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Best Dentist in Tambaram -Dr Amarnathan

  • Tingling sensation in the tongue: A full guide

    22 MAY. 2024 · Tingling sensations in the tongue, also known as paresthesia, can be temporary or persistent, and they affect a large number of people. This odd tingling sensation in the tongue can be both inconvenient and painful. A tingling sensation on the tongue is commonly characterized by feeling like pins and needles or a slight prickling. It can be similar to the sensation of your foot falling asleep, but on your tongue. It could be mild and difficult to detect, or severe and painful.  The sensation may come and go or stay for a while, affecting the entire tongue or only a small piece of it. For more information read the full blog here : https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/tingling-sensation-in-the-tongue
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  • How to use dental retainers after braces?

    14 MAY. 2024 · Braces are frequently used as part of a multistep process to develop a beautiful smile. However, the journey doesn't end with the removal of braces. The following important phase is the use of dental retainers, which are required to maintain the alignment achieved with https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/services/orthodontics/braces/. For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/dental-retainers-after-braces/
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  • How To Prevent Cavities : A Guide For Parents On Kids Dental Care

    29 ABR. 2024 · As parents, we prioritise our children's health and well-being. Dental health is key to their development, and preventing cavities is essential for maintaining a healthy smile. Parents should learn how to effectively prevent cavities in their children by giving them information and practical approaches for protecting their children's dental health. What is Dental Cavity? A dental cavity, also known as https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/baby-tooth-decay-causes-signs-prevention-tips/, is a common dental condition caused by bacteria in the mouth producing acids that erode tooth enamel. This erosion creates microscopic holes or cavities on the tooth's surface. Cavities, if ignored, can cause pain, infection, and tooth loss. How are Cavities created on Kids’ Teeth? Cavities in children's teeth are caused by germs, carbohydrates, and acids. When kids ingest sweet meals and beverages, bacteria in their mouths feed on the sugars, producing acids as a result. These acids subsequently target the enamel, the tooth's outer protective coating, weakening it and finally forming cavities. Children are more prone to cavities since their enamel is still forming and may not be as robust as adults. Common Causes of Cavities in ChildrenCommon causes of dental cavities among children include: - Poor oral hygiene, including insufficient brushing and flossing. - Excessive consumption of sweet snacks, beverages, and meals. - Regular snacking throughout the day. - Poor fluoride intake or exposure. - Infrequent dental appointments and procedures. - Feed sugary drinks from a bottle before bedtime. - A genetic predisposition to cavities. - Medical conditions or treatments that alter saliva flow. - Xerostomia (dry mouth) is induced by mouth breathing or medication.   Cavity Prevention Tips for Parents Here are some ideas for helping your children avoid cavities and build healthy https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/maintaining-oral-hygiene/ habits. - Limit sugary treats - Encourage water - Promote Healthier Snacking - Establish a routine - Supervise Brushing - Making Dental Care Fun - Visit the Dentist Regularly - Educate about oral health - Lead by example - Celebrate successes Conclusion To eliminate cavities in children, a proactive plan of good oral hygiene, a nutritious diet, regular dental exams, and parental monitoring is required. Parents can significantly lower their children's risk of cavities by instilling healthy dental habits early on and being cautious about preventative care. So, make dental care a part of your family's daily routine, and your child's smile will glow with good health and pride for years to come. For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/how-to-prevent-dental-cavities-in-kids/
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  • The cause of metallic taste in the mouth

    24 ABR. 2024 · The cause of metallic taste in the mouth A metallic taste in your mouth is indicative of a taste problem. This sensation in your mouth is identical to when you suddenly taste metal despite not eating anything metallic. It can happen for a variety of reasons. Normal Causes 1) Pregnancy 2) Dry Mouth 3) Vitamins Abnormal Causes: 1) Gingivitis 2) Indigestion 3) Sinus Infection 4) CNS disorders 5) Diabetes 6) Chemotherapy and more For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/cause-of-metallic-taste-in-the-mouth/
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  • Tongue ulcer – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    10 ABR. 2024 · Tongue ulcers are open wounds or sores on the tongue. Tongue ulcers are typically uncomfortable and can be aggravated by drinking and eating. A canker sore is a form of tongue ulcer that can arise for no apparent reason or be caused by a variety of irritants. Causes of Tongue ulcers Tongue ulcers can develop as a result of a variety of illnesses, including viral infections, oral cancer, or tongue damage. Finding and treating the underlying cause of tongue ulcers will aid in the healing process. In moderate situations, over-the-counter medications can help ease pain, and in certain circumstances, adopting good dental hygiene can help resolve tongue ulcers.Some of causes of tongue ulcers due to infections are: - Canker sores are tiny, superficial wounds. - Gingivostomatitis is a bacterial or viral infection of the mouth. - Oral lichen planus is an immune system condition that can progress to cancer of the mouth. - Oral thrush is an infection on the surface of the tongue caused by the fungus candida. - Herpes Simplex infection is caused by a virus that causes infectious sores on the genitals or over the mouth. Diseases that lead to tongue ulcers: - Lupus is an autoimmune disorder. - Behcet's syndrome is a widespread inflammation of blood vessels. - Crohn's disease is an intestinal inflammation. Untreated tongue ulcers can lead to secondary infections, or oral cancer can spread to other regions of the body. If tongue ulcers are caused by an infection and are not treated, they can spread to other persons. Seek prompt medical attention if you discover chronic tongue ulcers, as this could be a sign of a more serious disease, such as oral cancer or infection. For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com//tongue-ulcer-causes-symptoms-treatment
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  • 8 Natural home remedies for dark lips

