• S3E8 | Houssein Djirdeh From Hating Programming to Life At Google

    5 DIC. 2022 · SHOW SUMMARY: You know them… those friends and family who wonder how anyone can possibly enjoy software development. It’s hard to believe now, but Houssein Djirdeh, author and Senior Software Engineer at Google, once had similar feelings about programming. In fact, he hated it. So how did find his passion? And how about you? How can you reignite your passion if you’ve grown tired of heavy deadlines, endless meetings, & untimely bugs? In this episode, Houssein shares his tips and advice for getting past the frustrations and on to the fun! LINKS: https://twitter.com/hdjirdeh https://houssein.me/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/housseindjirdeh/ CONNECT WITH US: Houssein Djirdeh @hdjirdeh Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 15m 5s
  • S3E7 | Liz Saling on Life at GitHub & Attaining Your Ultimate Dev.Life

    8 NOV. 2022 · How do you rise the ranks to go from data entry to becoming a director of Engineering for the world’s largest source code host with more than 200 million repositories? Liz Saling, Director of Engineering at GitHub, joins us to share her journey of quickly moving into leadership positions, securing jobs at powerhouse companies, the inside scoop about life at GitHub, and finding true fulfillment in both life and career. She’s happily living her ultimate dev life (complete with ample use of emojis) and shares some simple yet effective tips for how YOU can too! LINKS: https://twitter.com/LizSaling https://www.lizsaling.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/lizsaling/ https://socialimpact.github.com/ https://lizsaling.medium.com/ CONNECT WITH US: Liz Saling @lizsaling Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 12m 23s
  • S3E6 | Jo Hanna Pearce On Keeping It Simple | Dev.Life

    17 OCT. 2022 · “Information occultation…?” If you’ve never heard of it, neither had we. But chances are, you’re actually quite familiar with when things become more complicated than is necessary. Whether writing hard-to-follow code, making UI that’s overly difficult to understand, or taking part in the “Rockstar Developer” mentality, it’s not uncommon for developers to know these kinds of work practices all too well. But, using the advice & wisdom of Nx DevTools & Nx Cloud Core Team Member, Jo Hanna Pearce, we can work to keep things clean, simple, & understandable from both a code and human perspective. And probably for Kelpies too! LINKS: https://twitter.com/jhannapearce https://jopearce.co.uk/ https://www.slideshare.net/JoPearce5/a-is-for-angular CONNECT WITH US: Jo Hanna Pearce @JHannaPearce Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 21m 40s
  • S3E5 | Shai Rezniks Adventures into Software Development - Improv, Testing, and Public Speaking | Dev.Life

    10 OCT. 2022 · How do you go from software development to becoming a sought after edutainer, speaker, and the “King of Testing”? Well, sit down, grab a drink, and get comfy as we go live from ng-conf 2022 for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how Shai Reznik from HiRez.io achieved all these accomplishments and more. Shai opens up with some intimate stories (and a bit of Israeli rap) about his developer journey and how, not unlike everyone else, he’s had to face barriers like imposter syndrome, perfectionism, panic attacks, and yes, even bugs! LINKS: https://www.hirez.io/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufHfs67xtXg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCPa_Rws_iA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp8OTXf4BAc CONNECT WITH US: Shai Reznik @hirez_io Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 30m 48s
  • S3E4 | Josh Morony on Side Gigs & Moonlighting | Dev.Life

    3 OCT. 2022 · Have you ever considered having a side gig as a programmer? Well, have all your questions answered about the hows and whys of moonlighting and starting your own side hustles from YouTuber, author, and all around content creator Joshua Morony as he joins this episode of the Dev.Life Podcast. Josh shares his experiences and shares his tips and suggestions for getting started, time management, staying motivated, client interactions, and some stuff about Einstein. What better way to learn than from a pro! LINKS: https://twitter.com/joshuamorony https://www.youtube.com/c/JoshuaMorony/playlists https://eliteionic.com/ Joshua’s Top Dev Content Recommendations: Chau Tran - https://twitter.com/Nartc1410 Victor Savkin - https://twitter.com/victorsavkin https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Angular-Victor-Savkin/dp/1788293762 https://vsavkin.com/managing-state-in-angular-2-applications-caf78d123d02 Brandon Roberts - https://twitter.com/brandontroberts Enea Jahollari - https://twitter.com/Enea_Jahollari CONNECT WITH US: Joshua Morony @JoshuaMorony Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 16m 27s
  • S3E3 | Katarina Skroumpelou Giving Mental Health a Piece of Your Mind | Dev.Life

