 - 22:35 • "They're doing the hard things now when it's not all on the line so that they know who to expect to show up and be able to operate and execute as a team together." 27:06 - 27:13 • "I felt like mine was kind of a cathartic release. It was like I needed to tell this story of what I'd gone through and what I'd learned." To learn more about Nate and his work go to https://natebailey.org. These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • The Secret to Finding Your Inner Victor: Insights from Victor Vonico Johnson

    18 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of Behind the Dreamers, inspirational speaker and real estate entrepreneur Victor Vonico Johnson shares his journey of overcoming financial struggles and finding his purpose. Highlighting the importance of writing down goals and ideas, as well as morning routines and dressing up for work at home, Victor empowers individuals to take control of their finances and create the life they desire. He also provides actionable steps on building better relationships, attracting opportunities, and emphasizing that wealth goes beyond just money. Key Points • Victor highlights the value of writing down what is important to you and holding yourself accountable to those priorities. • Dressing up and presenting oneself well, even in casual environments, can make a difference in attitude and productivity. • Showing up authentically and energetically is crucial when interacting with clients and building relationships. • Having mentors and being part of accountability groups can provide support and guidance in personal and professional growth. • The power of a smile can open doors and invite positive interactions. • Steps to buying a rental property are explained in an engaging and relatable manner. • Wealth and happiness encompass all areas of life, not just financial success. Best Quotes 07:08 - 07:15 • "It's time to move forward... and so I've written out some very specific action items that I've outlined in my book." 20:46 - 20:50 • "You gotta be, you go smiling while you're dialing because it's projecting that energy." -Host 27:53 - 27:57 • "You have the power to change the circumstances any day you decide, let today be that day." -Host 31:32 - 31:36 • "I don't know how many opportunities I missed because I wasn't even smiling." To learn more about Victor and his work go to https://www.bethevictor.us. These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #community #storytime #dreamers
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  • From Military Service to Business Success: Michael Sampeck's Laser Tag Adventure

    11 JUL. 2023 · In this episode of Behind the Dreamers, host Jennifer Loehding interviews Michael Sampeck, the franchise owner of Battle House Laser Tag. Michael shares his journey from joining the Marine Corps to opening a unique laser tag arena in Plano, Texas. He highlights the influence of his parents, the impact of his military background, and the importance of persistence and problem-solving in entrepreneurship. Michael also discusses the role of mentorship, family support, and communication skills in his personal and professional success. Join us for an uplifting conversation about the joy of bringing people together through innovative laser tag gameplay. Key Points • The arenas feature impressive structures and multiple levels for players to explore. • Parents' influence: Growing up in an entrepreneurial household instilled a drive for entrepreneurship. • Entrepreneurship as a journey: The ups and downs of entrepreneurship teach valuable life lessons and require persistence. • Owning a business: Directly impacting all aspects of the business and taking on various roles brings a sense of fulfillment. • Communication skills are best developed through real life experiences. Best Quotes 02:20 - 02:26 • "We're bringing our military experience to the industry of laser tag that hasn't been touched in 20 plus years." 04:18 - 04:21 • "Our main focal point is the different missions that you have to interact with." 06:12 - 06:19 • "It's really cool seeing families come together, strangers, friends, corporations...they interact, and then they're like, 'Oh my gosh, that was so much fun.'" 13:43 - 13:51 • "Owning a business, I mean, it's not in the military, but there's a lot of pressure. Right. And a lot of long hours. And that's what's similar." 20:40 - 20:43 • "Communication has to be built over and over with real life experiences." 32:57 - 33:04 • "I don't know what I would do if I was stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Like, I don't know mentally where I'd be." To learn more about Michael and Battle House, visit www.battlehouse.net. These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • From Wrestling Champion to Fitness Entrepreneur: The Inspiring Journey of Dontae Smiley

