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Echoes Through Eternity with Dr. Jeffery Skinner

  • Reachable Book Preview 2

    9 MAY. 2024 · Echoes Through Eternity - "Reachable: 7 Keys to Loving, Mentoring, and leading the Church of the Next Generations" https://reachablebook.com In this episode of "Echoes Through Eternity," host Dr. Jeffrey D. Skinner introduces his new book, "Reachable: Seven Keys to Loving, Mentoring, and Leading the Church of the Next Generation." Dr. Skinner shares insights from the first chapter of the book, emphasizing the importance of personal connection and mentorship in forming Christian identities among younger generations. He discusses the challenges that the next generation faces, including their misconceptions about Christianity and their struggle with identity. Dr. Skinner highlights the critical role of genuine relationships in spiritual formation, pointing out that impactful Christian identities are often forged through personal interactions rather than institutional engagements. He shares a powerful example of how a single act of kindness and invitation to a local church led to a transformative experience for a young woman and her family. Throughout the episode, Dr. Skinner stresses that effective ministry to younger people requires adaptability and a focus on relational evangelism. He calls on listeners to reflect on how they can make young people feel valued and included, emphasizing that the goal is not to convert but to convey God's love and create a welcoming community. The episode closes with Dr. Skinner encouraging his audience to spread the love of Jesus and prepare for the next discussion on chapter two of his book, alongside the upcoming small group study guide. His message is clear: The future of the church depends on its ability to genuinely connect with and mentor the next generation.
    22m 55s
  • Reachable:7 Keys to Loving, Mentoring, and Leading the Church of the Next Generations

    12 ABR. 2024 · Summary In this episode, Dr. Jeffrey D. Skinner discusses his new book, 'Reachable: Seven Keys to Loving, Mentoring, and Leading the Church of the Next Generations.' He shares his research on reaching the next generations and emphasizes the importance of being where Jesus is. Dr. Skinner also reflects on the mentors who have shaped his own faith journey, highlighting the impact of simple gestures and the love of his grandfather. The episode explores the deep motive for mission and the profound influence of mentors in the Christian community.
  • Do not Go Gentle Into that Good Night-An. Easter Devotion

    4 ABR. 2024 · In Season 4, Episode 62 of Echoes Through Eternity, Dr. Skinner delves into the profound spiritual journey from the despair of Good Friday to the jubilant revelation of Easter Sunday, illustrating the ultimate victory of Jesus Christ over death and the promise of eternal life for all who believe. The episode, titled "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night!" captures the palpable shift from the gloom that enveloped the disciples and followers of Jesus after His crucifixion to the awe-inspiring moment of His resurrection.The narrative begins in the shadows of Friday's events—Judas's tragic end, the scattering of the disciples, and the deceptive silence of those who sought Jesus's death, juxtaposed against the backdrop of Rome's indifferent rule. Yet, even in this darkness, the earth itself rebels, as if nature itself mourns the injustice inflicted upon the Son of God, and the temple veil is torn, signaling a direct, unobstructed access to the divine.Dr. Skinner vividly recounts the eerie silence that follows the storm, a silence that seems to hold the weight of the world's grief. But then, the dawn of Sunday brings a miraculous revelation: the tomb is empty, and Jesus has risen. This moment of recognition between Mary Magdalene and the risen Christ is a tender testament to the personal relationship Jesus offers to each of us. The episode emphasizes the transformation that occurs within the disciples and all who hear of Jesus's resurrection. From fear and despair, there emerges a renewed faith and purpose, fueled by the undeniable truth of Jesus's victory over death. This resurrection is not just an event but a call to all believers to live out the teachings of Christ with fervor and conviction, spreading the good news of His love and salvation. Dr. Skinner connects this biblical narrative to the broader theme of overcoming darkness with light, of hope triumphing over despair. Through the lens of Wesleyan theology, he explores the implications of Jesus's resurrection for personal faith, community revival, and global transformation. The episode concludes with a powerful reminder of the ongoing echo of Jesus's victory through the lives of believers, a chorus of faith that joins the heavenly declaration, "He is Risen Indeed!" This installment of Echoes Through Eternity not only recounts the Easter story but also invites listeners to reflect on their own journey with Christ. It challenges each one to not go gentle into the good night of complacency or despair but to embrace the light of Christ's resurrection, living out the hope and love that it signifies.
    14m 20s
  • Mother and daughter team ministering to orphans and providing back office needs. Sourced

