• House In The Woods (Healing Outdoor Retreats for Veterans & Active Military)

    10 JUN. 2024 · Stella Mars speaks with Angie Gade, Development Director at House In The Woods, a nonprofit organization specializing in ourdoor retreats with the mission of fostering healing and hope for veterans and active military service people.  House in the Woods in Leeds Maine has positively impacted veterans, service personnel, Gold Star Families, and more through fishing retreats, hunting retreats, and other outdoor activities. Learn about program offerings and volunteer opportunities.
    25m 2s
  • AARP Maine: Advocating for those 50+

    6 JUN. 2024 · Host Stella Mars speaks with Noel Bonham, Executive Director of AARP Maine, They discuss the advocacy work that is the primary focus of AARP. This show also unpacks popular misconceptions about AARP and shares who it is for, what it does, and why it matters to people of all ages. 
    24m 7s
  • Mental Health Awareness / Sweetser

    27 MAY. 2024 · May is Mental Health Awareness Month. On this episode, Stella Mars speaks with Justin Chenette from Sweetser. Sweetser is a behavioral health nonprofit that provides evidence-based treatment, support, and hope through a statewide network of community-based mental health, recovery, and educational services. Justin discusses several of Sweetser's program offerings including the Peer Support line which can be accessed at 866-771-9276.  To access other services, call 1-800-434-3000 or email info@sweetser.org.
    24m 59s
  • Loss: Center for Grieving Children and Sad Dad's Club

    20 MAY. 2024 · Loss can upend your world. In this episode, you'll learn about two outstanding organizations that are offering peer support to help adults and children cope with loss. Sarah Asch is the Director of Outreach and Education at the Center for Grieving Children in Portland. She describes the many free services they offer for children and adults. Visit CGCMaine.org. Rob Reider is one of the founders of The Sad Dad's Club. The Club provides free bereavement support virtually and in person for men who grieve the loss of a child. Visit SadDadsClub.com. 
    27m 18s
  • York Community Services Association

    13 MAY. 2024 · Stella Mars speaks with Michelle Surdoval, Executive Director of York Community Services Association (YCSA). YCSA administers a number of resources for residents of York, Maine, including community meals, housing information, General Assistance, fuel fund, food pantry, and more.  YCSA is largely funded through their thrift store at 855 US Route 1 in York, Maine. They hold annual fundraisers to supplement the income from the thrift store in order to offer a wide array of programs. Learn more at YCSAME.org.
    26m 1s
  • FEMA Assistance for Mainers (January 2024 Storms)

    6 MAY. 2024 · Stella Mars speaks with FEMA Communications Specialist, Deanna Frazier about assistance available to Mainers adversely affected by the back-to-back storms January 9-13, 2024. Learn which homewonwers and renters may apply for assistance, how to apply, and what pitfalls to avoid in the application process. Deanna also shares tips about how to avoid scams. The deadline to apply for assistance due to this disaster is May 20, 2024. 
    25m 23s
  • Food Insecurity: The Locker Project

    29 ABR. 2024 · Stella Mars speaks with Kevin Bogart, Deputy Director of The Locker Project of Maine. Kevin explains the no-profit's mission to get food to food insecure children and families in the Greater Portland area through partnerships with grocery stores and farms.  The Locker Project strives to get food to children through low barrier, stigma-free and environmentally responsible means. Learn more at MaineLockerProject.org.  
  • Community Housing of Maine

    22 ABR. 2024 · This week, Stella Mars speaks with Cullen Ryan, Executive Director of Community Housing of Maine.  According to Ryan, society bears the financial burden for people who are chronically unhoused. He shares that the chronically homeless are up to 29 times more likely to be in the hospital and up to 57 times more likely to be in jail when unhoused than when housed. Community Housing of Maine offers afforadable and supportive housing to the most vulnerable. They work with partners who provide supportive services to unhoused people and people with special needs. When people have housing; people thrive, businesses thrive, and communities thrive. Learn more at CHOMHousing.org
    22m 22s
  • Autism Acceptance Month / Autism Society of Maine

    15 ABR. 2024 · April is Autism Acceptance Month. In this episode of Community Connections, Stella Mars speaks with Cathy Dionne, Executive Director of the Autism Society of Maine. They discuss the rationale behind the change from autism awareness to autism acceptance and Cathy shares insight into the many programs and offerings of the Autism Society of Maine (all of which are available free of charge). The Autism Society of Maine is an affiliate of the Autism Society. Their mission is "to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals on the Autism spectrum to become participating members of their communities." Learn more at https://www.asmonline.org/
  • Domestic Abuse Survivors Break the Silence and Share Support: Finding Our Voices

    5 ABR. 2024 · Patrisha McLean founded Finding Our Voices after she herself was a victim of domestic abuse. She shares that the organization is about women survivors providing sister support to break the silence about domestic abuse. She discusses various types of abuse, numbers of people affected by abuse, and the many things that Finding Our Voices is doing to shine a light on this dark subject. Learn more at FindingOurVoices.net.
    23m 41s
Community Connections lifts up the people, organizations, and issues that make Maine a better place to live, work, and play.

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