• What is the Communion Memorial?

    28 MAR. 2024 · What is the Communion Memorial?  Why is it done?  What is it supposed to accomplish?  What is the difference between doing it in the Old Testament vs today? In this teaching we take a look at its beginning, the meaning and significance of the two parts, the broken body and the shed blood, and the full deliverance from physical issues that we have because of Jesus Christ's physical torture. Jesus Christ was THE Passover Lamb, once and for all.
    22m 22s
  • Confess Now!

    19 FEB. 2024 · The power of God's Word is released when you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart what the Word says. Confession of belief yields receipt of your confession. "Confess" literally means "speak the same thing". What "same thing"? What God's Word says. That is where you will get answers to your prayers. No one can believe more than they think or know, which is why it is so important to know who you, as a believer, are according to God; for you to know what He has freely given you through his Son Jesus Christ; for you to know what is rightfully yours from God.
    14m 19s
  • Your Power of Attorney

    4 FEB. 2024 · You have Jesus Christ's power of attorney to live the more abundant life and carry out the ministry of reconciliation -- why? because he is not present here on earth and has given the power and responsibility to the believers today. Believers in the 1st Century church did signs, miracles and wonders because they knew the power they had. Nothing has changed from God. The power is still there. It is the power behind the name of Jesus Christ that gives the believer the power and authority to take his place now here on earth, for "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.". Christians today need to rise up and use this God given power!
    21m 55s
  • Discover the Goodness of God

    23 ENE. 2024 · In order to discover the goodness of God we need to go to His Word. Just as people "discover" one another via words, whether conversation, emails, or texts, God had His Word written so we could discover Him and learn of His goodness to mankind. Too often man may say "this is what God says and means", and as a young boy I listened but did not check the Bible, God's Word, to see if what I as being told was true. And sometimes these comments were completely opposite of what God's Word actually does say. We need to discover the goodness of God so we can see His love to us and claim His promises in our lives. Having an incorrect or negative view of God hurts our ability to believe Him. He has given us all good things freely. It may surprise you to learn that to "repent" does not mean "confess your sins".
    26m 31s
  • How Not To Be Anxious

    26 DIC. 2023 · Anxiety is fear, it chokes, it robs you of life. God did not intend for you to live a life with anxiety. Learn some simple keys on how to trust God in your daily living so that you have less anxiety in your life. The Word of God shows us that He takes care of us when we learn to believe Him. A first step is learning that He cares for you. A first key on how not to be anxious is to learn and believe that God cares for us and God has provided for us. Period. If we have our needs met -- whether it be clothing, shelter, money, health -- we have fewer things to fret about. If we know and believe that we have 'someone', God, to go to in time of need, we can live with an assurance and confidence in life.
    17m 50s
  • Answered Prayer

    1 SEP. 2023 · It is important to know HOW to pray and receive answers from God. Unanswered prayers can be discouraging. In this episode we will take a look at examples where prayers are answered, and how we can learn to use these principles in our own prayer life. God wants to answer your prayers even more than you want them answered!
    19m 49s
  • Are You A 'phobic?

    18 MAY. 2023 · Various types of labels are used to classify people: of being some kind of a 'phobic, a conspiracy theorist, or not being politically correct. Somehow the right to have one's own opinion or to respectfully disagree has been attacked. Are we supposed to blindly accept with people or the main-stream media say is right, or normal? Where should our standards of thought and beliefs come from? Learn about being conformed vs. transforming!
    20m 3s
  • Sin, sins, or both?

    1 MAY. 2023 · Are you trying to pay for sin yourself? Are you aware of how completely both sin and sins have been washed away? What is your idea of repentance? Is it to be remorseful, or is it something else? We cannot enjoy all of God's gifts fully if we walk around in a mental state of sin-consciousness. Learn about the complete remission and forgiveness of sin and sins! https://www.blessmylife.blog
    19m 11s
  • What About Peace?

    1 FEB. 2023 · How important is peace and lack of anxiety to you? Learn more about how God has already given the best kind of peace, and how to claim and use it in your life. God does care and He does want your life to be full of peace. https://www.blessmylife.blog
    15m 58s
  • What is your prison?

    7 ENE. 2023 · Prisons come in all shapes and sizes other than a physical jail; they many times come in some form of emotional or personal problem and these can be the most debilitating. Discover how to gain release from your prisons and live more freely. https://www.blessmylife.blog
    16m 14s

We all need more blessings in this life. Many times we do not know what we've already been given or how to receive it. Learn more on how to enjoy...

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We all need more blessings in this life. Many times we do not know what we've already been given or how to receive it. Learn more on how to enjoy what has already been freely given by God.
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