    13 DIC. 2023 · "Serving with Sourced: A Conversation with Chrissy Strohmeyer and Gabrielle Mills" In this engaging episode of "Echoes through Eternity," Dr. Jeffrey D. Skinner delves into the inspiring journey of Chrissy Strohmeyer and Gabrielle Mills, co-owners and founders of Sourced, a back office services company with a mission to provide unparalleled business support. The conversation touches upon their personal and professional lives, highlighting their commitment to vulnerability and authenticity in leadership. Chrissy's profound experience in raising foster children and her philanthropic contributions to her community take center stage. Her dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of young people is truly commendable. Gabrielle's role in empowering women leaders adds another layer of depth to their story. The duo emphasizes the significance of service to others, spotlighting their involvement in organizations like Connections Homes. They underscore the transformative power of mentoring and discipleship in helping individuals navigate life's challenges and develop vital life skills. The conversation also takes a reflective turn as Dr. Skinner shares his experiences with foster care and the complexities that arise when considering the religious beliefs of children in need of temporary homes. The importance of living authentically, being a faithful witness, and seeking help and support is a recurring theme throughout. In summary, this episode provides valuable takeaways: 1. The journey of starting a business requires perseverance and adaptability to changing circumstances. 2. Back office services offered by companies like Sourced can enable entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus on their core competencies. 3. Volunteering, especially in foster care and youth organizations, can make a significant impact on the lives of others. 4. Serving others and being a witness for the Lord can manifest through various avenues, including business and volunteer work. 5. Mentoring and discipleship are pivotal in helping individuals navigate life's challenges and develop crucial life skills. 6. Consideration of religious beliefs is an important factor in foster care placements, and humor can help navigate difficult situations. 7. Living authentically and being a faithful witness are essential aspects of faith. 8. Seeking help and support from others can be beneficial in various aspects of life. Sourced is driven by a noble purpose: to support businesses in their journey to success while contributing to meaningful opportunities. Their commitment to servant leadership, integrity, and excellence is evident in their operations, and they generously donate 10% of their monthly profits to charities that share their values. To learn more about Sourced and their mission, visit www.getsourced.com.
    44m 22s
  • Season 3 Episode 59 Coach_Columbus_Cody

    6 DIC. 2023 · https://www.columbuscody.com/videos/Columbus Cody. Equipping, and Elevating minds to live the abundant life. LinkedIn Contact https://www.linkedin.com/in/columbus-cody-8ab71351?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_contact_details%3BIAccqHdiSgaihlf8d8idcA%3D%3D https://gmail.com Website:https://www.columbuscody.com Yotube Channel https://www.columbuscody.com/videos/ Author Speaker and Encourager Columbus Cody III. is a devoted Christian, a husband, a father, a teacher, the creator of The Living The Life Show on YouTube, and the author of https://www.amazon.com/dp/0997547316 and https://www.amazon.com/Too-Many-Toys-Columbus-Cody-ebook/dp/B01N3KEY60/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8I was born in Chicago, Illinois but I had the opportunity to grow up in numerous places throughout the United States (Mississippi, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Tennessee). Living in so many places exposed me to many different cultures which made me a much more well-rounded person with a genuine love for people.I joined the US Navy immediately after graduating high school. My military service helped to mold and shape me into a man of discipline and honor. After being honorably discharged I earned a Bachelors degree in Health and Physical Education from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduation, I began teaching Physical Education and Lifetime Wellness and coaching Girls Basketball and Volleyball (one of the reasons I have no hair) in the Metro Nashville Public School District. For the past 15 years I’ve continued to strive to engage the minds of the young people that enter my classroom each day. Some days I feel more successful than others.My greatest joys are spending time with my family and serving in my church. I have two sons and a wonderful wife. I have the opportunity to teach Sunday School at my church each Sunday and this is one of my greatest passions! I love God and I love teaching the people of God about the things of God.I have written and published two books. My first book, https://www.amazon.com/dp/0997547316, is a book that was written to help others experience the same excitement that I have for the Bible. Many people won’t read or stop reading the Bible because they say that it’s too difficult. The reason I wrote https://www.amazon.com/dp/0997547316 is to show my readers just how interesting and fun the Bible really is. My second book, https://www.amazon.com/Too-Many-Toys-Columbus-Cody-ebook/dp/B01N3KEY60/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8, was inspired by my two fun loving sons. Every night, bath time becomes an adventure. I never know which toy(s) will make an appearance and become part of the next adventure. This book makes my boys smile and laugh. I’m certain it will be a hit in many homes that are experiencing the same bath time adventures.My desire is to talk to as many people as possible about Jesus and His saving grace. God has given me a gift to teach His Words in such a way that they make sense to others and they can see how they can apply His Words to their daily lives. I intend to use that gift to lead as many people to Christ as possible.
    53m 3s
  • Revelation All_things_new_Part6 w/Rev. Brad Bellomy

