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Divorce Doesn't Suck

  • Alyssa Dineen, New York City’s Top Dating Coach

    18 JUN. 2024 · Alyssa Dineen is New York City’s top dating coach, and has been featured on Oprah Daily, The Today Show, Goop, Bravo, The New York Times, and so much more. She’s the author of the new book, The Art of Online Dating.  After the challenges of navigating the online dating scene post-divorce, Alyssa founded Style My Profile to help other divorcees steer clear of all the common online dating pitfalls. Her Mindful Dating 101 course is truly the one-stop-shop for all things online dating. The 12-module course will help you easily and painlessly build a dating app profile that will get people’s attention and get you the right matches. Through videos, worksheets, examples, and checklists, the Mindful Dating 101 course will guide you from choosing photos and writing stand-out bios, all the way through swiping and matching etiquette and expectations, how to start conversations, and get to IRL dates with your matches. Connect with Alyssa for tips and advice about creating a dating profile to attract your perfect match! FB: Alyssa Dineen - Style My Profile IG: @stylemyprofilenyc IG: @alyssadineen YT: Style My Profile with Alyssa Dineen P: Style My Profile 
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  • Aurisha Smolarksi, author of Cooperative Co-Parenting for Secure Kids: The Attachment Theory Guide to Raising Kids in Two Homes.

    11 JUN. 2024 · Aurisha Smolarski, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, certified co-parenting coach, mediator, and author of Cooperative Co-Parenting for Secure Kids: The Attachment Theory Guide to Raising Kids in Two Homes. As a mother herself, she understands the complexities faced by parents navigating two households.  With over fifteen years of experience, Aurisha specializes in fostering cooperation and security in co-parenting dynamics. She’s committed to helping couples transition from romantic relationships to cooperative co-parenting arrangements, emphasizing commitment, collaboration, and consistency through her "Six Cs of Cooperative Co-parenting."   For practical, relatable, and valuable advice about navigating complex relationships with your partner, your ex, your kids, and yourself, connect with Aurisha: Web: http://aurishasmolarski.com/ IG: @cooperativecoparenting  X: @securecoparent
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  • Kevin Brown, Divorce Attorney | Needle Cuda - Season 2, Ep. 2

    4 JUN. 2024 · It’s Episode 2 of our new series, Mapping Your New Path Forward, featuring our partner Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law! In this episode, Attorney Kevin C. Brown from Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law talks about the importance of having the right legal representation. The attorney-client relationship is the cornerstone of an effective legal strategy. It’s your emotional support structure, and it helps you build and project confidence. It’s important to choose the attorney that’s right for you.  What happens if you make the wrong choice?  Knowing when it’s time to change legal representation is a crucial step toward achieving a more favorable divorce outcome. This is part 2 of our second series, Mapping Your New Path Forward. Check out Episode 1 to hear Wendy and Attorney Brown’s compelling conversation about the complicated issues surrounding control of and access to frozen embryos in divorce disputes. For the expert advice and informed guidance you need to protect yourself, your children, and your assets, connect with Needle | Cuda Divorce and Family Law.  Web: NeedleCuda.com LI: Needle Cuda Divorce & Family Law
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    Laurie Gerber, Expert in the field of life and relationship coaching

    28 MAY. 2024 · Laurie Gerber meets women where they are. She protects their experiences, speaks honest truths, and cheers them on to be the best version of themselves—all while keeping their spirits high. She’s an expert in the field of life and relationship coaching, with more than 20 years of experience coaching thousands of individuals and couples. And she created the ultimate online relationship course, Master the Art of Love. Laurie got her start when she engaged with a life coach who changed her life, top to bottom. After a “near divorce” experience of her own, and using the Handel Method® to rebuild her relationship, she knew she wanted to use what she learned to help others.  Are you ready to make it work in love? Connect with Laurie for secrets to making the dating experience easier!  Web: LaurieGerber.com IG: @lauriegerber_ coach FB: Master the Art of Love TikTok: @lauriegerber_coach LI: Laurie Gerber 
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  • Cherice Carter, Life Coach, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, #2

    21 MAY. 2024 · Cherice Carter is a Life Coach, CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Coaching the Masses. She’s also the author of the new book, Love Notes - Affirmations, Inspirational Notes, Essays, Poems, and Quotes Inspired for Healing. Love Notes was specifically designed to offer healing to those in need, and it’s coming out in time for Valentine’s Day.  She offers strategies for overcoming emotional hurdles during and after a divorce and empowers people to find their purpose and embrace personal growth. She helps people navigate co-parenting dynamics and maintain healthy relationships with children post-divorce. Connect with Cherice for the strength and advice to overcome the challenges that jeopardize your well-being. IG: @divorcecoachcc TikTok @divorcecoachcc Threads: @divorcecoachcc FB: Divorced…I Survived and You Can Too! LI: Cherice Carter, CAMS
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  • Janice Formichella, Breakup Coach

