• Wrongfully Accused: The Murder of Dana Ireland

    4 JUN. 2024 · In the small, tightly-knit communities of Hawaii's Big Island, the Schweitzer brothers—Albert Ian and Shawn—once lived a seemingly idyllic life, overshadowed by their wrongful convictions for one of Hawaii's most notorious crimes: the 1991 rape and murder of 23-year-old Dana Ireland. This episode explores the brothers' journey from being wrongfully accused and imprisoned to their eventual exoneration, highlighting the flaws in the justice system and the cultural biases that influenced their case.
    52m 37s
  • The Murder of Keith Lyon

    24 ABR. 2024 · Keith Lyon was a very cute 12 year old boy with a cheeky face and ears that he’d not yet grown into. He lived with his Mother Valda, father Ken and little brother Peter who was 7 in the village of Ovingdean- which is a small village very close to Brighton and Hove in East Sussex. They lived in a pretty large home. The family were a very respectable family and were well liked. On the 4th May 1967 Ken was preparing to play in a concert at the Metropole hotel in Brighton when Police arrived asking to speak with him.  That day would change the lives of the Lyon family forever. music: Betelgeuse by Sascha Ende Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/5780-betelgeuse License (CC BY 4.0): https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
    52m 18s
  • A Mishandling of Justice

    9 ABR. 2024 · In September 2011, a shooting occurred in South Philadelphia, and two suspects were implicated based on eyewitness identification. There would be inconsistencies in the eyewitness testimonies, and both suspects had alibis. Despite this, both would be charged and placed on trial for the shooting. What followed was a travesty of justice, where the suspects would face the potential of serving decades behind bars. Takeaways - Eyewitness identification can be unreliable and subject to inconsistencies. - Having a strong alibi and supporting evidence is crucial in building a defense. - Proper legal representation is essential for a fair trial. - Mishandling of investigations can lead to wrongful arrests and convictions. The importance of having a good understanding of the legal system - The impact of financial resources on the quality of legal representation - The consequences of inadequate representation in criminal trials - The need for proper preparation and attention to detail in legal cases Ineffective legal representation can have severe consequences for defendants, as seen in CJ Rice's case. - Sanjay Weaver, CJ's defense attorney, failed to provide a strong defense and neglected crucial evidence. - The judge's lack of intervention and the prosecution's reliance on weak evidence further contributed to the injustice. - After years of appeals and reinvestigation, CJ's habeas petition was granted, leading to his release and eventual exoneration. - The case highlights the importance of competent legal representation and the need for oversight in the criminal justice system. Chapters00:00 Introduction to the Shooting Incident 03:18 Eyewitness Identification and Inconsistencies 05:48 Strong Alibis and Supporting Evidence 09:46 Lack of Proper Legal Representation 14:08 Mishandling of the Investigation 29:39 The Impact of Financial Resources on Legal Representation 36:13 The Mishandling of CJ Rice's Trial 58:56 The Consequences of Inadequate Representation 01:05:26 Ineffective Legal Representation 01:17:24 Exoneration and Injustice 01:19:07 Sandjai Weaver's Incompetence 01:21:27 Reinvestigation and Murky Evidence 01:25:14 Lessons Learned and Compensation 01:26:19 Acknowledging Weaver's One Right Move 01:31:48 Dumb Criminal: Burglar Hiding Under a Couch
    1h 22m 11s
  • The Remarkable Story of Miriam Rodriguez

