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  • Does Bitcoin Add A Zero Every Epoch ?

    22 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 21, 2024. In this talk titled "Does Bitcoin Add a Zero Every Epoch?", Oliver discusses the intriguing concept that Bitcoin adds a zero to its value approximately every four years, coinciding with each halving event. Oliver begins by clarifying the terms "epoch" and "halving," explaining that an epoch represents roughly 210,000 blocks, or about four years, in Bitcoin's lifecycle. He notes that Bitcoin's first epoch began in 2009 and the first halving occurred in 2012. Oliver asserts that each epoch can be seen as achieving a certain value milestone, starting with $10 in the first epoch, $100 in the second, $1,000 in the third, $10,000 in the fourth, and so forth. He acknowledges that some people find this idea controversial but defends it as a valid interpretation based on Bitcoin's historical performance. To illustrate his point, Oliver refers to the "Bitcoin Halving Spiral," showing how each halving event corresponds to a significant increase in Bitcoin's value. He emphasizes that Bitcoin often overachieves these milestones, exceeding the expected value of each epoch.Oliver also discusses the importance of viewing Bitcoin's growth from its lows rather than its highs, arguing that this perspective better reflects Bitcoin's true performance and potential. He notes that Bitcoin's ability to overachieve its epoch milestones is a unique and powerful characteristic. In conclusion, Oliver encourages listeners to focus on accumulating more Bitcoin (measured in satoshis) each week, highlighting the long-term benefits and potential life-changing impact of this strategy. He stresses that this consistent accumulation is the most important goal, despite various market theories and opinions.
    28m 42s
  • Why Volatility Is A Lame Excuse For No Bitcoin

    12 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 10, 2024. In the video, Oliver shares his extensive experience in promoting Bitcoin and financial freedom, highlighting his success in "orange-pilling" over 9,000 people through his global talks. He addresses common concerns about Bitcoin's volatility, explaining the difference between upside and downside volatility and emphasizing that Bitcoin's volatility is predominantly positive. Oliver introduces the Sortino ratio, a key financial metric that measures risk-adjusted returns, and explains its significance in evaluating Bitcoin's performance. He shares insights from his 37-year trading career, comparing Bitcoin to traditional assets and demonstrating its superior returns. Oliver also discusses his personal strategy of trading high-volatility stocks to accumulate Bitcoin, underscoring the importance of steady accumulation.  He concludes by reflecting on Bitcoin's potential to provide financial independence and a lasting legacy, advocating for the conversion of fiat earnings into Bitcoin for long-term security.
    45m 12s
  • Learn To Orange Pill Your Relatives | A Quick Live Q&A with Oliver Velez

    12 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 10, 2024. Oliver discusses the importance of Bitcoin allocation for companies, highlighting its transformative potential and the bureaucratic challenges involved. He emphasizes Bitcoin's superior value and scarcity, predicting widespread corporate adoption. His insights stem from personal experience and historical analogies, advocating for Bitcoin's integration into corporate balance sheets.
    52m 9s
  • Why Bitcoin Will Dominate The Rest of This Decade And Beyond

    10 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 9, 2024. Oliver delves into the transformative role of Bitcoin in today's world. He explores America's strategic move towards Bitcoin in response to the declining dominance of the US dollar and highlights Bitcoin's growing significance in the 2024 US presidential election. Oliver predicts that Bitcoin will play a decisive role in future elections and become the most valuable asset on Earth, surpassing gold.  He also praises El Salvador's pioneering adoption of Bitcoin and discusses the global shift towards this decentralized digital currency. Join Oliver as he unpacks these crucial themes and shares his compelling vision for Bitcoin's future.
    58m 17s
  • The Reason Why I'm A "Toxic" Bitcoin Maximalist | 50K Follows! Wow!

    7 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 5, 2024. Oliver criticizes traditional financial systems, arguing that most gold investments are merely paper claims, which rely on untrustworthy intermediaries. He contrasts this with Bitcoin, emphasizing its decentralized nature and mathematical certainty, which eliminate the need for trust. Oliver argues that money represents one's life and time, and when its value is eroded by inflation, it equates to stealing one's life. He advocates for a shift to systems that do not require trust, highlighting Bitcoin as a tool for financial sovereignty and liberation from the flawed, trust-based monetary systems that dominate society.
    1h 12m 56s
  • The Bond Market Is Toast & Bitcoin Will Eath Its Lunch