    14 MAY. 2024 · Janice Formichella is a breakup coach and the host of the podcast Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On. She’s passionate about helping people from all backgrounds beat their breakup, overcome loneliness, and make the end of a relationship the start of a powerful new beginning. Janice helps people recover from heartbreak and turn a breakup into an opportunity for a magical new beginning in life. She specializes in overcoming loneliness and learning how to use loving spending time alone as a superpower. Connect with Janice for practical advice about breakups, recovering from heartbreak, dating again, and loving the single life! Web: JaniceFormichella.com IG: @janiceformichella FB: Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On--Private Group FG: Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On--Podcast
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  • Rob Roseman, Host of the WTF Divorce podcast, #3

    7 MAY. 2024 · Rob Roseman is back for another informative and fun episode!  He’s a former Las Vegas poker pro and a divorced dad with three kids. He’s the creator and host of the WTF Divorce podcast, where he shares relatable divorce advice, dating and co-parenting confessions, and more, Rob is the author of Amazon’s 5-star rated book, Dad the Best I Can. His new book, The WTF Divorce Journal: The Raw, The Real, and The Ridiculously Relatable, is available on Amazon now! For insight and advice about how restart your life on your terms, connect with Rob: Website: WTFdivorce YT: @wtfdivorce IG: @dadthebestican LI: Rob Roseman X: @dadthebestican
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  • Jaime Morgan, Divorce and Personal Growth Expert

    30 ABR. 2024 · Jaime Morgan is a Divorce and Personal Growth Expert. She rebuilt her life after her ex-husband blindsided her more than six years ago and has been remarried to the love of her life for almost 5 years. After her divorce, she transitioned from relationship coaching into primarily working with women who have gone through divorce and breakups. Jaime created a whole system of tools based on how she healed and grew through her own experiences and has seen the same extraordinary results with her clients.  Connect with Jaime for advice and insights about how to rise through some of the hardest and most difficult chapters of your life. Web: http://jaimemorgan.com/ IG: @thejaimemorgan FB @jaimemorgancoaching 
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  • Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola, Coercive Control Educator & Survivor / Host of the Perfect Prey podcast

    23 ABR. 2024 · Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola, DSW, LCSW is a Coercive Control Educator, Researcher, and Survivor. Host of the Perfect Prey podcast, she’s been an advocate since the age of 19, passionate about protecting children from abuse. Yet, even as a therapist, she didn't see the signs in her own relationship. How do we, as protective parents, support our children harmed by the coercive controller (aka Narcissistic Abuser)? Dr. Cocchiola’s expertise provides the framework for supporting protective parents as they navigate parenting children harmed by the coercive controller. Protective parents can show their children a path to freedom. Connect with Dr. Cocchiola for guidance for parents about navigating the process of healing their children from coercive control. Web: http://coercivecontrolconsulting.com/ IG: @dr.cocchiola_coercivecontrol YT: Dr. Christina Cocchiola
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  • Mark Kozminski, Blue Mind Approach  

    16 ABR. 2024 · Mark is the father of twin boys and a serial entrepreneur who has always learned and grown by doing. He’s driven by a vision to ignite the true identity of a billion people. After going through the pain and uncertainty of his own divorce in 2018, Mark, after years of struggling with a gambling addiction and safety behaviors, Mark committed to living a life of personal growth and self-discovery. Simply, he couldn't understand the 'why' behind his behaviors and felt deep down that he wasn't performing as the truest version of himself. Now, Mark uses his innovative BlueMind approach to coach men through divorce, separation, and self-sabotaging behaviors. He works with men who are committed, willing, and open to exploring a more authentic and healthier version of themselves. Connect with Mark for inspiration and insight about driving positive behavioral change. IG: @bluemindapproach IG: @markkozminski FB: Blue Mind
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Divorce Doesn’t Suck is a different kind of divorce podcast. Wendy Lowy Sloane is a former TV Producer and the Host and Executive Producer of the What’s Up with Wendy...

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Divorce Doesn’t Suck is a different kind of divorce podcast.

Wendy Lowy Sloane is a former TV Producer and the Host and Executive Producer of the What’s Up with Wendy Celebrity radio show and podcast. Now, she’s bringing her own story and experience to Divorce Doesn’t Suck, and focusing on the happily ever after…after divorce. It’s a podcast that highlights the possibilities and opportunities—the chance to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The popular podcast explores every aspect of divorce, including kids, finances, dating, sex, starting over, and more. Wendy and her guests share their personal stories, their challenges, and their successes. They talk about new perspectives and how they were able to move forward and focus on the future—how to restart with a new blank canvas.

Guests include real people’s stories, experts in divorce and family law, finance, dating, relationships, health, wellness, and much more.

Divorce Doesn’t Suck appeals to a wide audience of listeners at every stage of their divorce journey, from deciding if divorce really is the right decision to post-divorce relationships, dating, and remarrying.
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