• Episode 24: Palmer Larsen

    29 MAY. 2024 · Palmer is the head coach for Momentum Gym's climbing team and spends much of his time route setting for the specific needs of the athletes he coaches.  He has a unique perspective on setting as not only someone who sets but as someone who coaches AND who also competes himself. Tune in to hear his thoughts!
    1h 40m 12s
  • Episode 23: Victor Fleutre follow up!

    9 ABR. 2024 · https://www.instagram.com/p/CxTeYInu1EB/ Great follow up interview with Victor! Motif https://www.instagram.com/motifclimbinggrips  Motif https://www.motifclimbing.com - Coming Soon
    2h 29m 17s
  • Episode 22: Jordan Grant

    26 FEB. 2024 · I'd highly recommend jumping over to Youtube and Checking out the Magnus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPcf4Ye0bb4&ab_channel=MoreMagnus of him trying the comp boulders to give some context to what we're talking about in parts of this video!
    1h 57m 7s
  • Episode 21: Genya Kot

    12 ENE. 2024 · Genya and I chat about her start into routesetting and the evolution of her role at Urban Climb in QLD. We discuss the pros and cons of social media, alterntive sources of motivation, riding the waves of psych, hiring and training new setters and much much more!
    1h 55m 25s
  • Episode 20: Kaleb Thomas

    31 OCT. 2023 · I chat with Canadian setter Kaleb Thomas. Kaleb has worked at multiple gyms across Canada, spanning an almost two decade career as a route setter. In his current role as 'Director of Setting' at Blocshop in Montreal he talks about the challenges and satisfaction that come with training new setters and managing teams across multiple venues. Kaleb is undoubtedly one of the hardest working and most passionate setters I've spoken to and I have a renewed appreciation for my comparatively easy and undeniably privaliged introduction to setting many years ago.
    2h 12m 46s
  • Episode 19: Yossi 2023 Follow Up

    9 OCT. 2023 · A follow up chat with @yossiclimbs about the launch of his hold brand OLIO with friend and business partner Cory Cook (@coryupsidedown). We also talked international travel & setting, comps, money and ideas for the future!
    2h 7m 59s
  • Episode 18: Jake Mason

    14 AGO. 2023 · I chatted with the UK's Jake Mason! Maybe most well known for his regular features in the popular youtube channel Bouldering Bobat, Jake is also a staple of the London setting scene. In the last couple of years, he's taken on a role as head setter at Hang, one of London's newest bouldering walls where he's taken on the challenge of 'making climbing fun again'. Hear about that and much much more!
    1h 44m 38s
  • Episode 17: Peter Zeidelhack

    25 JUN. 2023 · Peter is a veteran routesetter with a unique background compared to many of our previous guests. Listen in to hear his thoughts on safety, the professionisation of our industry, whether AI will ever take over our jobs and much more!
    1h 20m 58s
  • Episode 15: Mei Nagasako (Part 2)

    31 MAY. 2023 · The second half of my interview with Japanse setter Mei Nagasako. We chat about aesthetics in setting, IFSC commentary, Japanese setting culture, the climbing scene in Tokyo and branding your climbing business!
    1h 5m 53s
  • Episode 16: Louie Anderson

    23 MAY. 2023 · I chat with US route setting veteran Louie Anderson about his life in the climbing industry! We cover the history of US route setting, hold shaping, gym ownership, Louie's involvement in the setter showcase and much much more!
    1h 22m 22s
A deep dive podcast about all things route setting. Listen in as we explore the ideas and philosophies behind the best setting programs around the world!
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