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    C.A.T.P.A.W. to Form Chapters in Cities and Towns Worldwide

    4 DIC. 2022 · $AerospaceDevelopment
    28m 33s
  • Explícito

    Zip Recruiter is Trash 🗑️

    4 DIC. 2022 · Zip Recruiter is Trash 🗑️
    4m 15s
  • Explícito

    They Will Be Destroyed

    4 DIC. 2022 · They Will Be Destroyed
    56m 5s
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    3 DIC. 2022 · Invisibility
    13m 31s
  • Explícito

    U.S. President Assassinated Analysis

    3 DIC. 2022 · U.S. President Assassinated Analysis
    9m 26s
  • Federal Law Enforcement

    3 DIC. 2022 · Federal Law Enforcement
    6m 38s
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    Rats in Dumpsters

    3 DIC. 2022 · We Will Find Them All
    18m 3s
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    Destroyer of Tyranny

    3 DIC. 2022 · Destroyer of Tyranny ... This video was designed to be taken down by YouTube and once it is we're going to go after the moderator who took it down my cash app ID is $AerospaceDevelopment and I have an active US passport and will fly to any country planet
    30m 40s
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    Damaged Country

    2 DIC. 2022 · Biden family involved in espionage and treason while being protected by the FBI that's also involved in espionage and treason
    20m 12s
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    Empire State Money Dot Com and 10 Million Patriots

    1 DIC. 2022 · If you support the cause against tyranny worldwide and want to see 10 million peace loving peaceful I.S. and Allied patriotic peaceful protesters ... peace peace peace assemble on Washington DC at the US Capitol Cash app ID is $AerospaceDevelopment The name of the new organization is C.A.T.P.A.W. Conservatives Against Tyranny Patriots Allied Worldwide. I rarely ask for favors from the audience, albeit, what I'm asking now is if you are on my side and you believe in this movement, please download this episode and you have my permission to share the physical download on YouTube on your own channel or anywhere across social media without limitations or restrictions. You can use this podcast episode for financial gain without owing me any royalties whatsoever; not one penny. Let's just get the word out and show these clowns that we're not playing around. Send this episode to your friends and family who share conservative views and values and share it worldwide my Brethren. Let's show these fools what's free speech is all about and how has a global world movement assembled we won't tolerate any nonsense and we're up for the fight legally and it's all in the name of peace. Let's get 10 million peace-loving peacekeeping Patriots to Washington DC $AerospaceDevelopment and if they try to claim that we're not actually coming in peace and that we didn't come in peace ... we'll just sue them for their lies and deception.
    20m 15s
Author, New York Top #2 Urban Musical Artist Published Worldwide, Commentator, Entertainer, Podcaster, Executive Producer, Stock Market Investor, International Entrepreneur

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