    4 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on May 2, 2024. Oliver discusses various stores of value, highlighting gold, art, collectibles, bonds, real estate, and equities. He criticizes currencies like the US dollar for losing value due to constant debasement. He notes that bonds, traditionally seen as safe, have had their worst period since 1812 and predicts Bitcoin will increasingly replace bonds due to its stability and decentralized nature. Oliver argues the traditional 60/40 investment model is outdated and ineffective. He emphasizes Bitcoin's advantages as a neutral, non-debasable asset, suggesting it offers a superior store of value compared to traditional financial assets.
    1h 31m
  • How To Buy Bitcoin Dips Like A Pro

    1 MAY. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on April 30, 2024. Oliver explains that market dips are crucial for asset health, particularly Bitcoin. Dips clear out excessive leverage and eliminate weak hands, transferring assets from short-term traders to long-term holders with strong convictions ("diamond hands"). This process increases Bitcoin's scarcity, preventing the market from becoming top-heavy and vulnerable to crashes. Oliver advocates a systematic accumulation strategy, buying at predetermined intervals during dips. This method ensures disciplined, unemotional investing and maintains psychological stability. Overall, dips make the market healthier and strengthen Bitcoin's long-term value.
    1h 14m 45s
  • When Will The Halving Impact Bitcoin's Price? | Live Q&A with Oliver Velez

    30 ABR. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on April 29, 2024. Oliver discusses Bitcoin's delayed reaction to significant events, such as the approval of US spot Bitcoin ETFs and the recent halving, predicting impacts will be evident by the end of the year. He highlights the unique in-kind redemption feature of Hong Kong ETFs, enhancing Bitcoin's value through self-custody. Oliver contrasts US and Hong Kong ETFs, criticizing cash as devalued. He mentions potential Bitcoin ETF launches in Australia and the UK, and speculates on significant Bitcoin purchases by entities like the Bank of Japan. Oliver defends short sellers' market role and commits to continuing his educational efforts until Bitcoin reaches $100,000.
    1h 26m 36s
  • Should You Sell Bitcoin During Alt Season? | Live Q&A With Oliver Velez

    22 ABR. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on April 21, 2024. Oliver emphasizes Bitcoin's unique attributes beyond being just money, a protocol, or an asset, asserting it as a discovery that represents freedom and hope. He compares the early days of the internet to the current stage of Bitcoin adoption, highlighting its potential to transform every aspect of life and stressing the importance of understanding Bitcoin's true value and implications.
    51m 28s
  • THE U.S.A Is The Most Dominant Bitcoin Force In The World. Here's Why

    20 ABR. 2024 · This Live session took place on X (Twitter) on April 19, 2024. Oliver discusses the strategic significance of Bitcoin's launch, highlighting its fair beginning with Satoshi Nakamoto avoiding a premine. He also covers the U.S. government's actions which validate Bitcoin's legality, contrasting it with other controlled substances, and recognizing its classification as a commodity. This classification both acknowledges its potential and facilitates regulatory and fiscal approaches. Oliver concludes that these actions firmly position Bitcoin within U.S. regulatory and economic frameworks, demonstrating a clear endorsement by the U.S., which influences global perspectives on Bitcoin
    1h 15m 58s

Welcome to Bitcoin Unleashed with Oliver Velez, where timeless investment wisdom meets the future of finance, Bitcoin! Oliver Velez is a 37-year, celebrated Wall Street trader, author of five best-selling...

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Welcome to Bitcoin Unleashed with Oliver Velez, where timeless investment wisdom meets the future of finance, Bitcoin!

Oliver Velez is a 37-year, celebrated Wall Street trader, author of five best-selling trading books and mentor to 10,000+ traders around the globe. In his weekly podcast, he focuses on meaningful messages that are designed to grow the listeners’ understanding of Bitcoin and the way of life that it fosters and encourages. His goal is to build a library of episodes that walk the listeners along a journey of ever-deepening knowledge down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

Whether you are just beginning to see the benefits that Bitcoin will bring to the world or are a seasoned Bitcoiner affected by its power long ago, you’ll find something in the talks here that will expand your perception and understanding. Join beginners and seasoned maximalists as Oliver explores the enduring significance of proof-of-work in the realm of Bitcoin. Discover weekly content – from interviews to dispelling myths – and explore the profound impact of Bitcoin and the empowerment it creates.

This journey will leave a legacy for generations. No matter when you start, this podcast will be and forever remain invaluable.Uncover the timeless essence of the hardest asset known to mankind, shaping the future of finance. Bitcoin is now unleashed!
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