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  • BBK PHAT Releases Feel Good Music for the Culture

    27 JUN. 2022 · BBK Phat is a New Orleans native artist that's been releasing music that gives the people something their soul can feel with every song he has released. Here We Go, Feel Good, Long Time, Flexxin, Neva Catch Me. Check out his one on one interview with host 'Upscale with Jonell"
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  • Do Anything 4 Clout Season 3 - Marjorie Harvey DaBaby Karen Hueger RHOP

    12 AGO. 2021 · The DCATL2LA Get Fresh Crew Decides Clout Chaser of the Week. Marjorie Harvey, DaBaby or Karen Hueger from Real Housewives of Potomac Wendy Gets Honorable Mention
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  • WE tv Beyond the Pole former dancers speak on what to expect June 3rd on Season 2

    25 MAY. 2021 · Ms Dime, Gigi Macguire and Angelkake speak on their ups and downs during filming season 2 and the relationships they formed (didn't form ) with each other. Ms Dime is pretty convicted in her resolve to not associate with any of the ladies due to their energy while they were filming. You would never guess what business Ms Dime is knee deep in $$ now. Ms Dime is truly a boss who dances to the beat of her own drum.
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  • Relationship Expert Derrick Jaxson Exposed by Mistress and Career Seems to be Near the End

    26 MAR. 2021 · Relationship Expert Seems to have hit a brick wall as 3 mistresses have come forward to confess details about their relationship . Are you willing to give him a pass?
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  • Stacey Dash Takes the Lead as Clout Chaser of the Week

    26 MAR. 2021 · Stacey Dash wants to return to the Black Community but has her card been revoked forever. I say I will help you Stacey if you are serious. Let's just say I have a way with the community
    Escuchado 56m 47s
  • Safaree wins Clout Chaser of the Week and K Michelle and Tiger Woods Runner Ups

    27 FEB. 2021 · Season 3 of Do Anything for Clout welcomes back Jojo-Ndeezstreets and co-host Terry Shropshire. The first review was deciding who won 2020 Clout Chaser of the Year. Next the Clout Chaser of the week was unanimously decided to be non other than reality tv star 'Safaree" for the way he handled his dissatisfaction with his wife Erica Mena on social media.
    Escuchado 1h 12m 27s
  • Windstar Motors Inc. Introduces the First Zero Emission Compressed Air Engine Prototype Vehicle Coming in 2021

    29 OCT. 2020 · This is definitely not a clout chasing move right here. Check out what the CEO of Windstar Motors has to say about being the first African American car manufacturer company.
    Escuchado 17m 18s
  • Food & Entreprenuer Talk with Ebony Austin Owner of Nouveau Bar & Grill in College Park GA

    23 SEP. 2020 · Ebony Austin is not only an amazing business woman / serial entreprenuer from the West Side of Chicago; she moved to Atlanta with hopes to open a restaurant and has weathered the storm during a nationwide pandemic! Check out our awesome interview to see how she overcame adversity and her business is stronger than ever.
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  • Megan Thee Stallion - Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend - Torey Lanez Deported?

    8 AGO. 2020 · Did Megan Thee Stallion really get Torey Lanez Deported ? Tamar Braxton Vs WeTV battle sends Tamar to the hospital. Is her new man overstepping boundaries? Our prayers are definitely with Tamar. Brian Kemp wants Kids Back at School in Georgia in the middle of a pandemic. Wait did Desiigner say that COVID 19 is fake? Some people will say anything or do anything for clout. Let's talk about it on our Special Edition of "Do Anything 4 Clout".
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  • HOT Girl Meg Thee Stallion Wins Clout Chaser Of the Week! J Prince Claps Back

    8 MAR. 2020 · Megan Thee Stallion Cries Victim! Is she Ungrateful? Did RocNation put her up to this? Her competition was Triston Thompson Thirst Trapping 4 the Gram, Vanessa Bryant not acknowledging Kobe's parents, Charlamagne calling out Nene Leakes about Wendy William's husband canceling her show? See what the podcasters have to say about this.
    Escuchado 52m 33s
Clout Chasers Episode #5 Who gets the #1 spot this week? R Kelly Master P or Lamar Odom
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