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Business Roundtable

  • Leadership Voices: Unveiling the Art of Influence

    29 DIC. 2023 · Host David Carr and a panel of distinguished guests delve into the multifaceted world of leadership. This episode features two accomplished professionals, Curtis Cochran and Stacy Kinoshita, who bring their rich experiences and unique perspectives. Curtis, the owner of a mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, discusses his innovative E4 System and its impact on guiding businesses through growth and successful exits. A workforce and cash flow solutions strategist, Stacy shares her passion for empowering smaller firms to compete with industry giants. Their stories are not only inspiring but also deeply insightful. The discussion traverses various leadership styles, focusing on personal journeys and the essence of an effective leader. From stories of resilience and adaptation to exploring the Five Voices Assessment tool, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for aspiring and seasoned leaders. Whether it's understanding your leadership voice, the power of showing up, or the art of listening and adapting, "Leadership Voices" offers a nuanced look at the qualities that make a successful leader.
    52m 39s
  • Navigating Business Culture & Leadership

    29 DIC. 2023 · In this episode of the Business Roundtable Podcast, host David Carr, alongside a panel of esteemed colleagues, delves into the vital aspects of business culture and leadership. Curtis Cochran, Stacy Kinoshita, and Charlie Chen are joining the conversation, each bringing unique insights from their respective fields. Curtis starts the discussion by highlighting the importance of having a clear mission statement and the need for systems to maintain focus and accountability within a business. His E4 system, which addresses the four cycles of business ownership, sets the tone for a deep dive into the intricacies of organizational management. Stacey Kinoshita emphasizes the role of a business resource specialist in addressing workforce concerns and cash flow management. She stresses the significance of having a vision and mission to guide every aspect of the business, from systems to HR. Charlie Chen, the Chief Experience Officer at Intellisys, shares his expertise in cybersecurity for small to mid-sized companies. He underscores the importance of leading by example and aligning with the company's mission and values beyond lip service. The panel explores various aspects of business culture and leadership throughout the episode. They discuss the challenges and strategies of establishing a solid company culture, the pitfalls of not having a clear mission, and the dynamics of leading across different generations in the workforce. The conversation also discusses the importance of identifying the right team members and their roles in fostering a conducive business environment. The experts concur that business owners must recognize their role as leaders, not just technicians in their field. They emphasize the importance of systems, mentorship, and constant evaluation to ensure a business's long-term survival and growth. David Carr brings the discussion to a close by reflecting on the concepts of dependency, independence, and interdependence in business, drawing on insights from Stephen Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." The panelists share their personal journeys and experiences, highlighting the value of interdependence in business growth and success. Listeners are left with knowledge and practical advice on creating and nurturing a winning business culture, underscored by effective leadership and a clear vision. The episode serves as a masterclass for entrepreneurs and business leaders striving to build successful and sustainable businesses.
    48m 1s
  • Know Thyself

    29 DIC. 2023 · Join us as we explore the inspiring stories of small business owners, their moments of self-discovery, and the valuable lessons they've learned on their entrepreneurial journeys. Discover how knowing yourself can be the key to unlocking your full potential and creating a business that aligns with your true purpose. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone looking to gain insights into the powerful connection between self-awareness and business success, this podcast episode is for you. Tune in and be inspired to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and entrepreneurial fulfillment.
    49m 30s
  • Core Values

    29 DIC. 2023 · The "Business Roundtable Podcast" episode on core values offers an engaging and insightful look into the business world, focusing on the importance of core values for organizational success. The episode is hosted by David Carr from Steward Your Business and features a diverse panel of experts who delve deep into topics crucial for business owners. Curtis Cochran from a mergers and acquisitions firm discusses preparing businesses for exit strategies. Bil Hatch, a leadership guide and podcaster, discusses ethical leadership and its actionable behaviors that unite teams under their leaders. A business resource specialist, Stacey Kinoshita, addresses workforce concerns and cash flow strategies, emphasizing company culture and profitability. The discussion is facilitated by Charlie, the Chief Experience Officer at Intellisys, who specializes in cybersecurity. He sets the stage for an in-depth conversation on core values, their significance, and their transformative impact on businesses. The panelists share their personal and professional insights, highlighting the role of core values in guiding behavior, decision-making, and setting a company's direction. David emphasizes articulating core values to connect with like-minded people and clients. The conversation covers various aspects of core values, including their subjectivity, importance in setting company culture, and the need for clear communication and measurable outcomes. The episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for business owners, offering practical advice and profound insights into the significance of core values in shaping and directing a business's journey. It's a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the intricacies of successful business management and the role of core values in fostering a thriving organizational environment.
    55m 15s
  • Winning Culture!