    20 MAR. 2024 · Last weekend on March 10th the UK celebrated Mother’s Day.  They say that there is nothing like a Mother’s Love.  When you have a child you vow to love and protect them for the rest of your life.  One woman took that vow so seriously that she came up against some of the most dangerous people in Mexico.  Often only armed with a gun, fake ID and a disguise she gave hope to hundreds of parents of missing children. Summary In this episode, Cherry shares the case of Miriam Rodriguez, a mother in Mexico whose daughter was kidnapped by the Los Zetas drug cartel. Miriam paid the ransom but received no news about her daughter. She took matters into her own hands, conducting her own investigation and eventually discovering the location of her daughter's remains. Miriam faced frustration with the authorities and the lack of response from the government. The case highlights the brutality of the drug cartel and the challenges faced by families seeking justice. Miriam Rodriguez, a mother from Mexico, took on a drug cartel single-handedly to seek justice for her daughter's abduction and murder. Despite facing death threats and lack of support, Miriam went to great lengths to track down and expose the gang members involved. She infiltrated their families, gathered evidence, and handed them over to the police. Miriam's determination and bravery inspired others, but tragically, she was shot and killed on Mother's Day. Her story serves as a reminder of the love between a mother and child and the power of one person's fight against injustice. Takeaways - The Los Zetas drug cartel in Mexico is known for its violent tactics, including kidnappings, beheadings, and torture. - Miriam Rodriguez's relentless pursuit of justice for her daughter showcases the challenges faced by families in the face of corruption and lack of resources. - The case highlights the importance of human rights organizations in documenting violations and pressuring the government to take action. - The story serves as a reminder of the brutality and impact of drug cartels on communities and families. Miriam Rodriguez's story showcases the incredible determination and bravery of a mother seeking justice for her daughter. - Her relentless pursuit of the gang members involved in her daughter's abduction and murder led to the capture and imprisonment of several individuals. - Miriam's tragic end highlights the dangers she faced and the risks involved in challenging powerful criminal organizations. - Her legacy serves as an inspiration for others to fight against injustice and to never give up in the face of adversity. Case music:  Stranded by Sascha Ende Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/10375-stranded License (CC BY 4.0): https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
    53m 45s
  • The Assassination of Tom Wales

    5 MAR. 2024 · In October 2001, an assistant United States attorney sat in his basement floor office working late into the night. Without warning, gunshots would ring out from the backyard, breaking the window facing his desk and hitting the man. They would be fatal. More than 20 years later, people are still asking who killed the man and why. Summary In this episode of Crimepedia, Morgan and Cherry discuss the upcoming CrimeCon UK event and congratulate a friend on being shortlisted for an award. They then delve into the case of Tom Wales, an assistant United States attorney who was assassinated in his home. The FBI's handling of the investigation is examined, and the lack of physical evidence leads investigators to focus on motive. The episode ends with the exploration of Tom's personal and social life to determine a possible motive for his murder. Tom Wales' murder investigation explores various potential motives, including an altercation at a parking garage, his involvement with Washington Ceasefire, and his work as an assistant United States attorney. The investigation also focuses on the helicopter case that Tom had been working on, as well as the legal action and motives of James Anderson. The FBI identifies a suspicious man in the neighborhood and discovers unusual markings on the bullets used in the murder, leading to the search for a replacement gun barrel. These chapters provide a comprehensive overview of the principal themes in the conversation. This episode concludes the discussion on the unsolved murder of Tom Wales. The conversation delves into the credibility of witness recollections and the discovery of an anonymous letter claiming responsibility for the murder. The FBI's theory of a conspiracy and hired gunmen is explored, along with the ongoing investigation and increased reward for information. The hosts express their fascination with the case and share a story about a dumb criminal. Takeaways - The accuracy of witness recollections can be questioned, especially when details are remembered years after the event. - An anonymous letter claiming responsibility for a crime can provide valuable information, but its credibility must be carefully evaluated. - The FBI's theory of a conspiracy and hired gunmen suggests a complex network of individuals involved in the murder. - The investigation into Tom Wales' murder is ongoing, with the FBI determined to solve the case and bring justice to the victim's family. Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/crimepedia--5894684/support.
    1h 6m 40s
  • The Cowardly Murder of Sami Sidhom

