• Episode 43 - Making Money with Facebook Reels - A Case Study

    11 OCT. 2022 · Facebook Reels rolled out in September of 2021 in response to Tiktok gaining a significant market share. Today we discuss how we are monetizing this platform.
    11m 8s
  • Episode 42- Premium Domains - Are They Worth It?

    22 MAR. 2022 · If you sell online or have a brick and mortar store, you probably have pondered whether or not you should have your own website and domain. If you are independent from the malls of the internet and need to market solo to get people to your business, having a website is a must. But how much is too much? Will it help sales? What about marketing? Does it make a difference? What about selling premium domains myself, how do I start? We answer these questions plus many more.
    29m 32s
  • Episode 41 Building Your Digital Business with Open Source and White Label Solutions

    20 MAR. 2022 · Have a great app or digital business idea? You don't have to hire a fancy coder or even be one yourself to realize your cloud based business dreams.. Today we discuss two shortcuts to getting your idea to the masses while you save money and maintain control over your business.
    25m 56s
  • Episode 40 - T-Mobile Home Internet Review - Is It Worth It?

    6 MAR. 2022 · Costs across the board are rising. If your internet bill has gotten out of control, you may have a better option. Today I discuss my experience with T-Mobile Home Internet.
    5m 51s
  • Episode 39 - Willie Crawford Interview - How to Be a Virtual Landlord

    24 ABR. 2020 · Today we discuss how Willie Crawford got started in internet marketing and how anyone at any age can do the same. We also talk about how he ranks and rents various websites in many different niches online.
    34m 20s
  • Episode 38 - Interview with Affiliate Marketer Nick James

    29 MAR. 2020 · Today we discuss how Nick got started in internet marketing and offers practical advice for you to do the same. Licensing opportunities and bulding a lucrative online publishing business are just a couple things we go over.
    38m 22s
  • Episode 37 Copyright Infringement - How to Save Yourself Time, Hassle and LOTS of Money

    20 MAR. 2020 · If you do business online, it's not a matter of if,  it's a matter of when you will get a nasty, scary letter from an lawyer's office. I discuss my experiences...  You will also learn:  How to find public domain images to safely use. It's not just about pictures -  Avoiding problems with other works. A Primer on Creative Commons and Fair Use - and how to use them to steer clear of troubled waters. What to do if you get a nasty letter.... and what NOT to do. Just because you paid for a picture - doesn't mean you can't be sued for copyright infringment.  We discuss why. Dropshipping?   Be careful,  you may not have permission to use the photos on your website.  We discuss how to get permission and why it's important to do so. Learn more @ digipire.com/episode37
    30m 2s
  • Episode 36 High Ticket Affiliate Offers – Where to Find them and How to Promote

    13 MAR. 2020 · If you are an affiliate marketer or want to be one, you must constantly be in the creation process in order to make it. Whether it’s building websites, sending emails to your list, advertising with banner ads or the never ending research you must do, you must stay engaged. It’s a lot of work, so why do it for peanuts? Advertising is expensive, your time is valuable. We discuss how to get maximum return on both by promoting high ticket or high CPA (cost per action) programs found online. In this episode you will learn: What exactly is affiliate marketing? How to find CPA (cost per action) offers where you’re not selling anything, you collect information and get paid a generous commission. How to milk traffic from Google with database driven sites. We’ll show you where to earn up to $100 for each call just for getting someone on the phone for five minutes. You’ll learn how to make what you are offering personal – don’t do this and you’re leaving money on the table. Plus much more….. You can find the resources we mentioned @ digipire.com/episode36
    36m 35s
  • Episode 35 - Making Money with Virtual Call Centers

    6 MAR. 2020 · o matter where you are in life, sometimes you just need cash. When you’re short on funds, the last thing you want to worry about is starting a business. If you are looking for a good side hustle where you get simply get paid for your time, search no more. No BS, nothing to buy (except maybe a headset) and no hype. You do the work, you get paid. Simple stuff. Whether you work as a work from home agent or want to start your own virtual call center business, we discuss how to do both. Find the resources we mention @ digipire.com/episode35
    44m 55s
  • Episode 34 - How to be a Digital General Contractor - Make Money with Apps, Software and Scripts

    28 FEB. 2020 · Build and make money with apps, software and scripts without any coding knowledge. We will answer the following questions. What's the difference between an app, software or script? Where can I find people to build it? Do I keep ownership of the code? What can I build? How much will it cost? You can find all the resources we've mentioned on the podcast @ digipire.com/episode34
    33m 21s
Follow us as we hustle in the digital economy, build, acquire and invest in digital assets. Learn from our mistakes, profit from our successes. We discuss them all.

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