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  • Canadian Arrested For Throwing “Narco For A Day” Parties, Jimmy Carter’s Colombia Exposé, WOM Bankrupt, Ruta-N & SAP Launch Initiative

    22 ABR. 2024 · In this week’s Colombia Business News Recap: - https://www.financecolombia.com/canadian-sacha-lemaire-lepage-facing-narcotics-firearms-wildlife-abuse-charges-in-colombia/ https://www.financecolombia.com/canadian-sacha-lemaire-lepage-facing-narcotics-firearms-wildlife-abuse-charges-in-colombia/ - Jimmy Carter’s Colombia Blacklist Revealed https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/colombia/2024-04-15/jimmy-carters-colombia-blacklist-revealed - Colombian Kidnapper Hiding In Chile https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/foreign-national-extradited-chile-united-states-kidnapping-and-assaulting-us-army-soldiers & Sent to US https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/foreign-national-extradited-chile-united-states-kidnapping-and-assaulting-us-army-soldiers - WOM is bankrupt - Ruta-N and SAP Announce Alliance To Support Entrepreneurship and Investment in Medellín https://www.financecolombia.com/ruta-n-and-sap-announce-alliance-to-support-entrepreneurship-and-investment-in-medellin/ - The https://www.feria2ruedas.com/en/visitantes returns to Medellín May 2-5, bringing commerce, fun & learning opportunities. https://www.feria2ruedas.com/en/visitantes Subscribe free at https://fcsubscribe.com/ Need to hire bilingual talent? Try EmpleoBilingüe! https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbWVlMjduX0hQb1k0ZzFYcUVLSWd6RjlpQjVvUXxBQ3Jtc0treVNtYmVrTm1leXJOYVkwWWVaRHp2VjRYSE1oeVNHUW9iSkxwZmdubTc3WmN6d0YxMGwzYm5oc08tNktxZVNYYmJMdUl3ZE1vV0VjMGZTcUg3V0FiblJZc29qOEdBM1Z6RFJqc0xSbGVHb2d4MklERQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fempleobilingue.com%2F&v=Re6sXHAB8v4
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  • Gringos gone wild! “Cannabis Jimmy,” Californian pot producer caught near Medellín; Uribe's prosecution, extreme job loss, drought condition

    13 ABR. 2024 · In this week’s Colombia Business News Recap for April 13, 2024:   - Gringos gone wild! https://cannabisfarmtourmedellin.com/Californian pot producer caught near Medellín. https://www.policia.gov.co/noticia/ciudadano-estadounidense-realizaba-tours-cannabicos-extranjeros-sabaneta - Colombian https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstreams/5a4de9c0-52ef-4b3f-8592-249995492a9a/download, 277,000 jobs lost in January & February alone. https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstreams/5a4de9c0-52ef-4b3f-8592-249995492a9a/download  - Former President Alvaro Uribe’s prosecution moving forward under new attorney general.  - From 2018: https://www.financecolombia.com/former-colombian-president-alvaro-uribe-resigns-from-senate-amid-investigation/  https://www.financecolombia.com/former-colombian-president-alvaro-uribe-resigns-from-senate-amid-investigation/  - From 2020: Breaking News: https://www.financecolombia.com/breaking-news-former-colombian-president-alvaro-uribe-under-house-arrest/ https://www.financecolombia.com/breaking-news-former-colombian-president-alvaro-uribe-under-house-arrest/  - Water rationing comes to major cities in Colombia due to serious drought conditions.  - https://www.financecolombia.com/?s=cnl&id=25319 is finding more gold, copper & silver in its Apollo porphyry. https://www.financecolombia.com/?s=cnl&id=25319  - https://www.financecolombia.com/us-government-pledges-medellin-mayor-federico-gutierrez-full-support-against-sexual-predators-human-trafficking/ https://www.financecolombia.com/us-government-pledges-medellin-mayor-federico-gutierrez-full-support-against-sexual-predators-human-trafficking/  - The https://www.feria2ruedas.com/en/visitantes returns to Medellín May 2-5, bringing commerce, fun & learning opportunities. https://www.feria2ruedas.com/en/visitantes   Read more at Finance Colombia https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbGE0ZFdhbFR5ZG1fdXhjR1ZRMkNhT2FpRDJjd3xBQ3Jtc0tuLUxtSUxrUF9SMHVTS01WMU5ySFZSaDdPaUlJWVNkTWJoRFM0WWhVMnNtYXdoNDZJSnRVZkdHenk2YVZqUXNSOVZfR0dHS1ctVkRCQUVVc25RcDlRS2NjbGR5N0RTcmRENzlPZFZtR2pjNkRFWmRjRQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.financecolombia.com%2F&v=Re6sXHAB8v4 Subscribe free at https://fcsubscribe.com Need to hire bilingual talent? Try EmpleoBilingüe! https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbWVlMjduX0hQb1k0ZzFYcUVLSWd6RjlpQjVvUXxBQ3Jtc0treVNtYmVrTm1leXJOYVkwWWVaRHp2VjRYSE1oeVNHUW9iSkxwZmdubTc3WmN6d0YxMGwzYm5oc08tNktxZVNYYmJMdUl3ZE1vV0VjMGZTcUg3V0FiblJZc29qOEdBM1Z6RFJqc0xSbGVHb2d4MklERQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fempleobilingue.com%2F&v=Re6sXHAB8v4
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  • Medellín’s Pervert Problem, Antioquia Has A Cow, Chickens Sacrificed in Bogotá, Petro Fails Again