    5 JUL. 2023 · In this episode, pro wrestling champion Dontae Smiley shares his journey from wrestling to building his fitness brand, Build Different Fitness. He emphasizes the importance of mentors and hard work and discusses the significance of gratitude and learning from relationships. Dontae's story of overcoming hardships and embracing change offers valuable insights into personal growth, vulnerability, and pursuing passions while positively impacting others. He also shares his philosophy on living life to the fullest, recommending inspirational books, and discussing his favorite places to travel. Key Points • While juggling his wrestling career, Dontae is focused on growing his fitness brand and preparing for the day when wrestling ends. • Despite the challenges and sacrifices, Dontae remains grateful to those who have supported him along his journey, never forgetting his roots. • Dontae's story is a testament to the power of determination and resilience, serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes alike. • Hardships can be opportunities for growth and learning. • Adversity teaches valuable lessons that shape our character. • "Your Divine Fingerprint" by Keith Craft is a must-read for personal development and discovering your unique talents. • Canada has been one of the coolest places Dontae has traveled, and he's excited about his upcoming trip to the UK. Best Quotes 14:21 - 14:26 • "Having the right people around you, meeting the right people at the right time ... is needed to make it." 23:38 - 23:42 • "The greatest amount of courage is those that are willing to be vulnerable." 32:44 - 32:52 • "Who are you when you don't have the podcast? Who are you when you aren't a recording artist? Develop your unique 1% that you are able to deploy into the world." These are our friends. These are your friends. AND they are living the extraordinary. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • The Inventor of the ADAM Brace: Young Entrepreneur Shares His Journey

    27 JUN. 2023 · Jordan Abecasis is the founder of Adam Rehabilitation and the inventor of the Adam Brace. He shares his journey as an entrepreneur and his challenges in developing a holistic solution for chronic neck and shoulder pain. Jordan also provides insights on market research and addresses customer pain points to turn an idea into a successful business. The Adam Performance system is tailored to enhance daily movements and improve overall health and wellness. Key Points • The equipment helps stabilize the arm while undergoing physical exercises of the shoulders, upper back, and neck, and strengthens the body following forward from there. • The framework works all the different muscles that surround the scapula, allowing for even symmetry across the entire upper body. • The tightening of muscles is often caused by weak muscles, and the framework is tailored to strengthen all the muscles that surround the scapula to allow them to even out. • The exercises are primarily eight and curated specifically to allow the body to go through the most optimal movements for functional movements. • The ADAM Performance brace system was born out of research and experimentation, combining tension at the elbow and scapula stabilization with a brace. • Entrepreneurship can be a lonely and challenging journey, and patience and celebrating small wins are important to avoid burnout. • Look for correlations in the responses to identify the top priorities to address Best Quotes 00:50 - 00:57 • "Maintaining physical strength as we age plays a key role in living a healthier and more independent life." 03:09 - 03:21 • "The ADAM Performance system is a framework that involves both training level at the master level and as well as having the equipment with you." 05:55 - 06:05 • "It's interesting is that a lot of times, and most people think this, that the muscles are tight because they're not loose, the muscles are tight because the other muscles are weak." 26:51 - 26:59 • "Go out and talk to people, not your friends, not your family. Go out and talk to strangers about their problems." 30:32 - 30:42 • "You're looking for people to say five to six of the same things. Yeah, same. And then you, you nail those as your top priorities to address." #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • Trent Clark on Leadership, Athletics, and Hyperlearning

    20 JUN. 2023 · Trent Clark, founder and CEO of Leadershipity, shares his experiences in sports and business that have led to his personal leadership and team-building programs. He emphasizes the importance of affirmations and declarations in shaping one's life and shares how sponging wins and losses can empower oneself and team members. He also stresses the significance of recognizing strengths and weaknesses in achieving goals. Trent is best known for being a two-sport Division 1 Collegiate Athlete and coaching 12 years in professional baseball with three organizations, including three trips to the World Series. Key Points • Recognizing weaknesses and hiring the right people to fill those roles is crucial in entrepreneurship. • Skills learned in athletics, such as discipline and hyperlearning, can be applied to business and personal growth. • Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, requiring tenacity and persistence. • Making adjustments and doing the work can lead to success. • Get clear on your strengths and find synergy partners to work with. • Our superpowers can be both a blessing and a curse. • It's important to know the strengths of our team members and empower them. Best Quotes 05:11 - "We want all these, its (integrity, accountability, dependability, coachability, diversity, unity, productivity), and the reality is, is we're good at some of those things and some not so good, right? So we have to develop those, those its to, to really complete our team." 08:52 - 09:06 "It's a lot of people who are trying to develop themselves athletics are great for that, like developing and you have coaches that come along and they're helping you devise how to get better and how to learn and how you can learn faster what I call hyper learning." 20:54 - 21:02 "I'm gonna caution you about where you get your information from because you should go to people that've actually done what you are trying to do because they will help you get there." 26:28 - 26:33 "Committed is acting, you know, are you interested or you're committed, interested is talking about it. Committed is doing it, right?" 32:23 - 32:27 "Some of the best entrepreneurs really, they really sponge out all the wins too." 32:41 - 32:46 "We should know those things that power us and empower us and the strengths of the team members around us." #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Natural Science with Dr. Kenneth Brown