    29 DIC. 2023 · Welcome to "The Business Roundtable Podcast," hosted by David Carr of Steward Your Business. This insightful podcast is a must-listen for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking practical advice on cultivating a successful business. Each episode features engaging discussions with experts like leadership guide Bill Hatch, technology leader Charlie Chen, and special guest Dr. Curtis Cochran, focusing on vital topics such as organizational health, team engagement, and culture in the workplace. Dive deep into the intricacies of building and sustaining a winning culture in your business. Our guests share their diverse experiences and strategies, from leveraging technology for business security to incorporating ethical leadership and effective communication within your team. Listen as they tackle the real challenges faced in the business world, from aligning your mission statement to identifying and cultivating leaders within your organization. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or running an established enterprise, "The Business Roundtable Podcast" offers invaluable insights into creating a thriving, positive work environment and leading your business towards sustained growth and success. Tune in to learn, get inspired, and transform how you approach business leadership and culture! Key Topics: - Fostering a Positive Business Culture - Leadership and Team Engagement - Organizational Health and Growth Strategies - Real-world Insights from Seasoned Entrepreneurs - Navigating Challenges in Small Business Management
    46m 54s
  • Gift Giving & Receiving

    29 DIC. 2023 · In this episode of the "Business Roundtable Podcast," host David Carr from Steward Your Business discusses gift giving and receiving. Special guests Charlie Chen and Bill Hatch join the conversation, bringing additional insights and perspectives. The dialogue promises to delve into practical strategies and experiences to give listeners valuable takeaways for enhancing their business practices, and leadership approaches when giving and receiving gifts.
    45m 5s
  • Finding Peace

    29 DIC. 2023 · Join us on the latest episode of the Business Roundtable Podcast led by host David Carr of Steward Your Business. This engaging episode focuses on the crucial theme of peace in organizational and personal health. We're excited to feature Bil Hatch, a leadership guide and the vibrant voice behind the 'Not Quite After Midnight' podcast, alongside the ever-insightful Stacey Kinoshita, a business resource specialist who is returning to share her unique perspectives. Charlie Chen, a seasoned executive and CXO, facilitated the discussion. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation about how peace and well-being can transform the workplace. This blend of expertise and experience is designed to inspire and empower business owners and their teams. Don't miss out!
    1h 14m 28s
  • Planning in Business

    29 DIC. 2023 · This insightful episode of the Business Roundtable Podcast, hosted by David Carr of Steward Your Business, focuses on strategic planning and preparation for business success. Joined by Curtis Cochran, an expert in mergers and acquisitions, they delve into the crucial aspects of business planning, emphasizing the importance of evaluating, enhancing, and exiting business ownership. The discussion revolves around the significance of having a solid game plan, especially at the start of a new year, for businesses ranging from startups to those generating revenues in the millions. They highlight the necessity of thorough analysis and understanding the facts of one's business to project future goals and directions. Curtains shares his core philosophy system, which involves four cycles of business ownership. The conversation also touches on the challenges small businesses face in scaling up and the critical role of letting go of ego in business growth. They discuss the importance of hiring key employees and creating a culture that aligns with the company's goals and vision. A key takeaway from the episode is the emphasis on providing more value than the dollars earned, a concept Curtis ardently supports. This episode is a treasure trove of advice for business owners at any stage, offering insights into practical business strategies, the importance of regular evaluations, and the art of making a business sellable and enjoyable. Listeners are encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions for future podcast topics. This informative episode is a call to action for business owners to plan effectively and embrace growth and change for a successful 2024.
    49m 19s
  • Navigating the Tides: Business Owners Confronting Challenges