    29 NOV. 2023 · Part 6 Revelation all tbhings New Dr. Jeffery D Skinner and Rev Brad Bellomy Discuss the final summary of Revelation.https://app.fireflies.ai/view/ETE-310-Revelation-All-Things-New-Part-6-1-0-mp3::KXcQYe5Z5hK2eTMnDr. Jeffrey Skinner and Reverend Brad Bellamy discuss the concept of empire, particularly in relation to the Roman Empire and its negative impact on the kingdom of God. They emphasize that while they appreciate America and its contributions, they do not worship it or view it as their source of life or salvation. The conversation touches on topics such as entitlement versus gratitude, capitalism as a liturgy, violence within empires, and the importance of distinguishing between Christian faith and nationalism. They assert that living according to the ways of the kingdom of God requires understanding and challenging empire-like systems.
    38m 2s
  • Revelation All_things_new_Part5 w/Rev. Brad Bellomy

    22 NOV. 2023 · As we continue our discussion of Revelation, this weeks letter and discussion was Johns warning about the challenges of riding the fence between different belief systems and emphasizes the importance of fully committing to the way of Jesus. It also touches on trust issues, extreme commitment to Jesus, staying awake and alert in our faith, serving others, and wielding power with love and humility. The conversation highlights that Christians should focus on changing the world through their actions rather than relying solely on legislators or political power. Overall, it encourages a servant-hearted approach to following Christ and making an impact in society.
    35m 20s
  • Revelation All_things_new_Part4 w/Rev. Brad Bellomy

    15 NOV. 2023 · Part 4 of the Revelation All Things New Series with Rev. Brad Bellomy. We continue our discussion of Revelation and a responsible reading. Brad and Jeff discuss the letters to the churches in Smyrna, Pergamum, and Thyatira. In the letter to Smyrna, Jesus acknowledges the challenges faced by the church and encourages them to remain faithful. The message is relevant for believers today as well. The letter to Pergamum addresses their tendency to want faith without commitment or sacrifice. Jesus warns them against riding the fence between God's kingdom and worldly desires. In the letter to Thyatira, Jesus criticizes their tolerance of false teachings and emphasizes using power responsibly for good. Brad also highlights that these letters should not be seen as negative or scary but rather as an encouragement from Jesus who understands human struggles and offers guidance.
    43m 10s
  • Revelation All_things_new_Part3 w/Rev. Brad Bellomy

    7 NOV. 2023 · In Part 3 of "Revelation: All Things New," Dr. Jeff and Rev. Brad return to the Book of Revelation, offering profound insights from the perspective of its original audience, the Seven Churches in Asia Minor, who often faced persecution. In this episode, they unveil the symbolism woven throughout the text, shedding light on what these symbols represented and what they continue to signify as we navigate the book's narrative. **Key Symbols and Their Probable Meanings:** 1. **Seven Churches (Revelation 1:4):** These were real, historical churches in Asia Minor. The number seven signifies completeness or perfection, suggesting that Revelation's message is intended for the entire Church, extending beyond these specific congregations. 2. **Seven Lampstands (Revelation 1:12-13):** These symbolize the seven churches. Lampstands emit light, representing the churches' role in spreading the illumination of Christ within their communities. 3. **Son of Man (Revelation 1:13):** This title, attributed to Jesus, draws from the book of Daniel (Daniel 7:13-14) and emphasizes Jesus' divinity and supreme authority. 4. **Seven Stars (Revelation 1:16):** These represent the angels or messengers of the seven churches. These "angels" likely served as leaders or messengers responsible for conveying and reading John's letter to each congregation. 5. **White Robes (Revelation 3:4-5):** White symbolizes purity and victory. Those who triumph over trials and tribulations are promised white robes, signifying their righteousness and ultimate success. 6. **Candlesticks (Revelation 2:5):** Jesus warns that the lampstand will be removed from the church in Ephesus if they do not repent. This symbolizes the potential loss of their spiritual influence unless they return to their initial fervor for Christ. 7. **Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6, 2:15):** The Nicolaitans were a heretical group within the church, and their actions and teachings were condemned. The origin and details of their beliefs remain unclear. 8. **Throne of Satan (Revelation 2:13):** In Pergamum, this likely referred to the city's connection with emperor worship and various pagan cults, highlighting the spiritual challenges faced by the church there. 9. **Jezebel (Revelation 2:20):** This symbolizes a woman in the church of Thyatira who led others into idolatry and sexual immorality, reminiscent of the biblical Jezebel in the Old Testament. 10. **New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2):** This represents the future heavenly abode of the redeemed, embodying the hope of a renewed and perfected world where God dwells with His people. 11. **The Dragon (Revelation 12:3-9):** The dragon represents Satan, who seeks to persecute and oppose the Church. This imagery may have been understood in the context of Roman oppression and persecution. 12. **The Beast (Revelation 13:1-10):** The beast often symbolizes oppressive political powers or rulers, potentially representing the Roman Empire or other tyrannical regimes. 13. **666 (Revelation 13:18):** This enigmatic number is associated with the beast and has sparked much speculation. It may have held a specific meaning understood by the original audience, potentially related to numerical codes denoting certain names or titles. Additionally, the use of the number six, juxtaposed with the number seven symbolizing completeness, could undermine claims of divine authority, challenging the emperor's insistence on god-like status. These examples illustrate the rich tapestry of symbolism in Revelation. Interpretations of these symbols may vary among scholars and theologians, but grounding our understanding in the historical and cultural context of the original seven churches provides invaluable insights into their likely meanings.
    54m 56s
  • Revelation All_things_new_Part2 w/Rev. Brad Bellomy

