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Bygone Echoes

  • Heads Up! The Creepy Chronicles of Cleveland's Torso Murders

    2 JUN. 2024 · Step into 1930s Cleveland, where a sinister figure known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run was on the loose! 🕵️‍♂️💀 With gruesome, unsolved murders and dismembered bodies, the city was in a state of fear. Eliot Ness, famed crime fighter, gave it his all, but this noir mystery remained a head-scratcher. 😱👀 Discover how the Great Depression, Prohibition, and social issues played a part in this chilling tale. Tune in if you dare—but friends, don't lose your heads!
    Escuchado 27m 54s
  • Witchy Woman Woes: The Curious Case of Alice Young

    27 ABR. 2024 · Hold on to your pointy hats because we’re about to spill the tea on some 17th-century drama! This episode of Bygone Echoes is all about Alice Young, the mysterious OG witchy woman of Windsor, Connecticut, who was throwing shade (or was it spells?) way before the Salem squad made it mainstream.  Explore the eerie blend of fear, mysteries, an untimely pandemic, and a community's paranoia that turned deadly. Was Alice really casting curses, or was she just too cunning for her own good? Thanks to shoddy record-keeping, who knows! Tune in to stir the cauldron of history and uncover the shadows of America's first witchcraft hysteria.
    Escuchado 24m 42s
  • Madness, Carousel Rides, and the Quest for Sanity: A 19th-Century Mental Health Odyssey

    24 MAR. 2024 · Imagine a time when fashion was big, but the understanding of mental health was...well, not. We're talking quirky treatments, undesireable communal baths, and the "Annual Lunatic's Ball." Europe was just waking up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, mental illness wasn't about being buddy-buddy with demons. How shocking! Meanwhile, across the pond, the U.S. was stitching together its own patchwork of mental health care—think family care mixed with a side of "Oops, we accidentally built a nightmare island." This episode will guide us through the ins and outs of mental health care back when "moral treatment" was the new hotness, and asylums were popping up like Starbucks.  And if you thought your high school was cliquey, wait till you hear about the divisions in these asylums. But it's not all doom and gloom—there's carousel rides and dance parties, proving even in the toughest times, humans can find a sparkle of joy. Grab your time-travel gear and a dash of curiosity—let's skim through the pages of history and uncover stories that'll turn what you thought you knew on its head. Ready to be amazed? Let's light the fuse and watch the past explode into life!
    Escuchado 33m 36s
  • How to Get Away with Murder, 1884 Style: The Savage Saga of the Servant Girl Annihilator

    20 ENE. 2024 · Dive into the still-unsolved mystery of America's first serial killer, stalking Austin, Texas in 1885. This episode blends a lively narrative with the haunting reality of a case that has baffled experts for over a century. We explore the twists, turns, and dead ends of this cold case with a mix of intrigue and respectful curiosity. It's an engaging journey through history's foggy paths, where unanswered questions linger and the search for truth continues. Join us for a historical puzzle that's as captivating as it is confounding!
    Escuchado 19m 49s
  • Trolley Park Thrills and Ghost Coaster Chills

    2 ENE. 2024 · All aboard the nostalgia express on 'Bygone Echoes' as we serve up some delightful deets on Idora Park, a charming trolley park from Ohio's yesteryears. We're cruising through its legendary highs, from scream-inducing roller coasters to jiving dance halls, and then touching on its heart-tugging decline and the lasting legacy it gifted us. So, join us on this memory lane adventure, exploring the times when fun and history collided in the most fab way.
    Escuchado 21m 54s
  • The World's Columbian Exposition - A (Not So) Exquisite Adventure

    27 DIC. 2023 · Join us on a swanky time-trip to 1893's World's Columbian Exposition, a glittering spectacle that'd make today's expos seem like quaint tea parties. Step into the White City, where neoclassical wonders soared. But beware! This dazzling facade conceals a juicy tale rivaling a Gilded Age soap opera, starring racism, inequality, and colonialism. We'll spill the historical tea, revealing how this event epitomized the Gilded Age's opulence and controversy. Societal norms were a rollercoaster no one signed up for. Fast forward to today, where echoes of this extravagant extravaganza continue to shape our view of history, culture, and the fight for equality. Buckle up, grab your monocle, and tight-laced-corset, as we embark on a wild ride through one of America's most unforgettable moments!
    Escuchado 24m 7s

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