• My last show. Join me for a goodbye and thank you to the TTN crew and Dr Pat for a great experience

    31 OCT. 2023 · Yes good times always have to come to an end at some point. I have enjoyed my experience as a rookie podcastor. I enjoy the whole sharing my passion and wisdom with whoever wants to listen, I thank Dr Pat, Jessica, and my man Jonathan on the technical side of things, helping me throughout. Ive made friends and wrote 2 books, but i am looking to actually expand my knowledge and passion to more topics and teach people more about reality and help others better understand whats truly been going on in my world and the lives you all had to endure as well. Help is on the way. Might help people understand Ive now seen it all, and I have so much knowledge and wisdom to offer, and however that is, I will never give up or stop trying to help others in whatever capacity, but I'm gonna be real and empathetic but may ruffle feathers. Thats gonna happen when people are real. My Journey just started. God bless. Watch: https://youtu.be/2w_bm2Psbzg
    27m 27s
  • Faith is for me. As there is no other answer

    24 OCT. 2023 · Faith in God is why I'm still here. If you dont agree I would love to hear your feelings on why hes not for you? I've almost died twice and had many other obstacles and adversities that makes no other sense, or there isnt a better explanation to why I'm in the place I am or still here to talk about it.
    27m 35s
  • You have to decide whether you are a quitter or a winner

    17 OCT. 2023 · We all have been down and out and its how we handle those down times as well as our up times. The key to handling the life we perceive is changing are energy and emotions to a positive. Then managing that to give us the right perception we like of our life. But
  • Respect continued..... with Empathy and concern.

    10 OCT. 2023 · So we spoke of Love and Respect last week, and didnt spend enough time on Respec and how important it is.. So one thing I've spoke on many times as its who I am and not sure were all able to learn to be an empaths but we can sure be empathic and concerned for others. That isnt hard. Were going to talk about how having these in our everyday lives will make an impact on everyone. Cuz Why? Cuz its EaZy Watch: https://youtu.be/XYJk5FfoRik
    28m 23s
  • Love and Respect. Thats it.

    3 OCT. 2023 · Love is used asa word some use to let omeone know they care about them. There is different typ of caring we have with people in our life. Do you know what loe btruly feels like? Respect is so important, that it can heal many feelings peole have today, we will discuss both so join me to find out more Cuz its eazy
    29m 17s
  • Boundaries, they are required when Empowered

    26 SEP. 2023 · Boudaries are crucial when healing, getting to know yourself, and of course when Empowering yourself. They will help you understand what you wont tolorate that disrupts your peace.
    20m 56s
  • The Power Within. The FACTS To empowering yourself to that mindset.

    19 SEP. 2023 · We are going to talk about the F.A.C.T.S to gaining the confidence needed to Empowerment. Focus, Awareness, Courage, Tenacity, and Spirit, Focus like an Eagles Vision, Awareneness of whats is happening with and around you. Courage, to imply firmess of the mind when facing challenges, Tenacity, is the persistence and unwillingness to be defeated, Spirit, to never backdown, and holding their own Watch: https://youtu.be/bno3kRdqNTM
    25m 9s
  • It is time, the long awaited Empower yourself to 6 figures

    12 SEP. 2023 · So The long awaited Empower yourself to build your confidence from adversities,No more obstacles you cant Overcome. Your ticket to being what you and doing what you want, and take that courage, to know you can make the money you want with this newly EMPOWERED feeling and knowing nothing can stop your brand new Mindset wont allow you to give up or say I cant do it. You will be a different person then when you started Watch: https://youtu.be/gatTzQ65LD4
    27m 6s
  • Getting Empowered, The Power within!

    5 SEP. 2023 · Empowerment! The ability or capacity of an individual, group, amd /or communities to take control of their own circumstances, Exercise power, and achieve anything they want. My Course The Power Within, will give you the ability to Overcome Obstacles and build Confidence through Adversities. Also building self esteem. As a Bonus part of the program you will get course called healing from childhood Trauma. This Combination of healing, rebuilding , and loving yourself. Knowing who you are, and most of all finding out, its all inside of you. That will give you all you need to take on life and all its challenges, to get Empowered, and have what want and do what you want in life Watch: https://youtu.be/kqnwFZ42t0c
    27m 34s
  • Embracing Humility, and leadership

    29 AGO. 2023 · Embracing Humility, and the ability of being humble.and using that as a leader. Leaders are leaders for a reason, having empathy is important and humility equally important, We will discuss the meaning and how its used and why its important. Cuz its EaZy. Watch: https://youtu.be/TTYV0RKI1Uc
    27m 7s

Cuz Its EaZy is bringing you an easier path to make your life simple! No matter what you have experienced in your life, from trauma to addiction to near-death experiences,...

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Cuz Its EaZy is bringing you an easier path to make your life simple! No matter what you have experienced in your life, from trauma to addiction to near-death experiences, you can feel positive, confident and learn to laugh and have fun again! Listen in as we talk real about serious concerns in the world and learn how working together, we can make it amazing! Laughter is a promise, and music is the spiritual language on Cuz its EaZy. Coach EZ is an empowered empath and believes having God in your life is the key to feeling positive and confident, chasing your demons right out of there! On the Cuz its EaZy show you will find peace in your heart by learning to set boundaries and sticking to them. You are the ultimate number one in your life. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want without worrying what anyone else thinks Cuz its EaZy with Coach EZ!
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