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  • What We Missed In...The Upper Room

    26 MAY. 2024 · What place links the New Testament events of Passover with Pentecost? Elisha with Peter, Mary, mother of Mark with Jesus? It is the Upper Room. The Upper Room is synonymous with prayer and the preparation for an encounter with God. This physically spacious dwelling place becomes the setting for Jesus to help the disciples encounter and embody the person of God - a God who has many rooms. How is this worked out in Pentecost and the story of the church in Acts and what kind of Christianity has many rooms?
    42m 16s
  • This Thing Called Church - The Body of Christ

    19 MAY. 2024 · "This Thing Called Church" talk focuses on the most used illustration in the New Testament - The Body of Christ". The passage is from Paul's letter to the Church in Rome and explores how the metaphor gives insight as to how the Church should function, including shared insights from the whole congregation. 
    44m 29s
  • What We Missed In...A Post-Colonial Reading of Mark 5 (1)

    12 MAY. 2024 · The challenge of any reading of the Bible is that we all come to the text as interpreters with different lenses. Peter Enns said, "All theology has an adjective" - our theology and interpretation are pre-fixed with a setting, a world-view and a bias. How can we prevent letting our filter become the dominant one? How can the diverse experiences of other people help us to encounter the Bible more richly and deeply? We will start using the lens of post-colonialism, at the story of Jesus' encounter with a 'legion of unclean spirits' in Mark 5 and allow each other to imagine and encounter the text through a new and fresh lens. 
    44m 15s
  • This Thing Called Church - missio dei

    5 MAY. 2024 · What is mission? What is our place in the story of God? At the start of our new series, This Thing Called Church, James talks about the mission of God and how we are invited into the story of the restoration of all things.
    32m 56s
  • What We Missed In...Prayer and the Logic of Love (5)

    21 ABR. 2024 · We conclude our mini-series with a dive into some ancient habits and postures of prayer which are orientated toward being attentive to the sacred wonder in the ordinary and the everyday. We return to Nick Cave for some helpful examples and perhaps a surprising form of music as a metaphor of prayer.
    43m 25s
  • The Christian Life in Paradox - Hope and Disappointment

    14 ABR. 2024 · Continuing our series The Christian Life in Paradox, this talk explores, in a very personal way, living with hope and disappointment alongside each other and the implications for our faith journey. Trigger warning: this talk covers issues of grief, illness, loss and mental health challenges and is emotionally raw in places. If you are impacted by any of the themes in this talk, the leadership team of BGMC would be happy to talk to you further.
    29m 38s
  • What We Missed In...Prayer and the Logic of Love (4)

    7 ABR. 2024 · What does God's presence and personhood in the world look like? That is the question we have been grappling with. We are seeking to be re-enchanted by the sacred divine presence - to imagine where and how God is. But what habits do we need to adopt and what posture do we need to make? Perhaps our language and our sight have been deficient? What can the experience of Jacob and Moses offer as a way forward to being more intentionally attentive to sacred meaning in the world?
    38m 10s
  • What We Missed In....The Empty Tomb

    31 MAR. 2024 · The empty tomb of Jesus offered very little comfort or consolation to the disciples when they first encountered it. It was Mary Magdalene who refused to accept what she saw that first Easter morning. In this brief talk, we will reflect on how Mary's posture enabled her to encounter the risen Jesus which gives us an insight into what we need to do the fathom the depths of this new reality. 
    18m 7s
  • The Christian Life in Paradox - Fasting and Feasting

    10 MAR. 2024 · The Christian life is a paradox. Today we explore the metaphors and practice of fasting and feasting and how they can be understood in the Christian life. How do these binary concepts exist in faith and how can we take them seriously as we follow Jesus?
    37m 18s
  • What We Missed In...Prayer and the Logic of Love (3)

    3 MAR. 2024 · How does God work in the world in response to prayer? That is the question we are grappling with in this mini-series of WWMI. Today, we get deep into the weeds about God's 'all-knowingness' - what is the 'all' that God knows and what type of future does God know? What are the consequences for prayer? Again, we apply the 'logic of love' to our understanding of these questions and explore how this relates to our grasp of what is certain and what is possible
    34m 4s
This podcast are recordings of the sermons that take place each Sunday at BGMC.
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