• Money Story Series - Elsa Janney

    7 JUN. 2024 · Elsa Janney is no stranger to the Blue Feathered Stories. She joins me today to share her volunerable money story. Go grab yourself a cup of tea and lean in close as she shares beliefs as a young girl and adult. - Money is hard - Money makes you sick - You need money to get healthy Elsa is rewriting her story to: - Money is ecstasy and pleasurable - All my needs are met - My soul feels that money is shareable - Money feeds me physically, mentally and emotionally Elsa is asking to receive so that she can help others, working with it's true essence of neutrality!
    38m 32s
  • Money Series with Chrissey Sie Merritt

    30 MAY. 2024 · Chrissey is a beautiful soul sister that I am honored to have in my life.  She shares with us her money stories witnessing how her parents and grand parents were with money.  Chrissey learnt at a young age that you had to work really hard for money and you had to be deserving.  Later she realized that if you did not earn money you had no say in the household decisions.  These beliefs were adopted from a very young age. Her struggles with her health not that long ago made her realize that she had some money stories that needed to be upgraded and changed. Join us as we share stories and the impact these have on our adult lives. https://www.chrissysiemerritt.com/
    53m 52s
  • My Story - Money Stories Series

    15 MAY. 2024 · Episode 19 - My Story Money Story Series Are you healing your money story? Healing is not only about your health it is also includes your wealth! I don't know about you but I'm tired of carrying these old outdated money stories. It is time to heal them. It is so the time that we've made a series out of them.  Join me and other beautiful soul sisters as we have a deep honest conversation about our money wounds.  But first join me in my personal money journey. Aho Blessings, Blue Thunder Bird Woman
    17m 56s
  • Blessing Way to Birth

    1 MAY. 2024 · Blessings to Birth Every woman getting ready for birthing should experience a Blessing Way Ceremony. Such a beautiful way to support the mama to be.  My special guest Amy Everett shares with us what it meant for her to be the recipient of such a sacred ceremony.  Amy shares her birth story and why this one was different than her first. Join us as we share in sacred ceremony what it means to birth our children Earthside with so much intent. You won't want to miss the power, the magic and the beauty of a mother's birthing story!
    45m 13s
  • The Burning Hip

    9 FEB. 2024 · An epic healing journey is not linear in fact it's a spiral. When you discover that your physical body is struggling then it's time to dig into your sheaths (energetic layers of your body). Our physical bodies let us know with pain there is an issue. It is then up to us to uncover the layers of emotions, mind and spiritual infliction, and even into our past lives. Join me as we uncover the layers of pain around a hip that is on Fire! I delve into being assisted through the guidance of 2 professionals: Jen Pillipow who specializes in hypnotherapy and the other Dr. Fox who offers alternative methods of healing. Come along now, I know you will be fascinated! Aho Blessings, Blue Thunder Bird Woman Jen Pillipow: Hypnotherpist https://www.jenpillipow.com/ Dr. Fox https://www.althealing.ca/biofeedback.html Supplements - Transform (turns sugar into fibre) https://www.tranont.com/shineyourlight
    40m 42s
  • Molly's Healing Journey Episode 16

    16 NOV. 2023 · Episode 16 - Molly's Journey Molly's journey is not for the faint of heart. Her experience with death at a young age left her emotionally paralyzed and took her on a dark rabbit hole of prescription drugs, suppressed emotions and a religious community that refused to acknowledge her pain. Once brave enough to break free of the chains of western medicine & organized religion, she finds herself on a shamanic path picking up her soul pieces and steadily putting herself back together with a heart filled with compassion. She learned to love herself!
    56m 21s
  • Episode 15 Elsa Inspiration

    3 JUL. 2023 · Sometimes in life you meet souls that inspire you to take action in a GREAT way. Elsa Janney is that person. Meet Elsa, she is on an epic healing journey that requires a lot of "Jaguar" medicine (courage). In this conversation Elsa shares her healing journey and the inspired action we both decided to step into because of it. So much richness in this sacred space. Join me in my first shared episode of Blue Feathered Stories with the beautiful Elsa Janney, co-creator of Wolf Winds. An incredible animal & human healer working with Spirit, and the Spirit of the animals to bring balance into our lives through the concept of prey and preditor. There was so much richness in the depth of this conversation we will definitely need to invite Elsa back for more sacred sharing. Aho
    1h 2m 54s
  • Grieving the Living

    30 AGO. 2021 · Grieving isn't always about those who have passed and left their physical bodies. Often we can experience grief through events, jobs, people that are lost to us. In this podcast I share with you my ow personal experience with the loss of a beautiful soul sister who's absence not only affected my soul but the soul of my business. We'll also explore the grief that we are feeling collectively during these times of chaos. I'll also impart some wisdom of practices that you can do to help heal the heart. And as my gift to you I'll guide you through a joyful reunion with your living loved ones who you are grieving. This experience promises to be filled with love, joy and happiness.
    46m 33s
  • My Journey with Reiki

    29 MAY. 2021 · I never would have guessed that a 10 minute Reiki session 20 years ago would have led me to the Shaman I am today. My why when I learned Reiki was because I was broken. I was broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. What is your why? If you are interested in learning this wonderful modality you can now study from home with Reiki Level I - Home Study. https://www.shineyourlight.ca/reiki-home-study.html
    29m 25s
  • Narakata Spirit of the Sun

    10 MAR. 2021 · This episode is short but surely it is sweet! We will journey to the rising and falling sun to discover what messages it has for us at this time. Here is a little insert: "Magic happens at the first ray of my sunlight. My rays are to awaken all of creation. Stand tall. Pay attention. Ignite. I am not to be worshipped in any way but to a command acknowledgement of the power of the Creator. Your growth as a human does not happen in my sunlight. But what happens takes place in darkness. My light gives you the opportunity to observe and acknowledge growth that took place in the darkness."
    13m 5s

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Healing is not as simple as going to a doctor to pick up a prescription. In order to really heal a dis-ease one must walk the path of a healer,...

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Healing is not as simple as going to a doctor to pick up a prescription. In order to really heal a dis-ease one must walk the path of a healer, which means to heal from all energetic fields of our bodies. The mind, body and soul with the help of our spiritual guides. Join me as I share my many stories how spirits assist us on our healing path.
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