    21 FEB. 2024 · A young man on his way home from a football game finds himself confronted with a choice. Take the short path and walk through a situation that gets out of control fast or take the long path and avoid the situation completely. He makes the right choice- only fate has other ideas. The situation and him collide and he is left fighting for his life- having done nothing wrong. Someone chose to involve him, and to take his life. Summary In this episode, Cherry and Morgan discuss the unsolved case of Sammy Sidum, an 18-year-old who was fatally stabbed in 2018. Sammy was described as popular, ambitious, and caring, with a passion for law and helping others. The attack occurred after Sammy witnessed an altercation between rival gangs and tried to avoid it. Despite multiple arrests, no one has been convicted for Sammy's murder. The hosts highlight the impact on Sammy's family and the need for witnesses to come forward. They also discuss the broader issue of gang violence and the grooming of young individuals. In this conversation, Morgan and Cherry discuss a bizarre incident where suspects escaped from a Porta Potty. They explore the gross and humorous aspects of the situation, highlighting the challenges faced by the police officers involved. The hosts also provide information on how to contact them for case suggestions. Takeaways - The case of Sammy Sidum highlights the devastating impact of gang violence and the need for witnesses to come forward to bring justice to the victim's family. - Grooming young individuals into gangs and the allure of belonging and protection can lead to tragic consequences. - The lack of progress in solving Sammy's case underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling gang-related crimes. - The legacy of Sammy Sidum lives on through the Sammy Sidum Award, which supports a student at Queen Mary University. Escaping from a Porta Potty is a highly unusual and gross way to evade the police. - The suspects in this case were caught in a very embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. - The lack of regular cleaning of Porta Potties can lead to unsanitary conditions. - Listeners can contact the hosts on Instagram for case suggestions. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Catching Up 02:05 Introducing the Case of Sammy Sidum 04:02 Sammy Sidum's Background and Interests 07:46 Altercation and Attack 10:10 Witnesses and Investigation 16:19 Appeals and Lack of Progress 23:45 Impact on Sammy's Family 25:38 Gang Activity and Grooming 29:13 Connection to CJ Davis's Case 36:15 Appeal for Information and Legacy 39:44 Discussion and Closing Remarks 42:38 The Porta Potty Escape 43:11 A Crappy Situation 44:14 Contacting the Hosts 44:40 Case Suggestions Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/crimepedia--5894684/support.
    44m 50s
  • The Death of Karen Silkwood

    6 FEB. 2024 · In 1974, Karen Silkwood was a technician at a plutonium processing plant near Oklahoma City. In November of that year, she would be killed in a mysterious one-car crash. Prior to her death, Karen Silkwood had been critical of the plant’s health and safety procedures and had files numerous complaints to the Atomic Energy Commission about unsafe conditions at the plant. Was Karen’s death a tragic accident, or was it her status as a whistleblower that lead to her being killed? Summary In this episode, Morgan and Cherry discuss the case of Karen Silkwood, a chemical technician and advocate for labor unions who died under suspicious circumstances in 1974. Karen worked at a nuclear facility where she discovered multiple breaches of health and safety protocols. She was contaminated with plutonium and her car crashed shortly after attending a union meeting. The circumstances surrounding her death raise questions about possible foul play and a cover-up by the company. The missing documentation and the presence of sedatives in her system add to the mystery. Karen Silkwood's suspicious death and the subsequent investigation into the nuclear facility she worked at revealed potential foul play and safety concerns. The missing paperwork, threatening phone calls, and exposure to plutonium raised suspicions. Legal battles ensued, with the jury initially awarding Karen's estate $10.5 million, which was later reduced to $5,000. The case led to a federal investigation and the closure of the plant. Karen's story inspired a movie and serves as a reminder of the importance of workplace safety. Takeaways - Karen Silkwood's death raised suspicions of foul play and safety concerns at the nuclear facility she worked at. - The missing paperwork, threatening phone calls, and exposure to plutonium added to the suspicion. - Legal battles ensued, with the initial jury award being reduced to a mere $5,000. - The case led to a federal investigation and the closure of the plant, highlighting the importance of workplace safety.
    1h 1m 23s
  • Murder in Ribble Valley