    4 ABR. 2024 · In this week’s Colombia Business News Recap for April 4, 2024: - Petro’s health reform buried in the Colombian senate - Geopark (NYSE: GPRK) launches a stock buyback - Avianca launches flights to Montreal & Paris, but gets fined for unfair competition - New Colombian Public Debt ETF launched - Antioquia’s governor asks for public donations to complete highways - Improvements in the road connecting Medellín to its international airport - Economic uncertainty affecting foreign investment - Corrupt prosecutor sent to jail - Luis Carlos Sarmiento retires from Grupo Aval (NYSE: AVAL) - Chickens being sacrificed and their blood spattered over Bogotá’s Metro Construction project. See: https://x.com/andreanimalidad/status/1770142966411317525?s=20 - Medellín is fighting back against perverts like https://ohttps//www.financecolombia.com/two-us-citizens-arrested-for-the-sexual-exploitation-of-minors-in-colombia/ and https://ohttps//www.financecolombia.com/medellins-new-mayor-cracking-down-on-vice-sex-tourism-amid-local-fury/ Read more at Finance Colombia https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbGE0ZFdhbFR5ZG1fdXhjR1ZRMkNhT2FpRDJjd3xBQ3Jtc0tuLUxtSUxrUF9SMHVTS01WMU5ySFZSaDdPaUlJWVNkTWJoRFM0WWhVMnNtYXdoNDZJSnRVZkdHenk2YVZqUXNSOVZfR0dHS1ctVkRCQUVVc25RcDlRS2NjbGR5N0RTcmRENzlPZFZtR2pjNkRFWmRjRQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.financecolombia.com%2F&v=Re6sXHAB8v4 Need to hire bilingual talent? Try EmpleoBilingüe! https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=video_description&redir_token=QUFFLUhqbWVlMjduX0hQb1k0ZzFYcUVLSWd6RjlpQjVvUXxBQ3Jtc0treVNtYmVrTm1leXJOYVkwWWVaRHp2VjRYSE1oeVNHUW9iSkxwZmdubTc3WmN6d0YxMGwzYm5oc08tNktxZVNYYmJMdUl3ZE1vV0VjMGZTcUg3V0FiblJZc29qOEdBM1Z6RFJqc0xSbGVHb2d4MklERQ&q=https%3A%2F%2Fempleobilingue.com%2F&v=Re6sXHAB8v4
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  • A No Holds Barred Interview with Francisco Santos, Colombia’s Former Vice President