    16 JUN. 2023 · Dr. Kenneth Brown, a gastroenterologist, shares his journey in medicine and his desire to bridge the gap between natural and medical science, highlighting his all-natural answer to IBS. He shares valuable insights, including the role of microbiomes in health, the development of his breakthrough IBS treatment, and the importance of a holistic approach to medicine. We discuss entrepreneurship, including the value of differentiation in business, and he talks about his podcast, The GutCheck Project. Finally, we discuss favorite books, food, and upcoming travel plans. Key Points • His all-natural product for IBS and bloating has received positive results from prestigious institutions. • Dr. Brown believes there should be a middle ground where holistic care can be done in conjunction with medicine. • Other entrepreneurs often share stories of their failures and obstacles, which can be helpful to learn from. • The weight of owning a business can affect not only yourself but also the people working for you. • Stay curious and open-minded. • "Man's Search for Meaning" by Victor Frankel is a timeless book that offers hope and perspective in tough times. Best Quotes 10:52 - 10:58 "There has to be this middle ground where holistic care can be done... there's a lot of things you can do yourself." 11:57 - 12:01 "If you do not have a healthy gut, you can't have a healthy body at all." 19:08 - 19:13 "People stick their toe in the water, and then they do nothing else. 24:20 - 24:26 "There's a lot of really good products that never really get off the ground for alot reasons." 38:14 - 38:19 "When you just decide that you're not gonna grow anymore, it's like you put yourself in this box." If you want to learn more about Dr. Kenneth Brown, visit https://kbmdhealth.com. #realtalk #storytime #community #dreamers
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  • Painful Joy: Unearthing the Real Life Story of Holocaust Survivors

    6 JUN. 2023 · Max Friedman discusses his journey in writing his book, Painful Joy, which follows the story of his parents, Holocaust survivors. The book restores their humanity and tells a different kind of love story through their journey. Max shares his experience as a child of Holocaust survivors, discussing the trauma his parents faced and how it affected their lives and his own. Ultimately, the book becomes a message of hope for survivors and their loved ones. Key Points • Painful Joy took Max five years to research and write. • Max's parents were survivors of the Holocaust camps, and he sought to unearth and understand their real life stories. • The book explores a different kind of love that can survive even in extreme circumstances. • Sometimes we have to go through hard things to find the lesson. • Even in traumatic situations, you can learn skills of persistence and tenacity. • Survivors of traumatic events can gain knowledge by examining how others survived. Best Quotes 02:42 - 03:00 "Doing the book, painful Joy, as you said, took five years, but it actually took a lifetime because it took me till I was almost 70 or a few years before to even begin to try to tackle it." 04:06 - 04:20 "We knew that what we saw in school with our friends and people we knew, it was just very different. And so we had different ways of coping with all that." 16:55 - 17:03 "You as you know, in writing, getting that first those first words down is, is what really counts." 23:21 - 23:31 "It explains in ways that I couldn't have imagined how they actually survived and how they coped with their survival." 30:09 - 30:23 "Throughout it all, you know, there, there is, you get to understand, so how did they get through this? How did these two individuals actually make it through when everybody else didn't?" 33:35 - 33:49 "It was sort of a breakthrough in the sense that I convinced myself that this had really happened. That, that this was real, that this was not one of my mother's fantastic stories." #realttalk #community #stortyime #dreamers
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We are talking to the achievers, the creators, the magic makers, and the dreamers. These are our friends. These are your friends. And they are living the extraordinary.

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