• EP 46 - Blazing Trails and Bunny Tales

    15 ABR. 2024 · In Episode 46 of Cannabis Unearthed, Megan and Amber sit down with the creative force known as Victoria, aka Beauty Who Burns. Victoria shares her fascinating journey, from crafting a unique 'Easater Bunny' from rolling papers for the World Rolling Championship to her impactful work in social media and event curation. Tune in as Victoria dives into her passion for cannabis culture and community, discussing her popular BWB Hotlist on Instagram, where she shares must-attend events and highlights in the cannabis world. Get ready for an engaging conversation filled with creativity, passion, and insights into the vibrant cannabis scene! 🌿✨
    1h 33m 21s
  • EP 45 - Polly You're A Smoker

    18 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, join us as we delve into Caroline’s world- a photographer, roller derby extraordinaire, and her role Brand Rep at Cannacraft Brands. Caroline gives us her unique perspective on the cannabis industry, offering insights into her role at Cannacraft Brands and the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization. Caroline and Megan recount their personal experiences as a Hall of Flowers exhibitor and retailer, where creativity meets commerce in the world of cannabis culture. But amidst the glitz and glamour, Caroline courageously shares a deeply personal tale – her father’s involvement in trafficking cannabis years ago. Through her poignant storytelling, we gain a profound understanding of resilience, redemption, and the complex tapestry of human experiences.  Special thanks to Costa Concentrates for the amazing live rosin experience! 
    1h 27m 28s
  • EP 44 - Tattoos and Tokes

    26 FEB. 2024 · Join hosts Megan and Amber on Episode 44 as they sit down with Grace AKA LaGracielaa, a remarkable female tattoo artist and cannabis cultivator based in Los Angeles. Grace not only brings her artistic talents to the table but also her expertise in cannabis cultivation, creating a unique blend of creativity and horticulture. Learn more about her journey as she shares insights into her dual passions of tattoo artistry and cannabis cultivation. Learn how she seamlessly integrates both worlds, infusing her art with the essence of cannabis culture. Find out more about her collaboration with The Higher Path and The Green Room in Sherman Oaks, where she brings her tattooing skills to special events, creating a vibrant atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts.
    1h 17m 36s
  • EP 43 - Fast Times with Austin Kress

    12 FEB. 2024 · Get ready to dive into Season 3 with a big ol’ laugh! Megan and Amber are starting off with a bang by chatting with the hilarious Austin Kress, AKA Stoney McBlaze at the Green Room in Sherman Oaks. During our conversation, Austin shared insights into breaking out of his "Stoney" character and what fuels his creativity. We delved into the nuances of his process, exploring the moments when he transcends his comedic persona to tap into new wellsprings of creativity. From meditative practices to quirky rituals, Austin revealed the eclectic mix of influences that help him navigate the ever-evolving landscape of comedy. So, get ready to uncover the secrets behind Austin's comedic genius and discover the unexpected sources of inspiration that fuel his imaginative flights. We’ll be catching up on Austin’s comedy journey, sharing some laughs, his recent gig with Cheech & Chong and talking about what makes his comedy so unique. Grab your joint & Get ready for some good vibes and come puff with us!
    59m 52s
  • EP 42 - Manifesting The Higher Path

    8 ENE. 2024 · On the Season 2 Finale of Cannabis Unearthed, Amber and Megan take you on a personal and reflective journey, sharing their own promotions and life changes. Megan opens up about a life-altering event—meeting her long-lost half-brother. Listen to the emotional and heartwarming story as Megan unravels this unexpected chapter in her life, intertwining personal growth with the cannabis culture they've been exploring throughout the season. Amber and Megan also take a look at the broader cannabis landscape, discussing the latest industry trends as we step into 2024. The two share their plans for the next chapter of Cannabis Unearthed and bid farewell to SEASON TWO!
    39m 19s
  • EP 41 - The Savage Sagittarius

    11 DIC. 2023 · Join hosts Amber and Megan in the 41st episode of "Cannabis Unearthed" as they embark on a lively and laughter-filled conversation with the multi-talented Amanda G Savage. A trailblazing cannabis entrepreneur, comedian, Sagittarius, and the soon-to-be host of her own podcast, "Big Biz Baby Womxn," Amanda shares her unique perspective on the intersection of cannabis and comedy. As a comedian, Amanda brings her signature wit and humor to the discussion, offering a refreshing take on the cannabis culture. Get ready for a dose of laughter as the trio shares anecdotes, experiences, and perhaps a few hilarious mishaps from their respective journeys. And make sure to check out Amanda's new podcast releasing later this month, December 2023!
    1h 5m 14s
  • EP 40 - This Is For-Tea!

    20 NOV. 2023 · Join Amber and Megan in Episode 40 as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary and 40th episode milestone. In this insightful episode, they are joined by the fabulous Tee, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Tee's Teas Brands. Tell opens up about her unique product lines and the passion behind her teas, honey, and body products. She also shares the challenges she faces as a trailblazing Black woman CEO in the cannabis industry, shedding light on the hurdles and triumphs she encounters in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Tee provides valuable insights into the importance of diversity and representation in leadership roles. Tee's Teas Brands stands out not only for its exquisite blends but also for Tee's commitment to authenticity and quality. As she shares the story behind her products, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the passion and dedication that fuels Tee's entrepreneurial spirit. Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel for full video content!
    1h 15m 46s
  • EP 39 - The Need for Bre and Her Journey with T-H-C

    14 NOV. 2023 · Welcome back to another enlightening episode of Cannabis Unearthed! In this episode, your hosts Megan and Amber sit down with the brilliant Bre Jernagin, a distinguished cannabis educator with a Master's in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University of Medical Branch (UMB). Join us as we delve into Bre's fascinating journey in the cannabis industry, exploring her academic background, passion for education, and extensive experience as a brand ambassador. Bre brings a unique perspective to the table, combining scientific expertise with a deep understanding of the therapeutic potential of cannabis.
    1h 3m 8s
  • EP 38 - Bleed For Weed

    30 OCT. 2023 · Join Megan and Amber as they take you on a journey to the heart of Temecula, where the cannabis community came together in a remarkable way. In this special episode, our hosts share their experience attending an incredible blood drive event, where the community showed unwavering support and love for a fellow cannabis enthusiast in need. Hosted by Ranae of The Glass Warehouse in Temecula, the Life Stream Blood Bank came out and spent Saturday afternoon collecting blood donations in support of her dear friend, Evelyn. Megan and Amber explore the meaningful connections forged during the event and the shared passion for the healing power of cannabis. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT LIFE STREAM BLOOD BANK BY GOING TO THEIR WEBSITE AT LSTREAM.ORG
    35m 30s
  • EP 37 - Puff, Pass, and Persevere!

    23 OCT. 2023 · In this episode, we embark on a journey filled with laughter and resilience as we navigate life's challenges at the same time as hosting our first women's cannabis event! Join us as we explore the lighter side of life struggles, while also delving into how the cannabis community has provided support, empowerment, and a touch of humor along the way. Megan and Amber share their personal anecdotes, offering a unique perspective on the power of camaraderie, laughter, and herbal therapy.
    43m 31s

Cannabis Unearthed is a podcast based in Southern California that discusses the many issues and stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry and women who use cannabis. Megan and Amber discuss their...

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Cannabis Unearthed is a podcast based in Southern California that discusses the many issues and stigmas surrounding the cannabis industry and women who use cannabis.

Megan and Amber discuss their views on cannabis and interview others from the industry or who advocate for cannabis normalcy. New hour long episodes are released weekly on Mondays.
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