    24 MAR. 2024 · In this Finance Colombia exclusive, Francisco “Pacho” Santos sits down for an in-depth interview with Loren Moss to discuss current events in Colombia. Santos is the former vice president of Colombia under Alvaro Uribe, and former Ambassador to the United States during the Ivan Duque administration. Santos is equally outspoken and fluent in English as he is in Spanish, and shares his opinion on: - Petro’s frustration, improvisation and his stalled reforms - Colombia’s new Attorney General Luz Adriana Camargo - Weaknesses in Colombia’s prosecutorial structure - Gustavo Petro’s “Paz Total” or “Total Peace” initiative - Santos’ time as a victim of kidnapping and how it shaped his politics - The state of the Colombia – US bilateral relationship - The surging cocaine production in Colombia - A critique of both Biden & Trump - The failure of US domestic drug policy - Colombia’s health system & Petro’s proposed health reform - The governance crisis at Ecopetrol - The Thomas Greg passport scandal in the foreign ministry - Fiscal discipline and institutionality in the current administration - The former Vice President’s future projects   Read more at Finance Colombia https://www.financecolombia.com/ Need to hire bilingual talent? Try EmpleoBilingüe! https://empleobilingue.com/
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  • Why Did The US Release One of Colombia’s Most Wanted Criminals After Crossing Border Illegally?

    16 MAR. 2024 · In The Colombia Business News Recap for March 16 2023: - Why did the US release one of Colombia’s 10 most wanted criminals after he crossed the border illegally from México into Texas? - President Gustavo Petro’s frustration is reaching the boiling point as his “revolutions” fail and he calls for a constituent assembly (constitutional convention). - JetSmart launches domestic operations in Colombia - Luz Adriana Camargo is the new attorney general - Federico Gutierrez submits 501 corruption allegations implicating the Daniel Quintero administration to prosecutors and inspector general’s office. - Ecopetrol is facing a corporate governance crisis. - Petro has said he wants to end fossil fuels. Does he want to end Ecopetrol? Need to hire bilingual talent? Try EmpleoBilingüe! https://empleobilingue.com/
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  • Petro Administration Flails About While Economy Grinds To A Halt

    18 FEB. 2024 · Covered in this podcast of Colombia Business News Recap with https://lorenmoss.com/ https://lorenmoss.com/ brought to you by https://www.financecolombia.com/https://www.financecolombia.com/ - Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro’s Struggle to Name An Attorney General. - Petro’s improvisational governance causing wide ranging problems for Colombia. · Medellín’s Mayoral Runner Up & Quintero relative kicked out of city council. - Medellín Mayor “Fico’s” first embarrassment, culture secretary already ousted. - Public skepticism for Petro’s “Total Peace” initiative shrinks amid increasing violence. https://www.financecolombia.com/hope-is-fading-for-petros-total-peace-after-diaz-kidnapping-and-suspension-of-emc-negotiations/ - Homicides & suspicious deaths involving tourists reaches alarming levels. https://www.financecolombia.com/us-embassy-warns-of-rise-in-violent-crime-in-medellin-via-online-dating-applications/ - Losing the Panam Games is a major embarrassment for Petro Administration & loss for the entire country. https://www.financecolombia.com/colombia-working-to-restore-barranquilla-as-panam-games-host-city-after-rights-were-stripped-for-breach-of-contract/ - Claudia Lopez’s legacy as mayor of Bogotá. https://www.financecolombia.com/bogota-mayor-issues-ultimatum-to-colombian-consortium-building-metro-on-design-delays/ - Petro loses latest round in battle over Bogotá Metro. https://www.financecolombia.com/bogota-metro-faces-more-controversy-as-project-infighting-again-spills-into-the-public-sphere/ - The economy is stalling, reaching only 0.6% growth. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/colombias-economy-grew-modestly-in-2023-as-rate-cut-calls-grow - JetSmart launches domestic operations in Colombia. https://www.financecolombia.com/jetsmart-to-start-offering-domestic-routes-within-colombia-on-march-14/ - Avianca changes unaccompanied minor policy. https://www.financecolombia.com/avianca-ends-unaccompanied-minor-service-for-travelers-under-14-years-old/ - Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva ousted by prosecutors, replaced by Luis Gilberto Murillo. https://www.financecolombia.com/colombian-foreign-affairs-minister-suspended-for-improper-handling-of-passport-printing-bid-process/ - Piedad Córdoba dies, leaving a mixed and controversial legacy. https://www.financecolombia.com/ruminating-on-the-right-and-left-of-colombian-politics-following-the-death-of-piedad-cordoba/ - Collective Mining (TSX.V CNL) increases drilling in Caldas. https://www.financecolombia.com/collective-mining-encounters-strong-porphyry-mineralization-mobilizes-second-rig/ Don't forget! Come meet the team and me at the March 7 AI/ChatGPT Happy Hour at the Marquee Hotel in Medellín. https://www.financecolombia.com/finance-colombia-readers-are-invited-chatgpt-genai-happy-hour-event-march-7-on-medellin/ Disclosure: As I mentioned, I am long on Collective because I am impressed with the operation. Collective is not a sponsor of Finance Colombia or this podcast.
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  • November Post Election Analysis, Rising Insecurity in Colombia