    10 ENE. 2024 · In this engaging episode of the Business Roundtable podcast, host David Carr is joined by a diverse panel of seasoned business experts: Stacey Kinoshita, Curtis Cochran, Bill Hatch, and Luke Kibler. Together, they delve into the intricate world of entrepreneurship, focusing on the relentless challenges business owners face and the strategies to overcome them. Key Highlights: - Economic Fluctuations and Cash Flow Management: Dive into insightful discussions on adapting to economic changes and mastering the art of cash flow management. Stacey Kinoshita shares her expertise on the importance of in-house bookkeeping, while Curtis Cochran emphasizes the critical role of cash flow in business valuation. - Technological Innovation and Adaptation: Through thorough research, Bill Hatch brings the significance of choosing the right technological solutions. The conversation navigates through how technology can streamline operations and significantly cut costs. - Cultivating a Resilient Team: Explore the nuances of creating a resilient work culture with the panel. The episode highlights the necessity of fostering a culture of accountability and ownership, with Luke Kibler emphasizing employee autonomy and recognition. - The Power of a Positive Mindset: Engage in a powerful dialogue about overcoming business obstacles with a positive mindset. The guests share personal anecdotes and emphasize the importance of thinking big and maintaining resilience in the face of adversity. Why Listen? This episode is a treasure trove for current and aspiring business owners, offering a blend of personal experiences, practical advice, and innovative strategies. Whether grappling with financial challenges, technological shifts, team dynamics, or simply seeking inspiration to think bigger, "Navigating the Tides" offers valuable insights and real-world solutions. Tune in to empower your entrepreneurial journey with wisdom from those who've navigated these waters successfully. New Episodes: Weekly Available On: Your favorite podcast platforms
    1h 2m 7s
  • Mastering Business Development: A Human-Centric Approach

    17 ENE. 2024 · In this captivating episode of the Business Roundtable podcast, host David Carr, cybersecurity specialist Charlie Chen, and guest Luke Kibler explore the nuanced world of business development. Focusing on cultivating genuine relationships over transactions, they dive into the essence of what makes businesses thrive. David, the force behind Steward Your Business, opens the discussion by emphasizing the importance of understanding oneself to lead effectively. Charlie, bringing his expertise as a chief experience officer, underscores the unique blend of peace of mind and world-class hospitality in IT support. The conversation takes a meaningful turn as they discuss the concept of 'playing it forward' in business networking, inspired by Zig Ziglar's philosophy that you can have everything in life if you help enough people get what they want. This human-to-human (H2H) approach is central to their dialogue. Luke adds depth with his insights on the law of reciprocation, highlighting the importance of nurturing relationships like a garden. The trio shares their experiences and strategies, focusing on asking the right questions and actively listening to understand clients' needs, not just their business requirements. Moreover, they caution against common pitfalls such as aggressive selling and unsolicited advice, advocating for a more empathetic and service-oriented approach. The discussion also addressed the dangers of leveraging artificial intelligence without understanding client needs. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to excel in business development through authentic, relationship-driven strategies. Tune in for an enlightening journey into making your business more human-centric and successful. Remember to subscribe for more insightful episodes, and join us next week for another round of the Business Roundtable podcast. Happy listening and a prosperous new year to all!
    39m 22s

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Welcome to the Business Roundtable Podcast, hosted by David Carr of Steward Your Business. This engaging and informative podcast series is dedicated to helping business owners, and entrepreneurs navigate the...

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Welcome to the Business Roundtable Podcast, hosted by David Carr of Steward Your Business. This engaging and informative podcast series is dedicated to helping business owners, and entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of running a successful enterprise. Each episode features David Carr and a roster of industry experts, including regular contributors like Curtis Cochran, who bring their wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions, organizational health, and team building.

Dive into discussions that cover a broad range of topics essential to business growth and sustainability. From strategic planning and preparation to understanding the cycles of business ownership, the podcast provides invaluable insights into evaluating, enhancing, and exiting business ownership. Listeners can expect practical advice on scaling businesses, managing finances, and creating a culture that aligns with company goals.

What sets this podcast apart is its focus on actionable strategies combined with real-world experiences. The conversations often delve into the importance of providing more value than the dollars earned and the necessity of adaptability in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, the Business Roundtable Podcast is vital for staying ahead in today's competitive market. Join David Carr and his guests as they explore the art of making a business profitable but also enjoyable and sustainable. Tune in for your dose of inspiration, guidance, and tools to make 2024 and beyond a resounding success for your business ventures.

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