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Dragons in Genesis

  • 096_Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, & Malachai

    28 MAY. 2024 · Could Yahweh be a dying-and-rising god? Does Malachi speak to the worship of Asherah in the Jerusalem Temple? Was Yahweh originally an angel who served his father, El Elyon? All these questions and more are raised by the minor prophets who saw the restoration of Judah as a parallel with the restoration of nature and linked it with annual sacrifices.
    Escuchado 48m 57s
  • 095_Micah Nahum and Jonah

    30 ABR. 2024 · From giants and witches, to sun gods and talking animals, the Bible is littered with strange mythology. Curious stories concerning mystical beings can be found in every book, but one of the strangest stories is that of Jonah. Not only is a man eaten by a fish, but this prophet might just shed light on another myth which was prominent in the ancient world but seems blasphemous to modern theologians… Jonah might just tell us that, once upon a time, God died.
    Escuchado 41m 23s
  • 094_Amos and Obadiah

    25 MAR. 2024 · Throughout the New Testament we’re treated to countless examples of literary influence from the older texts, including the Book of Enoch and the works of Homer. But most striking are perhaps the numerous examples of New Testament authors borrowing directly from the Hebrew Bible in order to craft their most memorable scenes. From the nativity story to the crucifixion, virtually every scene from the life of Jesus can be traced to Jewish writings centuries earlier.
    Escuchado 40m 49s
  • 093_Hosea and Joel

    27 FEB. 2024 · As the returning exiles begin settling in Judah and our timeline moves nearer the Intertestamental Period, the literature looks both forward and backward in time, to themes of a coming day of judgment that will lay the foundation for Christianity and to the idea that past sins caused their recent downfall which will soon inspire the mythic history which serves as the origin story for the Jews.
    Escuchado 49m 21s
  • 092_Ezekiel 3 (Yahweh in Marduk's Temple)

    30 ENE. 2024 · The influence from neighboring cultures in Second Temple Judaism cannot be overstated, but that influence shows up in some surprising places and comes from some surprising sources. Perhaps none more alarming are the Babylonians themselves who took the upper classes from Jerusalem hostage. From this hostile neighbor the Jews would get a new writing system, a new calendar, units and measures, the concept of the Sabbath, and even a new home for Yahweh, the great temple of the Babylonian storm-god Marduk.
    Escuchado 40m 21s
  • 091_Ezekiel 2 (Yahweh vs the Dragons)

    29 DIC. 2023 · An enemy of Judah is an enemy of Yahweh, and what better way to describe his enemies than in terms of his most ancient of foes, the great sea dragon? But this section of Ezekiel isn’t just populated with dragons, but also angels with flaming swords, god-kings, trees that reach into heaven, and rivers of blood.
    Escuchado 38m 3s
  • 090_Ezekiel 1 (Wheels within Wheels)

    28 NOV. 2023 · The Bible is filled with strange scenes, but few can compare with the opening of Ezekiel when the sky is filled with clouds, fire, and lightning and a vision of a strange entity described as “wheels within wheels” terrifies the prophet so that he cannot speak for a week. But it’s hardly the strangest thing we’ll encounter in this episode. There’s also the worship of a bronze snake, a resurrected Sumerian god, child sacrifice, and Yahweh’s own mother.
    Escuchado 53m 3s
  • 089_Jeremiah 4 (Yahweh and the Dragon)

    24 OCT. 2023 · The Mediterranean region is littered with myths of storm gods fighting great sea monsters, and Israel is no different. Their dragon goes by the name Leviathan and wishes to swallow up the world, and Yahweh, in a great tumultuous flood. This is part of their creation myth, but it can serve another purpose. It can be recycled to explain military losses and the destruction of Yahweh’s temple… but to do that, Yahweh must side with his greatest enemy, the dragon itself.
    Escuchado 37m 34s
  • 088_Jeremiah 3 (Baruch's Paradox)

    26 SEP. 2023 · As the destruction of the temple draws near, Jeremiah offers mixed messages of hope and despair, of violent ends and joyous beginnings. The city will be dismantled, no, it will be burned down. The temple will be toppled, or perhaps consumed by cleansing flames. And through it all the story of Zarathustra shines as the prophet replays the court scene from the legendary Persian prophet.
    Escuchado 42m 35s
  • 087_Jeremiah 2 (Still Not a Bullfrog)

    27 AGO. 2023 · Moses is presented as the prototypical prophet who brings Yahwism to a nation of people who have forgotten Yahweh. Under his reform and leadership they eradicate idolatry and establish a new covenant. But is Moses the true prototypical prophet, or is he modeled after another?
    Escuchado 38m 11s
A critical bible study which places the individual stories within the context of the culture and contemporary mythologies from the region.

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