    10 ABR. 2024 · 8 Natural home remedies for dark lips Dark lips are a common beauty worry for many people, causing them self-consciousness and discomfort with their appearance. While there are numerous factors that might lead to black lips, there are some simple and natural treatments that can help lighten and brighten them. This blog discusses eight amazing home cures for black lips that will help you acquire soft, pink, and healthy-looking lips. Dark Lips: Dark lips have darker pigmentation than the surrounding skin. It can afflict persons of any age, gender, or ethnicity.Genetics, prolonged sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, allergies, hormone imbalances, certain medicines, and lifestyle choices are all potential reasons for dark lips. Furthermore, smoking can cause the lips to darken due to the chemicals in cigarettes and the repeated puckering. Home remedies for dark lips Before seeking medical attention, you can attempt home remedies which provide natural and accessible cures for black lips, which frequently contain components known for their skin-lightening and moisturizing effects.Here are eight effective home methods for whitening black lips and restoring their natural, vibrant appearance. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a popular natural remedy for lightening dark lips since it includes citric acid, a natural bleaching agent. - Apply the juice straight to your lips with a cotton ball. - Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. - Rinse with lukewarm water. Honey: Honey is a natural humidifier with skin whitening properties, can help brighten dark lips - Apply a little honey coating straight to your lips  - Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. - Finally, cleanse your lips with lukewarm water. Coconut oil: Coconut oil, a natural moisturizer with skin lightening properties, can help brighten dark or black lips. - Apply a tiny quantity of organic coconut oil. - Gently massage the oil into your lips. - Keep the coconut oil on your lips overnight. - In the morning, cleanse your lips with warm water. Rosewater: - Apply rosewater to your lips. - Leave it on for around 15 minutes. - Rinse your lips with tepid water. Aloe-Vera: - Slicing an aloe vera leaf opens it up, allowing you to extract the fresh gel. - Apply a tiny quantity of fresh aloe vera gel on your lips. - Leave it on your lips for 20-30 minutes then rinse. Combo home remedies for dark lipsCoconut Oil Remedies: - Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice - Coconut Oil and Sugar scrub - Coconut Oil, Honey, and Lemon Juice  - Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel  Lemon Juice Remedies: - Lemon Juice and Almond Oil - Lemon Juice and Yogurt - Lemon Juice and Rose Water - Lemon Juice and Tomato Pulp - Lemon Juice and Papaya Pulp Rose Water Remedies: - Rose Water and Honey - Rose Water and Coconut Oil  - Rose Water and Sugar Scrub - Rose Water, Honey, and Lemon Juice - Rose Water and Aloe Vera Gel  Honey based Remedies: - Honey and Coconut Oil - Honey and Sugar Scrub - Honey, Lemon Juice, and Rose Water - Honey and Aloe Vera Gel Cucumber Remedies: - Cucumber and Lemon Juice  - Cucumber and Honey  - Cucumber and Coconut Oil  - Cucumber and Aloe Vera Gel - Cucumber and Rose Water  Beetroot Remedies: - Beetroot and Honey  - Beetroot and Coconut Oil  - Beetroot and Lemon Juice  - Beetroot and Rose Water  - Beetroot and Yogurt ConclusionTo recap, caring for black lips doesn't have to be difficult or costly. By incorporating these natural home remedies into your skincare routine, you can successfully lighten and restore the natural color of your lips.  Remember to maintain your therapies and be patient, since natural cures can take time to generate results. Accept these simple yet effective home remedies for black lips, and you'll soon have a naturally pink and healthy lip! For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/dark-lips-remedy/ For more tips followWebsite : https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/DrAmarnathans-Dental-Care/100063667464980/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dramarnathan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr_amarnathans_dental/
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  • 8 reasons why you have unusual bumps in your mouth's roof

