• Pastor Cal Exposes Married at First Sight Casting Crazies

    11 OCT. 2023 · Whether you love him on Married at First Sight, or you're looking for some sort of relationship advice, this conversation with Pastor Cal is for you! We get right to the truth of the casting of the show- are they PURPOSELY picking people who are bound to be a dramatic problem? Where does he come in? We're also getting advice for people who think the dating pool in their city sucks, or they're burnt out on the apps... plus what about being burnt out in your marriage?! His first steps to get your excitement back! instagram.com/elizabethany tiktok.com/@luvelizabethany
    14m 55s
  • Lauv Exposes Pixar Secrets

    24 JUL. 2023 · Lauv is embracing a life he never imagined- creating songs for Pixar, and being sober. We're diving into why he's gone sober and what his plans are for it... plus- lots of details of how a Pixar movie and soundtrack comes together, and the changes that are made in a short amount of time! It's one of my favorite chats in a while, so enjoy! instagram.com/elizabethany
    14m 26s
  • Curtis Hamilton is sacrificing his career

    7 FEB. 2023 · Straight Outta Compton and Real Friends of Weho's Curtis Hamilton is living his life in full color for the first time ever, but it's not coming without worries and possible consequences. As he joins MTV's latest reality show all about gays' lives, he's dealing with newly coming out to his family who is not taking this decision easily, and assuming that he'll lose future career opportunities. Still, it's worth it, he says, to represent black queer people who aren't often seen on reality TV. Listen to him talk about how he got involved without being publicly out, what he says to the haters of the show, and more! instagram.com/elizabethany
    11m 52s
  • Kate Chastain has more reality TV plans

    31 ENE. 2023 · Below Deck and The Traitors' Kate Chastain calls this week to do what she does best: share her opinions! Is Arie lame? What is Ryan Lochte like? How will she be as a mom? and most importantly- what bigger reality TV plans is she working on?! Turns out, the baby won't slow her down! Listen as we come up with a too-late plan for her to win the game, and more! instagram.com/elizabethany tiktok.com/@luvelizabethany
    10m 18s
  • Exposing My Depression

    3 ENE. 2023 · A couple of months ago, I was diagnosed with depression. It's not that I kept it a secret... it's that I was in denial that I had already hit that low. I want to talk about it, and interview myself, for selfish/therapeutic reasons, but also in an attempt to help one person somewhere.
    24m 41s
  • Jessica Chastain wants forgiveness

    27 DIC. 2022 · Jessica Chastain, star of George and Tammy [and plenty of other things] calls in to talk about why and how she became a part of the project! It's been in the works for over a decade, so did she ever want out?! Plus- now that it's nominated for the Golden Globe, what does she do on nomination day? Turns out, she avoids them... and the reason she hopes to get the nominations is selfless. Cancel Culture has a connection to this show, too. We're talking about why people need to forgive, and keep their exes in their lives. Listen to this sweet soul and watch George and Tammy on Showtime! @elizabethany
    11m 10s
  • Tony Hale Exposes the villain in him

    8 NOV. 2022 · Tony Hale, from Arrested Development, Veep, Toy Story 4, Hocus Pocus, and The Mysterious Benedict Society, calls in to talk about the secrets of playing two characters in one project, and how it surprises him when he sees the final project! Plus- he admittedly has a lot in common with villains, and says we should all look for what we have in common to have the empathy.
    10m 6s
  • Ryan Tedder Exposes how he was conceived

    2 NOV. 2022 · One Republic's Ryan Tedder talks to EB about the conception of "I Ain't Worried," including the happy accident of how he got the gig even though he never expected it. Then we move on to the good stuff: How each of us were conceived as humans. @elizabethany
    12m 47s
  • Anees Exposes a Light After Rock Bottom Depression

    14 SEP. 2022 · Anees came in to the studio to give us a performance and a pep talk! Listen in to hear him perform [clips of] two songs... but first we're talking about how he passed the Bar, only to quit law and go into music, thanks to an epiphany he had when in a bad depression. His words are uplifting and will make you want to sign up for any self help classes he may do in the future! Can we help him manifest having a song with John Mayer on the radio? and how did he meet his two friends from the Netherlands who are in the studio with him? It's a story giving me goosebumps.. and I hope this all brings you as much energy as it brings me.
    35m 37s
  • FLASHBACK: David A Arnold Exposes how his fam handles his jokes

    8 SEP. 2022 · The now late comedian David A Arnold called to talk about "That Girl Lay Lay" before it came out, and it ended up being one of those mind-changing conversations for me. It was very self serving, but now I think there are lots of things his family, friends and fans would love to be able to hear! He shared how to juggle being with someone and having "sacred" things be turned into comedy, how he handled the controversial topics, and what exactly being a producer for a show means. Turns out- there are a LOT of little details that you'd never expect to matter, that could change everything... like the color of lockers. This man's energy will surely be missed.
    24m 28s

Elizabethany is an iHeartRadio host who loves to Expose the artists behind the new music. Listen as she brings them in to reveal truths about their lives and the music...

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Elizabethany is an iHeartRadio host who loves to Expose the artists behind the new music. Listen as she brings them in to reveal truths about their lives and the music industry, and play games like Truth or Dare, Urban Dictionary, and more!
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