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Critical Hitmonlee

  • Episode 79 A Sunken Threat

    21 SEP. 2023 · After the events of their inflitration of Team Aftermath's base, will the gang be able to escape the facility collapsing?
    1h 30m 45s
  • 1h 28m 21s
  • Episode 77 Entering the Dome

    23 ENE. 2023 · making it back to Asco lake the group makes their way in to the enemies base of operations but are they ready for what they find in the dome under the lake?
    1h 20m 34s
  • Episode 76 Reunion

    15 ENE. 2023 · After a long month of seclution each member has finaly grouped back up. Eager to be back together the group sets their sights on Lake Asco where they know Curt will be waiting.
    1h 9m 18s
  • Episode 75 Theodore's Down Time

    31 OCT. 2022 · Last of the group to take their month off, lets see what the bug boy gets into when left to his own devices?
    1h 29m 40s
  • Episode 74 Lucas's Pilgrimage

    2 OCT. 2022 · Lucas had decided to return to the church to possibly find out more about Father Richard. Returning to a run down church, what will its crumbling hallowed halls reveal?
    1h 22m 47s
  • Episode 73 Eric's Time in Hiding

    25 SEP. 2022 · The group deciding to lay low for a while split up to do solo training. Eric has returned to his home in Teawater to do his own research and training. What can he get achieved in a months time?
    1h 16m 11s
  • Episode 72 Clayton's Month in Hiding

    18 SEP. 2022 · The group have made the choice to lay low in different locations. We start off with Clayton in Goulcrest. How much can he get done in a months time and will the law catch wind of him laying low in the gym?
    1h 36m 49s
  • Episode 71 Only Time Will Tell

    15 AGO. 2022 · Now that things have settled down, the group finds out what Sam really knows. What will come from the destruction that happened in Maple Port and will they need to go into highing till everything comes down?
    52m 39s
  • Episode 70 A Wish Given, A Gift Received

    7 AGO. 2022 · Opening her hand, Sam has done the unthinkable to her own brother. Has Sam truly sided with Aftermath and what effects will this show of brutality have towards the on lookers? THIS ENDS HERE!
    1h 43m 9s
Join us on a D&D style Pokemon Adventure through the region of Oletta. What dangers and new friends will we meet along the way.

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