    10 ABR. 2024 · 8 reasons why you have unusual bumps in your mouth's roof The roof of our mouth, known as the palate, separates our oral and nasal chambers. The palate comprises bone and muscles, making it vulnerable to fractures, infections, etc. Occasionally, you may have pain and soreness in the roof of your mouth.  It can occur due to allergies, diseases, or other disorders.The bumps on the roof of the mouth resemble little https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/winter-canker-sores/ and are composed of complex cysts. It is a mild ailment that resolves on its own. Injuries primarily cause oral bumps, https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/tongue-ulcer-overview/, cold sores, and infections that can lead to cysts on the lips and intra-oral regions such as the tongue and palate. What are the possible causes of bumps on top of the mouth? 1) Squamous Papilloma Squamous Papilloma is characterized by excessive proliferation of soft tissues in the oral cavity. It is a benign disorder caused chiefly by human papillomavirus (HPV). It gradually develops pimples anywhere inside the mouth, causing minor pain. Demanding palates are hardly an exception. 2) Torus Palatinus Torus Palatinus is a benign disorder that causes bone development in the center of the hard palate. This syndrome produces spherical, smooth oral pimples. Some people are born with this ailment, while others develop it as a result of issues such as crowded teeth, jaw bone abnormalities, and so on. 3) Nasopalatine Duct Cyst The nasopalatine duct cyst forms in the incisive papilla behind the two front teeth. As a result, it is also known as an incisive canal cyst, as it appears to be swelling in the palatal region. 4) Epstein Pearls Epstein pearls are tiny, innocuous, whitish-yellow cysts in infant lips. It shows as a colored hump on the infant's mouth roof, measuring 1 to 3 mm. 5) Mucoceles Mucoceles are innocuous cysts filled with mucus caused by irritations in the salivary glands. It appears as transparent, spherical lumps with diameters ranging from 2 to 10 millimeters. It can likely migrate anywhere inside the mouth without causing pain. 6) Hyperdontia Hyperdontia is a disorder characterized by the development of an abnormally large number of teeth across the mouth. Such extra teeth are known as Supernumerary Teeth. Hyperdontia can result in the development of additional teeth on the palate behind the front teeth. It appears as pimples on the roof of their mouth. The reasons include Ectopic Teeth and Strep Throat.,  Read the full blog by following this link to learn more details: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/bumps-on-roof-of-the-mouth/ If the lumps persist for several weeks or are accompanied by symptoms such as extreme burning, changes in size, intense pain, foul breath, or others, see a dentist immediately. It could suggest the progression of an infectious problem within your mouth cavity or body. 
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  • calculus bridge

    10 ABR. 2024 · Calculus Bridge is a frequent dental condition that can cause discomfort and pain.It happens when plaque and germs accumulate on the teeth, creating a bridge-like structure between two teeth.Understanding the fundamentals of calculus bridges can help people take proactive steps to safeguard their teeth and keep a healthy smile. For more information read the full blog here: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/calculus-bridge/
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Best Dentist in Tambaram Dr Amarnathan’s Dental Care Dr Amarnathan's Dental Care opened its current premises in East Tambaram in 1968 with just one dentist chair, and it has had...

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Best Dentist in Tambaram Dr Amarnathan’s Dental Care

Dr Amarnathan's Dental Care opened its current premises in East Tambaram in 1968 with just one dentist chair, and it has had an illustrious forty-plus years at the Madras Govt. Dental College as a renowned Prosthodontist, he was Head of the Department. Following retirement, he oversaw the growth of SRM Dental College as Principal.
His Dental Care Facility has risen from strength to strength over the last fifty years. Today, it has many dental chairs equipped with advanced technology and several senior specialized consultants on call to meet the dental requirements of five generations of dedicated families. Since 2001, Dr. Suresh has been responsible for the facility.
DR Suresh's statement: I graduated from Dr. MGR Medical University in 1994, had a six-month senior internship at Kilpauk Medical College Hospital, and taught dentistry at SRM Dental College in Chennai for four years. In 1995 I created RAMS Dental Care in Guduvanchery as a sister dental facility to Dr Amarnathan's Dental Care.
Twenty-three years later, the facility has made significant progress in maintaining the oral health of the people in and around Guduvanchery.After four years as a faculty member at SRM Dental College, I became a full-time dental practitioner and took over Dr Amarnathan's Dental Care in 2001. Since then, I've divided my time between the two sites, mornings in Guduvanchery and evenings in East Tambaram, handling administrative and professional responsibilities.
Following Dr. Amarnathan's footsteps, I adhere to the three golden commandments in letter and spirit: 'Uncompromising Quality Service', 'Loving Care', 'Total Patient Satisfaction', 'Completely Satisfying Results', and 'Complete Solution.

Treatments we Provide - Dental Clinic in Tambaram

Every smile is unique and requires tailored treatment to maintain long-term dental health.

Our experienced group of skilled specialists, led by Dr Amarnathan, combines a wealth of expertise to guarantee you receive the most effective treatment possible, making your journey to better dental health smooth and enjoyable. Here are the services provided by Dr Amarnathan's Dental Care
  • Tooth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Root canal treatment
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Aligners
  • Braces
  • Dental crowns & bridges
  • Pedodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Geriatric dentistry
  • Teeth scaling
  • Dental veneers
  • Dentures
  • Laser dentistry
  • Tooth colored fillings
For more information use this link: https://www.dramarnathansdentalcare.com/
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