    14 NOV. 2023 · Colombia Business News Recap: November Post Election Analysis, Rising Insecurity in Colombia - Electoral recap and analysis: https://www.financecolombia.com/what-jumps-out-musings-about-colombias-local-elections-and-context-regarding-the-rebuke-of-president-petro/ - Hope Is Fading for Petro’s Total Peace After Díaz Kidnapping and Suspension of EMC Negotiations: https://www.financecolombia.com/hope-is-fading-for-petros-total-peace-after-diaz-kidnapping-and-suspension-of-emc-negotiations/ The following citations are in Spanish… - Daniel Quintero’’s ticket humiliated in Medellin: https://www.elcolombiano.com/medellin/elecciones-2023-candidatos-de-daniel-quintero-resultados-votaciones-HB23006706 - Expat deaths up 28% in Medellín so far this year: https://www.elcolombiano.com/medellin/incremento-de-muerte-de-extranjeros-en-medellin-AH23065401 - Seven of Quintero’s staff facing corruption charges: https://www.elcolombiano.com/medellin/quienes-son-los-exfuncionarios-de-daniel-quintero-imputados-por-corrupcion-fiscalia-BI23096061 - Petro’s faltering “Total Peace” initiative: https://www.eltiempo.com/justicia/investigacion/procuradora-margarita-cabello-expresa-su-preocupacion-por-la-paz-total-y-por-el-eln-825473 - Claudia Lopez tells President Petro to stop meddling in Metro project: https://www.eltiempo.com/bogota/bogota-nueva-pulla-de-claudia-lopez-a-gustavo-petro-por-metro-y-subsidios-824172 - Kidnappings up 88% in Antioquia: https://www.elcolombiano.com/antioquia/aumento-del-secuestro-en-antioquia-este-ano-OG23079766 Special discount for listeners, viewers and readers to attend the https://bondsloans.com/events/latinamerica event from November 27-28 in Miami at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. https://www.financecolombia.com/finance-colombia-is-a-supporting-partner-for-the-largest-corporate-and-investment-banking-event-in-latin-america-and-the-caribbean/
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  • Silly (Election) Season is back!