    1 NOV. 2023 · In Part 2 of our series, Dr. Jeffrey D. Skinner and Rev. Brad Bellomy continue their insightful discussion and responsible reading of the Book of Revelation. **Episode 2: Context - The Seven Churches - Impact of Constantine** In this episode, we delve into the historical context of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Situated in Asia Minor, which corresponds to modern-day Turkey, these churches played a significant role in early Christianity. However, their context was marked by unique challenges: **1. Roman Occupation:** During the time of the book's writing, around 95-96 AD, the Roman Empire held sway over Asia Minor. The seven churches were scattered across this province, and their existence was intertwined with the broader Roman rule. **2. Persecution:** The early Christians faced periods of persecution within the Roman Empire. Emperor Domitian, known for his authoritarian rule, demanded unwavering loyalty to the Roman state, even to the extent of being worshiped as divine. This created a hostile environment for Christians who refused to bow to the emperor's demands, resulting in their persecution. The emergence of Constantine, a pivotal figure in Roman history, would later bring about significant changes. Prior to his reign, Christianity existed as a fringe religion, embraced mainly by the marginalized and oppressed. However, as Constantine embraced Christianity, it transformed from a faith of the few to a religion of the masses. This shift had profound implications for the future of Christianity. **3. Unveiling the Meaning of "Apocalypse"** Before we proceed, let's clarify the meaning of "apocalypse." In contemporary language, the term is often associated with visions of the end of the world—meteors, global warfare, or even the potential demise of humanity and the planet. However, the original Greek word, "apokalypsis," from which "apocalypse" is derived, carries a different connotation. "Apocalypse" signifies an unveiling or revealing, and it can also denote the disclosure of hidden knowledge or secrets. In the context of the seven churches in Asia Minor, John's message to them was akin to saying, "Hey, there's a secret message meant for you. Get your 'decoder ring'!" (with a touch of humor). As we explore the historical and theological landscape of the seven churches and their place within the Roman Empire, we gain valuable insights into the early Christian experience. Join us in Episode 2 as we uncover the layers of history and meaning behind the Book of Revelation.
    56m 29s

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This podcast is about missional church planting and leadership development. We teach Church Planting principles & interview Christian leaders from around the world and allow them to tell their story....

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This podcast is about missional church planting and leadership development. We teach Church Planting principles & interview Christian leaders from around the world and allow them to tell their story.
"Echoes Through Eternity" is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jeffrey D. Skinner, a respected figure in the non-profit sector, specializing in startup ministries, church planting, revitalization, and Wesleyan theology. The podcast explores a wide range of topics within the realm of Christian faith and theology, often from a Wesleyan theological tradition perspective.
The podcast aims to provide its audience with deep insights into various aspects of Christianity, offering a blend of theological discussions, historical insights, and practical guidance for individuals seeking to deepen their faith and understanding of Christian principles. The show is well-suited for those interested in church planting, Christian identity development, and issues related to Christian ministry.
Some key themes and topics that might be addressed in the "Echoes Through Eternity" podcast include:
1. **Christian Theology:** Dr. Skinner, drawing from his expertise in Wesleyan theology, often delves into theological discussions, exploring topics like salvation, grace, and Christian doctrine.
2. **Church Planting and Revitalization:** Given Dr. Skinner's specialization in startup ministries and church revitalization, the podcast likely provides valuable insights and strategies for those involved in or interested in these areas.
3. **Christian Identity:** The podcast may explore how individuals, particularly the younger generation (Gen X and Gen Z), can shape and understand their Christian identity in a contemporary context.
4. **Servant Leadership:** Dr. Skinner's emphasis on servant leadership might be a recurring theme, offering guidance on how Christian leaders can serve their communities effectively.
5. **Historical and Cultural Insights:** Listeners can expect historical context and cultural analysis to help them better understand the Christian faith and its evolution over time.
6. **Discussion of Christian Holidays and Traditions:** As seen in the provided episode summary, the podcast may delve into the significance of Christian holidays like All Saints Day and their connection to broader traditions.
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