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Building With Vitality

  • Mind Over Matter: Unraveling the Mental & Emotional Journey of Fitness Transformation with Drew Manning

    8 MAR. 2024 · Get ready to explore the profound connection between your mindset, emotions, and fitness journey in this thought-provoking episode with Drew Manning, world-renowned health and wellness coach and creator of Fit2Fat2Fit. Drawing from his own transformative journey of intentionally gaining and losing 75 pounds, Drew shares invaluable insights into the profound impact of mindset and emotions on our physical health and well-being. From uncovering and dismantling self-limiting beliefs to recognizing and overcoming emotional hurdles, Drew offers practical strategies and actionable advice to help you become aware of patterns that may be holding you back on your journey to better health.
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  • Elevating Your Health with Fruits and Vegetables w/ Co-Founder of RUVI, Amber Benson

    1 MAR. 2024 · Nikki engages in a vibrant discussion with Amber Benson, co-founder of RUVI, a world-renowned company specializing in delicious freeze-dried fruit and vegetable mixes. They discuss the power of food as medicine, specifically incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet and tips on how to do so in our fast-paced, convenience-focused society. Amber discusses the transformative impact that healthy eating has on all aspects of life, emphasizing practical tips to seamlessly integrate nutritious choices into one's lifestyle. From unraveling the convenience of RUVI's innovative products to exploring sustainable strategies for embracing a health-focused diet, this episode will definitely help you navigate the how and why of getting more nutrients into your diet! For more info about RUVI, checkout their website here: https://www.goruvi.com Or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getruvi?igsh=enlleHFxOWk1c2ho Show listeners get a special discount on all RUVI products with discount code: Vitality15 To connect with Nikki, you can follow her on IG @nikki.j.fitness or email nikki@buildingwithvitality.com
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  • Setting Your Focus Word for the New Year

    2 ENE. 2024 · In this episode, hosts Nikki and Paige explore the concept of choosing a focus word to align all your goals for the upcoming year. With insightful discussions and personal anecdotes, Nikki and Paige guide listeners through the significance, benefits, and process of this practice. Whether you're seeking clarity, motivation, or a sense of direction, this episode will inspire you to choose a focus word that will shape your journey in the year ahead.
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  • How your mindset may be holding you back and how to change it

    5 DIC. 2023 · In this episode, we explore the subtle ways your thoughts shape your reality, influencing everything in your life. We shine a light on common pitfalls and self-limiting beliefs that may be obstructing your path to success and fulfillment. We share our own examples of mindset pitfalls we’ve struggled with and how it all starts with loving self-awareness and being radically honest with ourselves – that we may be the ones standing in our own way. Join us as we chat about the power of our mindset and how making small shifts can actually lead to big impact.
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  • How to be an Energy Giver vs Energy Taker

    28 NOV. 2023 · Have you ever noticed how some people leave you feeling drained and depleted, while others leave you feeling uplifted and energized? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself which type of person you are for other people — are you a fountain or a drain? We get real and raw in this episode as we explore the concept of being an energy giver versus an energy taker. We'll discuss practical strategies and mindset shifts that can help you become more conscious of your own energy and how to treat it like your personal currency: cultivate it, but also spend it wisely. Our goal for this episode is to first ignite the question in your mind… “Am I an energy giver vs taker,” and then give you practical tips on becoming more of an energy giver!
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  • How to Start Exercising More: Practical Tips For Your Lifestyle

    21 NOV. 2023 · In this episode, we dive into the transformative power of movement and its role as medicine for our bodies and minds. The goal is to make small, incremental improvements to really embrace movement as a lifelong habit, unlocking your full potential for a healthier and happier life. Join us as we explore the science-backed benefits of exercise, from physical health improvements to mental well-being enhancements. Nikkius es her background as a personal trainer, health coach, hollistic nutritionist, and former fitness competior to discuss the importance of movement as a lifestyle. Both Nikki and Paige provide practical tips and strategies to help you kickstart and maintain a workout regimen that suits your lifestyle. Enjoy! Follow Nikk for more on IG @nikki.j.fitness and her website http://www.becomeyourfit.com/ Follow Paige on IG @_paigehope
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  • The Science of Lifting Weights and Doing Hard Things w/ World-Renowned Fitness Trainer, Jessica Gunn