    26 SEP. 2022 · In this episode of the Dev.Life we invited Katerina Skroumpelou back on the show to discuss a recent blog article she published about dealing with mental health and depression as a developer or tech professional. Katerina shares her experiences for how she’s coped with these challenges in her own life and how she’s been able to push through it all to make a successful career filled with many great accomplishments. LINKS: https://pakotinia.medium.com/tainted-moments-or-hello-vecna-my-old-friend-cc5336d274d2 https://twitter.com/psybercity https://988lifeline.org/ CONNECT WITH US: Katerina Skroumpelou @psybercity Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 5m 38s
  • S3E2 | Shaundai Person on Becoming Unstoppable | Dev.Life

    19 SEP. 2022 · In this episode of the Dev.Life, we have an open conversation with Shaundai Person about her non-traditional path from having a successful career in sales to becoming a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix, a sought out conference speaker, a meetup organizer, and a dynamic course creator as well. Shaundai talks about not only the barriers and challenges she faced as she changed careers, but also the ups and downs she’s encountered and deals with now that she’s in the field. To wrap things up, Shaundai shares thoughts and ideas on how diversity of backgrounds can add to the power behind your team and also how developers at any stage in their career can work through feelings of wanting to give up to finding happiness and success instead. LINKS: https://twitter.com/shaundai https://www.reactrobins.com/ https://egghead.io/q/resources-by-shaundai-person https://www.tsforjs.com/ CONNECT WITH US: Shaundai Person @Shaundai Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 26m 14s
  • S3E1 | Michael Chan on Uniting the Developer Community | Dev.Life

    12 SEP. 2022 · Welcome to Season 3 of what is now the Dev.Life Podcast! In this, the first episode of the season, we’re joined by none other than Michael Chan, an instructor and coach on lunch.dev and host of the React Podcast. He braves the wild seas of polarization of technologies and explores the benefits to be had in uniting the Dev Communities around things that make sense for everyone. LINKS: https://reactpodcast.simplecast.com/ https://www.lunch.dev/ https://twitter.com/chantastic CONNECT WITH US: Michaen Chan @chantastic Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 13m 32s
  • S3E0 | Now the Dev.Life Podcast

    12 SEP. 2022 · In this episode we reintroduce ourselves this time as the Co-Hosts of the Dev.Life Podcast. For most of you this will simply be an intro to Season 3 of the Angular Experience Podcast. We discuss our plans and goals for this season and why we changed our name. In short it’s because our content is for all developers regardless of framework or language. Links: https:devlife.show Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    15m 38s
  • S2E31 | Doguhan Uluca on No Speed Limits In Life

    5 SEP. 2022 · In this episode, we bring author & Principal Fellow Doguhan Uluca back on the show for a great discussion about finding your particular career path as a software engineer or programmer. Doguhan starts by sharing some of his career decisions and how he’s moved up into his particular roles and then we start digging into what career paths you might follow & how to go about getting a promotion. We even take on the question of whether or not title even matters in development as some would suggest it does not. By the end, you’ll be more informed on how to take your career to the next level and see that there really aren’t speed limits when you’re motivated to succeed! LINKS: https://twitter.com/duluca https://expertlysimple.io/angular-for-enterprise-2nd-edition/ https://techtalkdc.com/ Elastic leadership - https://www.elasticleadership.com/ CONNECT WITH US: Doguhan Uluca @duluca Brooke Avery @JediBravery Erik Slack @erik_slack
    1h 2m 33s
Embarrassingly unknown engineers, Brooke Avery and Erik Slack, blend entertainingly meaningful conversation, interesting guests, and insightful advice as they explore all aspects of the developer life.

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