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Confessions with Mayra

  • Summer Series - The Beauty of Witnessing a Life Change

    14 JUN. 2024 · Have you ever had to privilege of seeing someone change their life around for Good? Where you knew how and who they were, compared to how they are now? We want to dedicate this podcast to those who are "not who they used to be". As hopeless as it may seem for a person to ever change, there is always hope while we are still alive. Listen in as Mayra shares on the beauty of seeing someone change. And don't forget to look at yourself while you're at it. Appreciate the change and growth you've had in your own life.
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  • Feeling Unappreciated and Used

    10 MAY. 2024 · Have you ever felt really and truly unappreciated almost as if (really feeling) being used? Even taken advantage of? Sometimes giving and giving and giving without getting "what we want" in return can take a tole. Listen in as Mayra confesses and walks us through feeling unappreciated and used. How can we work through those feelings and see what God sees. We pray it will be of some guidence to you in some way.
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  • S4-E15 - Loving Those in Ministry

    30 ABR. 2024 · To close this season 4, we are talking about loving people within the church that we work along and volunteer perhaps alongside with. Or a more "church term" is those we do ministry with. Like co-worker and family, it can be a challenge sometimes to love those we "serve" under or even have "serving" under us. How can we maintane a spirit and community of love even as we are so imperfect and broken? Listen in as Mayra and Isaac talk this out in confessing even some past errors and how we can walk this out in Love.
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  • S4-E14 Loving Your In-laws

    23 MAR. 2024 · So we are back at it on the topic of Love and this Podcast we focus on "Loving Your In-Laws". After-all, they are humans just like you and me. How do we love when we are not accepted. Or, how can you love when you are having a hard time excepting someone else as part of the family. Listen and as Mayra confesses to one of her greatest breakthroughs with her in-laws early in our relationship. We hope it will encourage you as it has us!
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  • S4-E13 Teaching Our Kids To Love Others Part 2 (Evelyn)

    23 FEB. 2024 · Special guest (Evely Joy Vasquez) joins us this podcast in continuation of our previous episode on the topic "Teaching our Kids to Love Others". We hope this can encourage you to talk, teach, and demonstrate what love is to our little ones, no matter what age. What God has shown and given us is not for us to hoard, but to make it known to our coming generation.
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  • S4-E12 Teaching Our Kids to Love Others(Melody)

    18 FEB. 2024 · How can we teach our kids even in this age to love others? Some, God makes them courageous. Some, God makes them compasionate. Some, God gives a voice and influence to lead in the way of love. What has God given your kid(s)? How can you help them grow in what God has given them, IN LOVE?
    Escuchado 32m 52s
  • S4-E11 Loving Your Siblings

    2 FEB. 2024 · It's one thing to love your neighbor, (co-workers, freinds, others, etc.), but what about your own family. Loving your siblings can almost seem automatic, but is it? Listen in as Mayra unfolds this "Loving our siblings well", even through tensions, disagreements, and bad experiences; when they are difficult to love as well as when YOU are difficult to love. What is the secret to loving our siblings (neighbors) as we "love ourselves"?
    Escuchado 37m 9s
  • S4-E10-Loving God in the Workplace guest: Sean Shryock

    19 ENE. 2024 · How can we love God in the workplace? Do we leave our faith at home and at church? Listen in as Mayra and special guest (Sean Shryock) dive in to loving the continuation of this season, Loving God and Loving People. How we can continue our pursue of Godliness even in the workplace.
    Escuchado 37m 45s
  • S4-E9 Enjoy Being A Friend

    12 ENE. 2024 · Have you ever asked yourself if you are a good freind? It's easy for us to hold others at a standard, but when we ask this question we will see we ourselves can't hold up. Listen as Mayra confesses to a hard lesson learned in friendship. The true joy of friendship is the privalege of "Being A Friend".
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  • S4-E8 Difficult Co-Workers?

    22 DIC. 2023 · Ever had a co-worker that you felt difficult to work with? Were you ever the co-worker that was difficult to work with? "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13). Can that verse mean more than physical abilities; and also mean character response such as forgiveness, mercy, and love? Listen in as Mayra confesses one of her major issues once experienced in the workplace with a difficult co-worker. How should we respond? How do you respond?
    Escuchado 30m 17s

Confessions with Mayra is a christian chit-chat on everyday life. I believe in everyone having their own story and the importance in sharing it. Exposing the good, the bad and...

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Confessions with Mayra is a christian chit-chat on everyday life. I believe in everyone having their own story and the importance in sharing it. Exposing the good, the bad and the ugly can bring freedom, healing/restoration and growth. Join me as we chat with some cafesito and confess what real walk can sometimes look like.
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