    14 NOV. 2023 · In this episode, we dive into the fascinating science behind lifting weights and conquering challenges with the incredible fitness trainer, Jess Gunn. Join us as we explore Jess's inspiring fitness journey, from a stay-at-home mom who had never set foot in a gym to becoming a world-renowned fitness coach. Discover how she overcame her initial doubts and fears, and how she now empowers other women to embrace the transformative power of lifting weights and pushing past their self-limiting beliefs. Get ready to be inspired by Jess's incredible story of resilience, determination, and the unwavering belief that we are all capable of doing hard things. We hope you enjoy this episode! Learn more about Jess at https://gunning4fitness.com/ Connect with Jess on Instagram @gunning4fitness
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  • Revolutionizing Healthcare: Your Prescription for Empowered Wellness with Dr. John Sanders

    7 NOV. 2023 · Nikki and Paige are joined by the remarkable Dr. John Sanders, a board-certified family physician with over a decade of experience specializing in holistic family medicine. Dr. John brings a unique perspective to the table as he takes a deep dive into the challenges and limitations of our current medical system. Get ready for an insightful conversation as he shares invaluable insights into preventative measures and how his practice pioneers a distinct approach to healthcare. If you're eager to explore the evolving landscape of medical care, understand the power of prevention, and discover innovative ways to take control of your well-being, this episode is your gateway to a healthier and more empowered life. We hope you enjoy! For more Information about our guest, Dr John Sanders, D.O. check out the links below… Website: https://voyageclinics.com/ Connect on IG: https://instagram.com/voyage_dpc?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA%3D%3D&utm_source=qr Connect on FB: https://www.facebook.com/VoyageDPC?mibextid=LQQJ4d
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  • Having Hard Conversations: The Power of Communication and Phrasing

    31 OCT. 2023 · Paige and Nikki dive into the art of navigating challenging dialogues with grace and effectiveness. Join us as we explore the nuances of communication, share practical strategies, and uncover the transformative impact of thoughtful phrasing. Whether you're striving to improve personal relationships, enhance your professional communication, or simply navigate life's tricky conversations, this episode promises to equip you with invaluable insights and tools to powerfully express your thoughts in an articulate and empathetic way. Tune in and discover the key to fostering understanding, empathy, and positive change through your words.
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  • Healing Hormones Naturally: Insights from Cody Sanders, Holistic Health Practioner and Co-founder of Mixhers

    24 OCT. 2023 · If you want to learn more about the importance of hormone health and how to start healing your hormones naturally, join us as we sit down with Cody Sanders, Co-founder of Mixhers and a Holistic Health Practitioner, to dive into the vital world of hormone health! Explore the profound impact of hormones on your well-being and learn how to navigate your unique cycle with expert guidance. Tune in to our fun and educational discussion around the secrets to balancing your hormones to help evelate your overall well-being.
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Welcome to "Building with Vitality," where we explore the essence of living a more intentional life with energy, enthusiasm, and purpose aka VITALITY! From physical health to mental clarity, emotional...

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Welcome to "Building with Vitality," where we explore the essence of living a more intentional life with energy, enthusiasm, and purpose aka VITALITY!
From physical health to mental clarity, emotional resilience, and holistic well-being, we discuss topics that empower you to cultivate vitality in every aspect of your life.
Together, we'll explore transformative practices, life-changing experiences, and empowering stories that will inspire you to take action and break free from autopilot.
We cover it all because all aspects of our health are interconnected AND because by prioritizing our own health and well-being, we can show up better in all areas of our lives!
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