    8 OCT. 2023 · It’s election season, so lots of political news: No surprise there. · https://www.financecolombia.com/daniel-quintero-abruptly-resigns-as-medellin-mayor/ · https://www.financecolombia.com/tecnoglass-becomes-a-us-company/ · https://www.elcolombiano.com/medellin/balacera-y-choque-en-las-palmas-de-medellin-muertos-y-heridos-PN22580258 · https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/former-colombia-president-uribe-says-witness-tampering-case-go-trial-2023-10-06/ · https://www.reuters.com/world/us/new-york-mayor-tries-discourage-migrants-with-latin-america-trip-2023-10-06/ · https://www.wsj.com/world/americas/six-suspects-in-ecuador-assassination-are-killed-in-prison-b82a25e6?st=d8egevx6b6oqihc&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink · https://www.financecolombia.com/ikea-opens-first-colombian-store-in-bogota-plans-to-launch-two-more-next-year-in-medellin-and-cali/ Remember, subscribe to Finance Colombia for free! https://fcsubscribe.com About your host: https://lorenmoss.com/
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  • President's son arrested! Does Colombia Have Its Own “Hunter Biden” Problem?

    1 AGO. 2023 · Like Colombia’s own “Hunter Biden” saga, https://www.financecolombia.com/son-of-colombian-president-gustavo-petro-arrested-on-corruption-charges-nexus-with-narcotraffickers/ after his scorned ex-wife accused him of taking over $100,000 USD from a narcotrafficker for his father’s political campaign—and then spending the cash on himself! Justice served…or political witch-hunt? Also in this week’s Colombia Business News Recap: - Is Mayor Quintero to blame for this year’s lame Feria de las Flores in Medellín? - Irene Vélez on her way out as Minister of Energy & Mines after allegedly using her influence to circumvent migration laws for her son. - President Petro appoints paramilitary mafia don as “peace emissary” - Colombian highways 5th most dangerous in the world. - F-AIR international airshow returns to Medellín after pandemic pause. - Colombia’s women’s soccer team upsets Germany 2-1 - Kudos to Vostock Capital for the 5th Oil & Gas Congress in Bogotá Notes: - Hoosegow, American slang, comes from Spanish “Juzgado” meaning “having been judged.” - Nicolás Petro was unfaithful to Day Vásquez with her friend, the actress Laura Ojeda. Petro and Ojeda are now expecting a son together. - Day was apparently involved with Juan Manuel Cortés, congressman from Santander. - Yes, the word is “forgiven,” not “forgived!” Not worth doing the whole thing over…FORGIVE me!
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  • Deadly FAC Crash, Zuluaga Ensnared in Odebrecht, Benedetti Back in Venezuela despite Petro Scandal

    2 JUL. 2023 · Colombian Air Force Crash, Petro scandal takes weird turn, Uribe acolyte charged with corruption... It’s been a quiet week in Lake Guatavita as vacation season arrives in Colombia. Laborers receive an extra paycheck mandated by law, and June sees three national holidays during the month, plus one at the beginning of July. Congress is out of session, and many are on vacation. · - Colombian Air Force training crash leaves one dead, Lieutenant Colonel Mario Andrés Espinosa Gonzales. An investigation is underway. - After being cashiered by President Petro, his former campaign manager and Ambassador to Venezuela Armando Benedetti returns to his post, despite the ongoing scandal involving him and former Chief of Staff Laura Sanabria. For background, see this article: https://www.financecolombia.com/fast-moving-colombian-scandal-may-threaten-the-presidency-of-gustavo-petro/ - Colombian prosecutors are charging former campaign aspirant and Alvaro Uribe acolyte Ivan Zuluaga and his son with receiving over $1.6 million USD in illegal campaign money from Odebrecht. The Brazilian Lava Hato scandal continues to ensnare culprits throughout The Americas even years after it launched. For more details see this article: https://www.financecolombia.com/oscar-zuluaga-charged-with-fraud-in-campaign-finance-fallout-from-odebrecht-scandal/ and for background on when the Odebrecht scandal reached the campaign of former President Juan Manuel Santos who defeated Zuluaga, see https://www.financecolombia.com/colombian-president-santos-apologizes-for-odebrecht-campaign-fund/ To subscribe free to Finance Colombia visit https://fcsubscribe.com or simply go to https://www.financecolombia.com/ For the best way to contract traditional or remote bilingual talent, go to https://empleobilingue.com/ For more on your host and presenter see https://lorenmoss.com/
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