    23 ENE. 2024 · Summary In this episode, Cherry and Morgan discuss the mysterious case of Jim Dawson, a farmer who was shot and later died from his injuries. The investigation takes a turn when it is discovered that the bullet was homemade and likely shot from a catapult. The locals in the small village of Bashall Eves are reluctant to talk about the case, leading to various theories, including mistaken identity and a jealous husband. The case remains unsolved, and the village continues to keep silent about the events. The murder of Jim Dawson remains unsolved after over 80 years. The conversation explores various theories and speculations surrounding the case. One theory suggests that Jim may have been mistaken for someone else, possibly Tommy Simpson, who had a conflict with another person named Tommy. The conversation also discusses the possibility of a youth being involved in the shooting, with Jim possibly knowing the identity of the culprit. The villagers' refusal to talk about the murder suggests that they may be protecting someone, possibly a child who made a terrible mistake. The conversation concludes with a discussion about a dumb criminal who taped fish to ATMs in Utah. Takeaways - CrimeCon London is an immersive true crime experience featuring sessions with renowned experts. - Jim Dawson, a farmer, was shot and later died from his injuries in the small village of Bashall Eves. - The bullet was homemade and likely shot from a catapult, leading to theories of mistaken identity and a jealous husband. - The locals in Bashall Eves are reluctant to talk about the case, adding to the mystery surrounding Jim Dawson's death. Chapters00:00 Introduction and CrimeCon London 03:30 Unusual Case: The Murder Witness 07:57 The Location: Bashall Eves 09:08 Jim Dawson's Last Night 12:22 The Mysterious Shooting 19:16 The Unusual Bullet 22:48 Jim Dawson's Death 25:23 Theories and Locals' Silence 38:33 The Mystery of the Dog 39:58 Speculations on the Culprit 41:27 Tommy Kenyon's Theory 42:20 Protecting the Culprit 43:19 Jim's Knowledge of the Culprit 44:21 No Enemies, No Issues 45:16 A Prank Gone Wrong 46:38 The Target Practice Connection 48:31 Protecting the Culprit 49:19 The Culprit's Identity 50:27 Unsolved Mystery 51:56 Interest in the Case 52:53 Dumb Criminal: The Fish Bandit Music: The Day After Tomorrow by Sascha Ende Website: https://filmmusic.io/song/412-the-day-after-tomorrow Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
    52m 45s
  • The Disappearance of Brian Vargo

    16 ENE. 2024 · College years are typically a time of significant transformation. For many, it marks the initial taste of genuine autonomy, starting a path toward personal discovery. However, in 1976, this quest for self-understanding might have contributed to the disappearance of a college student. Takeaways - The old school thinking surrounding marijuana as a gateway drug may have hindered the private investigator's investigation into Brian's disappearance. - The Salvation Army's Missing Person Department played a role in the search for Brian, but ultimately no new leads were uncovered. - Speculation about Brian's relationship with Kim raises questions about possible shame and confusion surrounding his sexuality. - The family's belief in Brian's eventual return and their ongoing search for answers highlight the emotional toll of a missing loved one. - Investigating a cold case after many years presents significant challenges, including the difficulty of obtaining accurate information and the fading memories of witnesses. - The case serves as a reminder to be compassionate and understanding towards individuals who may be struggling with their identity or facing societal pressures. Chapters 00:00 Introduction 01:24 The Under-Appreciated Crime of Stalking 03:48 Acknowledging New Patreons 05:03 Introduction to the Case of Brian Vargo 08:02 Brian Vargo's Background and Personal Struggles 09:03 Brian's Arrest and its Impact on Him 10:09 Brian's Emotional State and Letters to Family 11:07 Possible Reasons for Brian's Struggles 14:51 Brian's Academic Decline and Decision to Drop Out 19:18 Brian's Disappearance and Possible New Life 26:31 Concerns and Efforts to Find Brian 34:55 Private Investigator's Focus on Drug Involvement 36:40 Old School Thinking 37:09 Private Investigator Investigation 37:41 Salvation Army's Investigation 38:59 Speculation about Kim 40:08 Possible Shame and Confusion 42:52 Exploring Kim's Identity 45:29 Family's Belief in Brian's Return 49:46 Late Police Report 50:23 Difficulty of Investigating After Many Years 54:45 Hope for Brian's Well-being 55:33 Contact Information for Tips 56:05 Discussion on Privacy and Family's Need for Answers 59:19 Hope for Brian's Message to His Family 01:01:39 Dumb Criminal: Stolen ID Track: "Disappearing Memory", HUKU Music provided by https://slip.stream Free Download / Stream: https://slip.stream/tracks/cc98a64a-25c1-4f5c-899d-3cf5a67326e2?utm_source=attribution
    1h 3m 55s
  • The Case of Jean Townsend

