• We're Back! Episode 14

    29 SEP. 2023 · We're back! I hope you missed us. Here's a mini episode letting you know what to expect in our second season about the mind, as well as the life happenings that delayed recording Season 2.
    9m 39s
  • We'll Be Right Back-Episode 13

    10 MAY. 2023 · We hope you all enjoyed our first season of Beyond the Closet Door, please reach out and share your thoughts! On this last episode, before we return in June, we debriefed on new interpretations of crystals, how healing is physical, and reveal next season’s theme. Crystal recommendation: Star aragonite clusters Dinner guests: Penny Marshall and Dr. Christiane Northrup Songs: The Healer by Erykah Badu & The War Racket by Buffy Sainte-Marie Follow us on Instagram: beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast Email us: https://gmail.com
    22m 50s
  • What We Learned: The Dark Side-Mini Episode 12

    13 ABR. 2023 · This is our second to last episode of season 1, what a ride! This mini episode covers what we discovered in recording our Dark Side chapters, such as being more thoughtful about how we use social media, noticing diet culture in every corner of daily life, and what we learned from our guests.
    11m 6s
  • The Dark Side of Key Elements of Friendships & Loveships-Episode 11

    27 MAR. 2023 · Welcome to our latest episode with a Gen Z twist, as our guest, Lyndsay’s niece, Bella, joins us to discuss relationships. We talk about the benefits of long term relationships, the performative aspects of planting your partners on social media, and the lost art of letter writing. Crystal of the week: Kunzite Dinner guests: Jamie Hewlett, Keith Morrison, John & Lori Gottman Songs of the week: “Eye” MF DOOM, “Clint Eastwood” Gorillaz, ““Tripping Out” Curtis Mayfield Links: Psychology in Seattle with Dr. Kirk Honda https://youtube.com/@PsychologyInSeattle
    28m 19s
  • The Dark Side of BL#$P Diet Culture-Episode 10

    8 MAR. 2023 · Take part in this conversation full of passion and fire, as we discuss our hatred of diet culture. We touch on a lot, so strap in and learn about body neutrality, how diet culture infiltrates every aspect of life, moralizing food, and negative self talk. We highly recommend listening to the first iteration of this episode before listening to this one: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/beyond-the-closet-door/id1647282004?i=1000586346950 Crystal of the week: pink calcite Dinner guests: Martin Luther King Jr. and Frida Kahlo Songs: “Be Thankful for what you’ve got” by William DeVaughn “MLK” by U2 Email us: beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast@gmail.com Follow us on IG: @beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast
    28m 52s
  • The Dark side of Necessary Pursuits-Episode 9

    16 FEB. 2023 · In a culture that prizes productivity over pleasure, it’s hard to make time for our hobbies. This is the idea we explore this week. Hobbies can be numbing if taken too far, we are told there is an age limit on pursuing certain hobbies, and because of these popular notions, we don’t explore our passions to their fullest potential. Listen and reflect with us! This episode is dedicated to Tyre Nichols, an artistic soul who’s life was stolen too soon. An announcement: Beyond the Closet Door podcast is anti-racism and anti- white supremacy Crystal of the week: Pink Tourmaline Dinner guests: Leonard Cohen & Tiffany Pollard (AKA New York) Email us: beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast@gmail.com
    19m 28s
  • The Dark Side of Therapy-Episode 8

    2 FEB. 2023 · This week features a really awesome special guest: Maryann X. It was so fun having another voice in the conversation! The three of us get into how therapy is different for POC, outgrowing relationships, why our friends can't be our therapists, and revel in a shared love for Mae West. Crystal of the week: Unakite Jasper Dinner Guests this week: Buster Keaton, Mae West, Jenny Saville
    31m 51s
  • The Dark Side of Addiction-Episode 7

    13 ENE. 2023 · Should everyone quit their addiction cold turkey? Should we cut off family members who struggle with chemical dependency? This week we are looking at the dark side of the thoughts we shared in episode 1, while navigating oppostional and commonly held societal views on adddiction and recovery. We also touch on Rat Park, our favorite Disney movies, and as always, recommend our crystal for the week! Crystal of the week: Rainbow Moonstone Resources: Addiction Recovery: https://www.wefaceittogether.org TED talk with Johann Hari https://www.ted.com/talks/johann_hari_everything_you_think_you_know_about_addiction_is_wrong Information on Bruce Alexander's Research https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjXoILA88T8AhWYlYkEHcBCAOUQFnoECAoQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.psychiatrictimes.com%2Fview%2Fwhat-does-rat-park-teach-us-about-addiction&usg=AOvVaw1WOLhac1_P627LnZFPfIzQ Dinner Guests so far: Grace Bailey, Cornell West, Murray Bowen, Winston Churchill, Rod Serling John Oliver, Clive Barker, Virgie Tovar, Hedy Lamarr, and Gertrude Bell Spotify lists: Heather’s Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FtYWrAcF7rhD9KSm09mP0 Lyndsay’s Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4PldKLknfjU27xRJwXXTjt Email us: beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast@gmail.com Instagram: beyondtheclosetdoorpodcast
    22m 51s
  • Scrutinizing Compulsions-Mini Episode 6

    20 DIC. 2022 · Welcome to our first mini episode! Heather and Lyndsay revisit their first episode on addiction and expound on what was learned over time. Join us as we explore our addictive patterns, stop the self blame game, and shine light on the accetability of workaholism.
    14m 19s
  • Key Elements for Friendships & Loveships-Episode 5

    6 DIC. 2022 · What makes a healthy relationship? This week features out first special guest, Heather’s partner, Matt! We expound on the ingredients necessary for a solid relationship whether platonic or romantic, and share ideas from multiple experts on the topic. Crystal of the week: Rose Quartz Links: Esther Perel: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/where-should-we-begin-with-esther-perel/id1237931798Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence Check this out on Amazon Alan Watts: https://youtu.be/6I2pcIbyq-0 Shasta Nelson: Shasta Nelson: Frientimacy: the three requirements of all healthy ...TED · TEDx TalksDec 15, 2017 Dan Savage: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/savage-lovecast/id201376301
    34m 44s
Beyond The Closet Door interweaves facts and personal stories to leave the listener feeling pensive and restored all at once.

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