• We Dont Need No Stinking 15 - 93% disagree with effort to raise their wage 5 23 2024

    23 MAY. 2024 · Ohio hospitality workers OVERWHELMINGLY put the poo poo on the $15/hr concept. I spoke with  President & CEO John Barker of the Ohio Restaurant & Hospitality Alliance to get the low down on this. Good talk!  https://www.eatdrinkohio.org/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3SLKZ8D8kHC0zNl723lPGWv1uV0bWE4cfIiJhpx71V8gQ9_X_8weuXI2I_aem_Aces_0BYBUZQgP4mwNMYUeeeBhSfMmzAVA7T5rwOnc1CpWCJg3bcC2cy_L7_LP6VwDwvXUB-eGIde5TfxJKGneOg
    13m 31s
  • Lies and Manipulation - Columbus City Schools 5 23 2024

    23 MAY. 2024 · "I am writing directly to our community today to express a sincere apology of what has transpired. I understand the gravity of the document that has been distributed publicly. I maintain that this document was a collaborative document that was discussed in multiple meetings," Simmons continued in his statement provided to ABC6 News. THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ADEQUATE!  He refuses to TRULY ACCEPT RESPONSIBILTY, instead citing "collaboraation". The citizens, the children, the taxpayers deserve better!  Brandon Simmons. RESIGN! 
    14m 52s
  • Butker Speech

    17 MAY. 2024 · Harrison Butker spoke as a Catholic, from his Catholic heart, at a Catholic college and THE CANCEL MONKEYS WANT HIM FIRED FROM HIS JOB! How far are we willing to go with this stupidity?
    5m 2s
  • 24 0430 Chuck Douglas PH Podcast Circleville and Hilliard 610 WTVN

    30 ABR. 2024 · Chuck Douglas PH Podcast Circleville and Hilliard 610 WTVN
    9m 18s
  • 24 0408 Chuck Douglas with Gen. Michael Flynn

    8 ABR. 2024 · FlynnMovieGenFlynnChuckDouglas610WTVN
    24m 27s
  • chuck douglas 3-18-2024 Cornell Lewis

    20 MAR. 2024 · ARMED CITIZENS BRIGADE masking news in HARTFORD, CT. This my talk with Cornell Lewis from 3 18 2024
    11m 25s
  • Mike Stinziano, Franklin County Auditor

    18 MAR. 2024 · Property taxes are going through the roof. This is the guy with some answers about why and what to do to get some relief. www.FranklinCountyAuditor.com 
    37m 44s
  • 23 1215 Die Hard and such

    15 DIC. 2023 · I'll answer it: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? A Fetterman fan for the moment. Schools should teach and NOTHING MORE. Stay away from my organ! And more, more, more (sending royalty check to Billy Idol now)
    17m 9s
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