    9 ENE. 2024 · Summary In this episode, Cherry and Morgan discuss the unsolved murder of Jean Townsend in 1954. They provide background information on Jean and her job as a manageress at a costume-making firm in London. The hosts also mention their plans for the year, including attending CrimeCon UK and True Crime Fest. They then delve into the details of Jean's murder, including her attendance at a pyramid party and her last moments before her body was discovered. The conversation covers witness accounts, similar cases in the area, and the investigation's focus on American servicemen. The hosts discuss the possibility of a cover-up and the involvement of a family member in the crimes. The episode concludes with the closure of the case and the mention of other unsolved murders in the same area. This episode discusses a series of unsolved murders in the same area, highlighting the need for further investigation. The conversation explores the possibility of a connection to Air Force bases in the vicinity and speculates on the killer's movements. The hosts discuss the challenges of tracing potential serial killers and the chilling thought of the killer's mobility across different countries. The episode concludes with a lighthearted segment on a dumb criminal who went skinny dipping in a store aquarium. Takeaways - The murder of Jean Townsend in 1954 remains unsolved, despite extensive investigations and witness accounts. - Witnesses reported seeing men with American accents in the area, leading to speculation about the involvement of American servicemen stationed nearby. - Similar cases of unsolved murders of women occurred in the same area during the same time period, raising questions about a potential serial killer. - The case remains open, and the files have been reviewed multiple times, but no definitive suspects have been identified. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Plans for the Year 05:46 Background of Jean Townsend 06:34 Pyramid Party and Jean's Last Moments 10:15 Discovery of Jean's Body 11:43 Witness Accounts and Similar Cases 21:28 Bloodstained Clothing and Suspects 28:06 Vigilante Patrols and Speculation 32:47 Closure of the Case and Unsolved Murders 40:41 Unsolved Murders in the Same Area 41:19 Possible Connection to Air Force Bases 42:27 Speculating on the Killer's Movements 43:30 Tracing Potential Serial Killers 44:45 Possibility of Killings in Other Countries 45:51 Chilling Thought of the Killer's Mobility 46:35 Dumb Criminal: Naked Swim in a Store Aquarium Music: Soft Whispers Of Love [Full version] by MusicLFiles Free download: https://filmmusic.io/song/10945-soft-whispers-of-love-full-version Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license
    55m 44s

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Crimepedia is an independent true crime podcast that uncovers the untold stories of unsolved murders and missing person cases from around the world. Hosted by Cherry and Morgan, this gripping...

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Crimepedia is an independent true crime podcast that uncovers the untold stories of unsolved murders and missing person cases from around the world. Hosted by Cherry and Morgan, this gripping podcast delves into cases that are often overlooked and not widely known.

With each episode presented in a refreshingly honest and straightforward manner, Crimepedia is easy to follow and understand. Cherry and Morgan never glorify the crimes, but instead, they honor the memory of the victims by treating them with the utmost respect.

By working closely with law enforcement and the families of victims, Cherry and Morgan strive to gain a better understanding of the case and the individuals affected. The podcast aims to seek justice for the victims and bring closure to their families.

Join Crimepedia every Tuesday for a new episode that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tune in and discover the secrets behind the unsolved crimes that have shocked the world.
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